• How can your company utilise mobile video to maximise advertising revenue?

• Will mobile video integrate smoothly into mobile social networking?

• Can mobile companies have significant revenue benefits through mobile video entertainment?

This brand new international report will tell you, so that you have the answers today. Mobile phone features have developed through time. Your customers are paying close attention to every future multimedia feature and development a handset possesses - email, web browsing, music player and camera quality. But just how will mobile video affect the mobile phone market in the future? Camera-phones first emerged commercially in Japan in 2001, however rapid innovation led to increased numbers of handsets featuring cameras capable of capturing pictures and video.

Mobile video networks have since begun emerging around the world, 3 for example launching the UK's first in March 2003. The number of video-enabled mobile phones in use around the world has subsequently risen with its growth expected to continue through to 2014. But what will this usage be in 2014? How can you benefit from the increasing popularity of video-enabled handsets? This report tells you. Services available to mobile phone users have also altered as handset capabilities have developed, thus allowing for a broader mobile video experience. The advent of the iPhone has helped to stimulate competitor manufacturers into producing handsets capable of matching it, in terms of user interface and mobile video. Numerous companies have developed video applications purposely for the iPhone, such as video ads benefiting from the iPhone’s touch-screen qualities. How will handset development dictate mobile video? If consumers are increasingly comfortable watching mobile video then which services can you offer to increase revenue? How influential will mobile video advertising be? Can you afford to be left behind as the mobile video market grows? Mobile video has helped influence the manner in which mobile handsets and accompanying technology has progressed. It is therefore imperative that you grasp what the future holds for mobile video and the knock-on effects it will have on other mobile sectors.

Among others, the report looks at the following questions:

• How has mobile video progressed through time?

• What are the different types of mobile video service on offer?

• What mobile video technologies exist?

• What are the minimum network infrastructure requirements?

• Which mobile services will be the most successful?

• What does the future hold for mobile video-phoning? A range of different companies can be involved with mobile video, mobile phone operators, advertisers and content distributors to name but a few. What you can do to take advantage of the mobile video market? By reading this latest business report you will understand all of the exciting opportunities that will be available to increase your revenues and brand awareness.

Who needs to read this report?

Directors, VP and Senior managers in:

• Mobile operators

• Mobile advertising agencies

• Mobile search companies

• Content distributors

• Content enablers

• Handset manufacturers

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Evolution of the Camera-phone
Figure 1.1: Intellect picturephone
Figure 1.2: Sharp J-SH04
Chart 1.1: 'How often do you use your video camera?'
1.2. Mobile Video-Phoning
1.3. Improved Broadcasting Standards
1.4. Aims and Focus of this Report
2. Types of Mobile Video
2.1. Advertising
2.2. Streaming
2.3. Video-phone Calls
2.4. Video Share
2.4.1. Video Share and Video-phone Call Differences
2.5. Messaging
2.6. Blogging
2.7. User Generated Content
2.8. Conferencing
2.9. Mobisodes
2.10. Ringtones
2.11. Types of Mobile Video Overview
3. Technology
3.1. Digital Technology
3.2. Mobile Technology Evolution
3.2.1. 1G
3.2.2. 2G
3.2.3. 2.5G
Figure 3.1: Oplayo 2.5G Screenshot
Figure 3.2: Path to 3G
3.2.4. 3G
Table 3.1: Mobile Connections by Bearer
Table 3.2: Connections by World Region GSM CDMA2000 EDGE UMTS
3.2.5. 4G
3.3. Broadcasting Standards
3.3.1. MBMS
3.3.2. MediaFLO
Figure 3.3: Example of MediaFLO Technology Deployment
3.3.3. ISDB
3.3.4. S/T-DMB
3.4. Video Compression
3.4.1. MPEG MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG-3 MPEG-4 H.263 H.264 HSUPA DivX
Table 3.3: Companies that have worked with DivX Xvid Windows Media Video QuickTime
Table3.4: QuickTime Technologies Used Movie Fragments Real Player
Table 3.5: RealPlayer Availability Mobiclip
Table 3.6: Video source files that can be converted to Mobiclip
Table 3.7: Mobiclip Network Capabilities
3.5. Technology Overview
4. Advertising
Chart 4.1: US Online Advertising Spending, 2007-2013
Chart 4.2: Mobile Advertising Revenue
4.1. Advertising via Mobile Video
4.2. Ad Infuse
Table 4.1: Partners of Ad Infuse
4.3. Azuki Systems
4.4. Amobee Media Systems
4.5. Mobix Interactive
4.6. SURF Communication Solutions
4.7. 3ple-Media
4.8. Vantrix
4.8.1. Velti
4.8.2. Ringleader Digital
4.9. VideoEgg
4.10. Mobile Video Advertising Overview
5. User Generated Video
Chart 5.1: Number of camera phones in market (taken from adult content report)
5.1. Live Video Casting
5.1.1. Flixwagon
5.1.2. Kyte
Table 5.1: Kyte Partners Kyte Case Study
5.1.3. Qik
Table 5.2: Mobile manufacturers that support Qik service
5.1.4. Livecast
Table 5.3: Livecast enabled handsets
Table 5.4: Livecast partners Live Video Casting Overview
Table 5.5: Benefits of live mobile video casting
5.2. EyeVibe
5.2.1. T-Mobile
5.2.2. Yospace
Table 5.6: Brands supporting EyeVibe
5.3. Movidia
5.4. Mywaves
Table 5.7: Mywaves Content Partners
Table 5.8: Most common Mywaves user profile
Table 5.9: Mywave advertising clients
5.5. Netsize
Table 5.10: Companies that have worked with Netsize
5.6. NewBay
Table 5.11: Newbay Customers
5.7. FunMobility
Table 5.12: FunMobility Mobile Operator and Content Partners
5.8. Telstra
5.9. Adult Content
Chart 5.2: Mobile Adult Content Revenues (taken from adult content report)
5.10. User Generated Content Overview
Chart 5.3: On-Demand Video Consumption by type.
6. Entertainment and Infotainment
6.1. What is Entertainment?
6.2. What is Infotainment?
6.3. Sport
6.3.1. 24-7 Football
6.3.2. Yamgo
Table 6.1: Video and download formats supported by Yamgo
6.3.3. PA Sport PA Sport EV
6.3.4. CBS
6.3.5. Sport on Mobile Video Overview
6.4. Music
6.4.1. Thumbplay
Table 6.1: Thumbplay content providers
6.5. Film
6.5.1. Benefits from film mobile video Mobile Operators Mobile Manufacturers
Figure 6.1: Insert Spice Movie Phone picture (same as Mobile Film content report) Film Studios

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