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Breakthroughs that will shape the industry of cleaning mixes

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Global Cleaning Compound Industry


Companies operating in the global cleaning compound industry are involved in manufacturing chemical substances that remove stains from fabrics, furnishings and household surfaces. The global cleaning compound industry also involves the production of personal hygiene products, like soaps and detergents.


One notable trend in the industry involves growing concern over environmental issues, with consumers eager to respect the environment increasingly opting for more eco-friendly products. Manufacturers are focusing their efforts on developing greener products and gearing their marketing strategies toward this consumer concern to better compete in the cleaning compound market in coming years.



Market Segments


The world textile washing product industry was worth almost $55 billion in 2010, having recorded a yearly rate of growth of over 3% for the four preceding years, reports MarketLine. The power detergent segment led the market in 2010, worth $22 billion or just more than 40% of the overall market in terms of value. Market growth is expected to decline slightly to a yearly rate of 3% between 2010 and 2015. The global textile washing product market is forecast to exceed $63 billion before the close of 2015. The sector involves the retail sale of a range of products, including fabric conditioners, carpet cleaners, powder detergents, fabric fresheners, laundry bleach, limescale preventers, liquid detergents and detergent tablets.


The global household cleaning agent market is expected to exceed $83 billion by 2015, according to research from Global Industry Analysts. Market growth has been fuelled by concern with regard to the spread of infectious diseases and consumer awareness surrounding hygiene issues. Demand for household cleaning agents will continue to grow in the coming years as consumers concentrate on household issues like safe food storage, effective disinfecting of the home and safe treatment of waste. Busy consumer lifestyles are also fuelling demand for cleaning products as consumers seek to cut down on the amount of time spent cleaning through use of more effective products. Industry players will focus on wide-range advertising and promotion campaigns to capture market share. Companies are obliged to maintain constant publicity coverage to promote brand names and customer loyalty. Research and development will also play an important role in developing products that best meet consumer needs going forward.


The global soap and detergent market is being driven by factors such as rising levels of disposable income, product innovation and increasing awareness surrounding environmental concerns. Global Industry Analysts predicts the market will witness a steady growth rate over coming years, with industry players seeking to boost product innovation and offering a greater number of environmentally friendly products in line with consumer concerns. As developed markets reach saturated growth, manufacturers of soap and laundry products are concentrating their strategic efforts on capturing a maximum share of developing markets. These regions promise growth potential due to the high level of urbanization, and rising levels of disposable income. India and China are among the countries promising the fastest levels of market expansion. Demand for nature-based products in particular will fuel market growth moving forward as consumers become increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of the products they use in the home.


Regional Market Share


Demand for bleach in the US continues to fall, increasingly replaced by new products for laundry care such as OxiClean Power Paks and Tide Stain Release, reports Euromonitor International. These products are popular with consumers because they are considered a positive alternative to bleach without the potential of harming fabric color.


The US soap and other detergent sector exceeded $30 billion in 2011, according to Supplier Relations. Imports exceeded $1.5 billion coming from more than 90 countries, while exports exceeded $3 billion, spanning almost 175 countries. Total domestic demand reached almost $29 billion in 2011.


The EU textile washing product sector was worth more than $21 billion in 2010, having recorded almost 2% yearly growth for the four preceding years, reports MarketLine. The powder detergent segment led the market in 2010, worth almost $9.5 billion in 2010, equivalent to 44% of the overall market. Yearly market growth is expected to slow to just over 1.5% between 2010 and 2015 to reach $23 billion.


Asia-Pacific’s textile washing product market generated revenue of more than $14 billion in 2010, reports MarketLine. The sector witnessed almost 7% yearly growth between 2006 and 2010. Powder detergents generated the highest revenue, reaching $7 billion, almost half the overall market in terms of value. Industry performance is expected to slow to under 6% for the five-year period ending 2015, driving the market to almost $19 billion.



Market Outlook


Environmental awareness is expected to play a significant role in shaping the global cleaning compound industry in coming years, reports IBISWorld. Apart from increasing consumer awareness, government regulations and evolving legislative measures to protect the environment are expected to dictate market trends to a certain extent and fuel demand for green products.



Leading Industry Associations




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