Mineral Mining Industry Market Research & Statistics

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Global Mineral Mining Industry


The global mineral mining industry encompasses various commercial activities surrounding the exploration, handling, and use of mineral resources. Mineral and petroleum exploration, mining and beneficiation are included in this industry, along with other value-added processing activities.


The mineral mining industry is made up of companies involved in the mining, milling, and general beneficiation of nonmetallic minerals. The sector’s most common components are phosphate rock mining, and borate mineral mining, soda, Potash, chemicals and fertilizers such as barite, native, native sulfur, and rock salt, and the mining of other nonmetallic minerals.


Key Segments


  • The world asphalt industry is expected to exceed 126 million metric tons by 2017, according to research from Global Industry Analysts. Industry performance will be fuelled by developing markets in the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific. In the long-term, market growth will also benefit from rising levels of building construction activity, crude oil prices, the introduction of new environmental regulations and recovery in the wider global economy.


  • Freedonia predicts the global kaolin market will record yearly growth of more than 3% through 2015. This will bring the market to more than 28 million metric tons, a sizeable increase compared with industry activity between 2005 and 2010. Kaolin demand will be driven by a strengthening global economy, and particularly by growth in emerging markets such as Central and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. While demand for kaolin had declined in established marked such as the EU and the US over the five-year period ending 2010, this trend has begun to change, with demand from developed markets expected to recover to witness moderate growth over the coming years. Kaolin demand in dollars is expected to grow at a yearly rate of more than 4% to exceed $4.5 billion worldwide in 2015.


  • The zirconium market is set to continue to benefit from increasing activity in the global nuclear energy sector. Global Industry Analysts forecasts the global zirconium market will surpass a volume of 2.5 million metric tons by 2017. Demand from the Asia-Pacific region, and from China in particular, along with rising global ceramic tile production activity will also fuel growth in this sector.


  • The global gypsum and anhydrite is market is predicted to reach a volume of almost 212 million metric tons by 2017, reports Global Industry Analysts. Industry performance will be fuelled by rising demand from the building construction industry in developing nations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Market growth will also be driven by other factors such as state stimulus expenditure on projects aiming to develop infrastructure, and growth in the construction materials market segments such as gypsum board, building plasters, and cement additives.


  • The global soda ash market will surpass volume sales of 53 million metric tons by 2017, according to research from Global Industry Analysts. Industry performance depends on demand from emerging economies such as Latin America and Asia, and from end-use industries such as float glass, fluegas desulfurization and chemicals. Recovery in the global economy along with stable pricing and growing production capacity and demand from the automotive and construction sectors will prove favorable factors for industry growth.


  • Global Industry Analysts forecasts the world bauxite market will reach almost 192 million metric tons in volume by 2015, with the world alumina market set to exceed the 70 million metric ton mark. Market growth will be fuelled by demand from the automobile and construction industries.



Regional Market Share


  • Russia’s soda ash market volume witnessed 3% growth in 2012 year-on-year to exceed 2800 tons, reports IndexBox. The country’s two leading industry players may come together in 2012, which would give them a combined market stake of 75%.


  • China’s alumina output rose more than 18% year-on-year in 2011 to exceed 17 million tons, compared with global growth of less than 9% to 46 million tons, reports Research in China. Shandong accounts for 34% of China’s overall alumina production, followed by Henan, which accounted for just more than a quarter of overall production in 2011. Growth in China’s primary magnesium output was slowed by the Euro zone debt crisis. The country is set to reach 150,000 ton production capacity for profiles, plates and high-strength magnesium alloy die-casting by 2015.



Market Outlook


The global mineral mining industry has played a central role in the world’s industrial development and is also pivotal to our current information age. Its importance in the world’s general progress helps ensure the industry will continue growing from strength to strength. The market is likely to remain dominated by countries such as the US, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Australia.



Leading Industry Associations


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