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Who are we?

What is ReportLinker ? is a leading search engine, offering access to the largest online collection of industry, company and country reports available.

We identify all industry reports, company profiles and market statistics released by reputable Private Publishers and trusted Public Organizations and compile them in one easy to access site.

On a single search page interface, ReportLinker provides full access to more than 1.2 million reports with data on 450 industries and 3,000 sub-industries around the world, published by 200,000 reliable public sources, such as :

  • Governments
  • Embassies
  • Investment agencies
  • National statistics agencies
  • Trade unions
  • Leading newspapers
  • Plus 450 Private Publishers

What makes Reportlinker different from the rest ?

Our competitors’ current offering is limited to private reports (from EUR 500 to EUR 3,000 for a single report).

ReportLinker also provides access to Public Reports. This means our database is 10 times bigger than competitors, offering you more choice, more flexibility and therefore more relevant results that fit your needs.

Reportlinker gives you all the private reports that our competitors can offer plus more than 1,2 Million public reports covering 450 industries, 190 countries and all available with a single subscription.

Why use ReportLinker’s Search Engine to find public reports ?

Our unique semantic technology has been developed to offer refined search capabilities designed to exploit the long tail of free market research whilst eliminating irrelevant results.

In addition, the professional search engine includes many indexed results hidden deep within the web that are not even accessible through the everyday search engines available.

What are the benefits for our clients ?

More refined results and quality offerings, ReporLinker’s professional search engine can only mean three things :

  • ReportLinker saves you time
  • Increases your efficiency
  • Reduces your costs

Who are we ?

Our team is mainly made up of semantic gurus, Computer engineers and a highly motivated R&D team. This taskforce is responsible for developing the groundbreaking technology we use in our search engine to automatically identify the most recent industry reports on the web.

You can also take a look at our executive team for more information about our leadership and management.

Contact us

ReportLinker headquarters are based in France :
4, rue Montrochet
69002 Lyon
Immatriculation number :434 220 810 00056
EU VAT number : FR 69 434 220 810

France: + 33 437 371 637
UK: +44 208 144 3147
Hong Kong: +85281990237
US: +1 718 303 2384
Australia: +61280113914

Are you interested in our business services ? Feel free to contact us.

ReportLinker is a professional search engine that provides an easy access to 1,2 million market research reports and industry statistics published by 200,000 authoritative sources.