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China: Demographic Snapshot, March 2012

  • This 5-page country report was published in March 2012.
... as well as 32 967 Managed Care industry reports, company profiles and country guides published by official sources (government, embassies, trade unions...).

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Managed Care Industry in China : Latest Downloads

China: Demographic Analysis, 2013

  • Country report
  • October 2013
  • 42 pages

... An individual who chooses to smoke might choose to buy health insurance as he recognizes that smoking is likely to have an adverse impact on his health.However, the focus of this paper is modeling the health ...

China: Demographic Snapshot, May 2013

  • Country report
  • May 2013
  • 18 pages

... Behavior, drinking behavior, marital status, education level, employment, region, health insurance, price of outpatient visit, price of inpatient visit, and income predicted healthcare utilization, and need ...

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