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Drug Discovery and Development Analysis & Statistics in Austria, April 2014

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Currently Druggable in Breast Cancer: A Drug Target Competitive Analysis

Currently Druggable in Breast Cancer: A Drug Target Competitive Analysis

  • $ 2 925
  • Industry report
  • August 2008
  • by Bioseeker

This report aims to analyze the current and future potential of breast cancer pipeline by examining key fundamentals across the entire pipeline of drug candidates. The author has identified three fundamental ...

  • Industries : Drug Discovery and Development, Biotechnology
  • Countries : South Korea, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, World, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Israel, India, China

Austria Total Clinical Trials

  • $ 250
  • Industry data
  • January 2013

Yearly, From 2006 To 2010
By Business Monitor International
Source:, BMI. N.B. Sourced by date of initial registration.

  • Industries : Drug Discovery and Development
  • Countries : Austria

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The Austrian Clinical Trial Market : Innovation and Technology Trends

  • Industry report
  • March 2014
  • 20 pages

... Rate. trial capacity is the number of sites in the country involved in large trials (20 or more sites) divided by the number of large trials in the country. trial density is the number ...

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