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Blood Supply, Tissue Banking and Transplantation Industry in France: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis

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Blood Supply Sector in France

  • Industry report
  • October 2011
  • 5 pages

... With the french national blood service, the etablissement francais du sang (efs), to supply intercept blood system disposable kits for platelets and plasma. A copy of the company's press release ...

Blood Supply Sector (plasma, blood donation) in France

  • Industry report
  • March 2011
  • 21 pages

... Xrhombus no ich between usa and eu on plasma master file how to get a foreign plasma import permit into the eu for contract manufacturing Box4 describe all good collection practices applicable box4 get ...

Blood Supply Business in France

  • Industry report
  • June 2010
  • 15 pages

... For the next donation. Abnormal testing results. Relationship marketing tools for retention: specific methods for first time donors Show gratitude after blood donation. Propose to participate in a blood ...

The French Blood Supply Market : Sector Statistics

  • Industry report
  • January 2009
  • 40 pages

... Overview of the whole blood plasma production in france source : efs national report 2009 the growth was 31% since 2009 and the trend should continue. Auvergne loire efs sends 100% of the collected ...

Company Report: Transplantation in The United States, Canada and France for Year 2013

  • Company report
  • February 2013
  • 9 pages

... In 2012 * 2012 pro forma equal to vitrolife s transplantation segment for jan-sep 2012 added with xvivo perfusion oct-dec 2012 4 key financials group october - december january - december (sek ...

Company Report: Blood Supply, Tissue Banking and Transplantation for Year 2011

  • Company report
  • March 2011
  • 11 pages

... Of conexio genomics hla- typing products, sbt resolver and assign 3.6+. The focus since then has been on introducing the new prod- uct line to the largest and most automated hla laborato- ries in the u ...

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France Orthobiologics Procedures Outlook to 2020

France Orthobiologics Procedures Outlook to 2020

  • $ 175
  • Industry report
  • March 2014
  • by Global Data

France Orthobiologics Procedures Outlook to 2020 Summary GlobalData's new report, "France Orthobiologics Procedures Outlook to 2020", provides key procedures data on the France Orthobiologics (Bone Graft) ...

Sebia Sa - Product Pipeline Analysis.

January 2013 $ 750

Octapharma Ag: Pharmaceuticals And Healthcare Company P ...

February 2012 $ 125

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