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Global Automobile Engine Industry


The global automobile engine industry encompasses companies manufacturing motor-vehicle gasoline engines and related parts such as fuel injectors, valves, pumps, camshafts, crankshafts and pistons. Manufacturers continue to concentrate their efforts on boosting engine efficiency to cut down on emissions in the face of rising environmental awareness, and the need for more compact engines that use less petrol. The automotive engine industry is part of the automotive part and supplies sector.



Key Segments


  • The global diesel engine industry is expected to witness 7% yearly growth in demand through 2015 to reach almost $198 billion, according to research from Freedonia. Increased motor vehicle production will boost product sales, with production of medium and heavy trucks and buses recording the highest increase in output. Industry value gains will be driven by more widespread use of higher value, and more superior products.


  • Asia-Pacific leads the global diesel engine market, with India and China fuelling growth in the region through to 2015 thanks to higher motor vehicle output, increasing off-highway equipment production and higher levels of investment. Diesel engine sales in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to record a yearly increase of close to 8% through 2015. China will account for close to 35% of extra global demand over the five-year period ending 2015. Medium and heavy vehicle diesel engines represent the market segment set to record the highest gains in the region, equivalent to almost 55% of overall sales.


  • The Africa/Mideast region is forecast to record 8% yearly growth in demand for diesel engines through 2015. Greater levels of fixed investment and increased production of medium and heavy vehicles and off-highway equipment will drive market growth in the region. In Central and South America and Eastern Europe, the diesel engine market will witness strong growth rates over the five-year period ending 2015. Expansion will be fuelled by fixed investment, motor vehicle output and production of construction, agricultural and mining machinery. These regions will, however, continue to represent less than 10% of overall global sales in 2015.


  • Global Industry Analysts estimates the world electric motors and commercial generator market will exceed $73 billion in 2015. Market growth will be fuelled by state legislation, awareness concerning environmental issues and economic recovery. The increasing rate of industrialization continues to drive demand for fuel, minerals and electric power, which continues to boost the need for motors and generators in developing nations.


  • One notable trend in the global electric motor and commercial generator market concerns the increasingly widespread adoption of environmentally friendly and cost-saving products. The electric motors industry in particular is moving toward increased use of energy efficient motors and is adhering to energy efficiency regulations. Premium efficiency motors are first in line to meet manufacturer and customer requirements to adhere to efficiency standards.


  • The world integral horsepower motor (IHP) market is expected to reach almost $18 billion by 2017, according to research from Global Industry Analysts. Rising population, a higher pace of urbanization and infrastructural development in developing economies are set to fuel market expansion. Rising production activities driven by economic recovery following the recession will lead to a trend toward electric motor upgrades and replacements as manufacturers focus on boosting motor efficiency in a bid to limit production costs.



Market Outlook


The global world diesel engine industry is set to witness strong gains across the board between 2010 and 2015, reports Freedonia. For the most part, new product sales will come from the motor vehicle market segment. Global diesel engine sales in medium and heavy trucks and buses represent the largest market segment, and are expected to record the highest yearly growth rate through 2015. This growth will be fuelled by demand for new vehicles and goods transportation services, prompted by economic recovery.


The light vehicle diesel engine market is expected to match the overall average, fuelled by rising output of automobiles, vans and light trucks. The off-highway and stationary diesel engine market segments will witness a slower rate of growth through 2015, which can be attributed to declining production of off-highway equipment.



Leading Industry Associations




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