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Portable Devices Industry in Brazil: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis

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Smartphone Industry in Brazil and Nigeria

  • Industry report
  • February 2014
  • 48 pages

... Previous phone features missed, or would not give up smartphone purchase triggers travel => roaming needs features you would sacrifice to get the price down Is a smartphone ideal, or a different data ...

Mobile Phones in Brazil

  • Industry report
  • November 2013
  • 3 pages

The Mobile Phones in Brazil Capsule provides headlines, market size and competitive analysis alongside a set of charts including company shares, national brand owners and fo...

Gnss Market Trends in Australia and Brazil

  • Industry report
  • September 2012
  • 66 pages

... Of writing, the indian gps-aided geo augmented navigation system (gagan) and the japanese quasi-zenith satellite system (qzss) are under development. Sbas corrections provided by these regional systems ...

Smartphone Sector in Brazil

  • Industry report
  • May 2012
  • 42 pages

... A critical component of trional advertising as 75% have performed a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad. Implication: making mobile ads a part of an integrated marketing strategy can ...

Phones and Pda Market in Germany, Brazil and The United States

  • Industry report
  • February 2012
  • 16 pages

... Which mobile phone services consumers want, and the price they are willing to pay for them by means of a service price-sensitivity analysis. 3. Collect data on current cell phone usage, with a focus ...

Mobile Phone in Brazil, Spain and Germany

  • Industry report
  • December 2010
  • 6 pages
  • by Market Research Publisher

... smartphone category Understanding drivers of purchase is naturally a complex subject due to the sheer number of factors that influence consumer making. Looking back as little as 3 years ago ...

Mobile Business in Brazil and Italy

  • Industry report
  • September 2010
  • 13 pages

... Brazilian market scenario mobile broadband: time based pricing segmented small screen approach: high value customers: top smartphone+ Unlimited Internet low value customers: low cost devices ...

Wireless Technology and Phones and Pda Industries in Brazil, the United States and Europe

  • Industry report
  • May 2009
  • 27 pages

... Customer value (i.E. Impresa semplice Bundling mobile + fixed) short-term impact of sales channel restructuring: launch of new offers, aimed at reinvesting repricing Goodwill To increase customer ...

Navigation Systems Business in Brazil

  • Industry report
  • February 2009
  • 82 pages

... Continental mapping redd workshop inpe Brazil 4-6 feb. 2009 The first pan-tropical maps of the humid forest domain from satellite data (early 1990s) available both as digital and cartographic products trees ...

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The Global Military GPS/GNSS Market 2013-2023 - Country Analysis: Market Profile

The Global Military GPS/GNSS Market 2013-2023 - Country Analysis: Market Profile

  • $ 2 950
  • Industry report
  • March 2014
  • by Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI)

Synopsis This report offers detailed analysis of the global Military GPS/GNSS market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector. It covers the key technological ...

The Military Gps/gnss Market In Brazil To 2023: Market ...

March 2014 $ 75

Mobile Phones In Brazil, Euromonitor International

November 2013 $ 898

Consumer Electronics In Brazil, Euromonitor Internation ...

November 2013 $ 1 895

Mobile Phone Handsets - Brazil- 2013

October 2013 $ 599

Jasmine Alimentos Ltda In Health And Wellness (brazil)

September 2013 $ 153

Mãe Terra Produtos Naturais Ltda In Health And Wellnes ...

September 2013 $ 153

Mobile Cocooning: How Growing Reliance On Smart Devices ...

September 2013 $ 2 594

Maxmix Comercial Ltda In Home And Garden (brazil)

September 2013 $ 153

Tramontina Sa In Home And Garden (brazil)

September 2013 $ 153

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