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Need an affordable way to find quality data on the web?

ReportLinker for Libraries is the only aggregator of industry data from public authoritative sources dedicated to academic members & information specialists within public organizations.

  • Trusted sources

    Over 200,000 authoritative public sources around the world

  • Global coverage

    350 industries in 192 countries,
    plus 3,000 niche markets

  • Fresh data

    We crawl 10,000 sources every day
    to get the latest updates

  • Search shortcut

    Our tool offers advanced drill-down filters – by industry, date and country

Key Users Benefits

  • An all-inclusive solution for better control over e-resource spending
  • Available through major distributors
  • Compatible with Shibboleth
  • Automatic usage statistics reports
  • Custom alerts for quick notification when new data is available

AWARD WINNING, Market Research Solution


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