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Top 3 Challenges in the Agriculture Industry

What do your peers think about Agriculture industry?

Agriculture professionals state that they have to face 3 main kinds of problems: First, in terms of fundings, with not enough funding options available. They also fear natural events such as pests, diseases, difficult weather conditions that complicate operations. And the problem around fertilizers which don’t meet farmers’ needs is also key.

Agriculture Top 3 peer challenges

number-1Force majeure and hardship

Pesticides and herbicides are not globally accepted and it is difficult to create viable eco­friendly options; this makes it difficult to eliminate pests and control diseases in both crops and livestock which results in reduced farm productivity. Heavy rains and long dry spells adversely affect crops which can lead to harvest failure for farmers.

number-2Lack of funding

Farmers are unable to get funding from banks as they require significant collateral, and because of economic instability.

number-3Fertilizers quality

Farmers require improved varieties of fertilizers and better quality. Companies are lowering the quality of their fertilizers which make them useless to the end users.

Other challenges

  • Market fluctuations
  • Changing rules and regulations
  • Limited resources: land, labour, machinery, etc.

Research-­based trends and short-term forecast

Growing population and food demand, along with the diminishing amount of arable land, create a continuous challenge for the agriculture sector. While about 1.5 billion hectares of arable land will be lost, the demand for food will increase by around 40%. The shortage of natural resources, pollution, and weather changes cause problems in the industry (Hannover Re).

Feed demand and good export prospects are the reasons for EU’s cereal production growth to 318 million tons by 2025. During the next decade, the consumption and production of dairy products will increase at a rate of 1.9% per year, which means 16.1 million tons of additional milk will be produced each year in the world. World’s meat consumption will grow which leads to a small rise in the meat production (to 46.5 million tons) in the European Union (European Commission).

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8 Comments on Top 3 Challenges in the Agriculture Industry

  1. Hello,
    We are interested in the use of humic and fulvic substances as agricultural biostimulants. We have a method for producing fulvic acid which is much more economical than the current methods. We need the support of a large company which is already in the speciality fertilizer business.

  2. I am very impressed by the survey result, especially from the concerns about fertilisers quality. we as a technology company invest a lot of resources to be able to design plants producing better quality fertilisers, so I would like to understand better what is the exact meaning of ‘lowering the quality’. Can you elaborate?

    • Hello, thanks for submitting your comments about our survey. According to the comments collected, some companies are lowering the percentages of slow or controlled release on fertilizer blends. This survey has collected answers from all over the world. So this can be a challenge for some countries but not for all of them.

  3. Hello, Dear Sam,

    Thanks for sharing the survey report. In my view 3 challenges in agriculture industry are(farming per se);
    1) Non-viable agriculture operations/farming- due to raise in input costs, no guarantee of minimum
    support price for end produce
    2) Natural calamities – which is affecting crop production spl in dry land agriculture
    3) Non-availability of comprehensive insurance to cover the crop losses

    Apart from the above, there are other reasons also viz; resource availability (shortage of funds, labour), good quality fertilizers, regulations etc

    • Hello Vishwanath, thank you for sharing your vision with us and your peers. Can you tell us more about the problems that you have with the quality of fertilizers? Ermanno (see comment above) was telling us that this was a surprise for him. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Hi Sam

    Many thanks for the summary of your survey report.

    I work for an organisation that is working on an international instrument that will increase farmers’ access to credit to purchase agricultural machinery. As such, I am very interested that lack of funding was one of the three big concerns for the industry. Do you have any further information on this aspect of your survey? Also, any further details as to how you achieved the results of this report would be greatly appreciated.

    Please feel free to contact me directly.

    Kind regards


    • Hello William. Thank you for your interest on our survey. Regarding our study, we received a large number of answers, and we’ve selected 18 answers that presented common concerns for the agriculture industry. In relation with the second challenge, your peers have indicated that the lack of funding was one of their biggest problems. Farmers are unable to:
      • Get funding from banks in countries that are economically instable.
      • Have access to credit or find good bank credit options.
      • Find reliable sources of funding
      • Find financial support from the governments for small scale farmers

      To know more about funding in the agriculture industry, I can recommend you to see our latest reports on the subject.
      Please let me know if you have any other question.

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