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The United States and Europe: Brief Outlook, 2012, focus on Investment Banking

  • This 12-page country report was published in June 2012.
... as well as 32 967 Investment Banking industry reports, company profiles and country guides published by official sources (government, embassies, trade unions...).

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Investment Banking Industry in Italy : Latest Downloads

Europe: Economic Overview, 2014

  • Country report
  • January 2014
  • 59 pages

... Currency, index, stock, other ) (common) stock depositary receipt (dr) etc. 22 January 2014 roy dahlstedt 10 zero coupon / discount bond no coupons - yield based solely on price changes initial ...

The United States: Country Profile, 2013-2016, focus on Investment Banking

  • Country report
  • December 2013
  • 36 pages

... A fertile opportunity for hedge fund managers to generate performance. Equities remain a core favoured strategy and special situations also provide good opportunities. However, long/short credit strategy ...

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