World Cloud Computing Market 2013-2018

  • April 2013
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  • Visiongain
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  • 151 pages

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Companies are often held back by an inflexible and complex IT infrastructure that cannot keep up with the evolving needs of business. These restraints result in slow deployment of critical applications and services, limited resources, poor operation management, and unpredictable system integration. Yet cloud computing appears as a very lucrative and commercially interesting solution for many companies in this situation.

Undeniably, cloud computing is already transforming the business landscape, and will continue to do so as it matures. Although cloud computing is not a new concept, it has emerged as a significant commercial success over the past few years. Cloud computing will play an increasingly important role in the business segment as future systems will further exploit the capabilities offered by this technology.

The cloud computing market is set for substantial growth over the next five years as research shows that the increasing adoption of cloud services in enterprises is driving a market for complementary cloud services for different applications. As a consequence, visiongain has determined that the value of the global cloud computing services market in 2013 will reach $35.6 billion.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with industry experts and full transcripts from these exclusive interviews with InContinuum, and Fujitsu are included in the report. As such, our reports have a unique blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the key drivers and restraints behind market dynamics and competitive developments, as well as identifying the technological issues. The report therefore presents an ideal balance of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, submarket and regional markets forecasts from 2013-2018 - all identifying strategic business opportunities.

Why you should buy the World Cloud Computing Market 2013-2018

• Stay ahead with this comprehensive analysis of the world cloud computing market prospects
- The report comprises of 151 pages
• Get ahead by studying highly quantitative content that delivers solid conclusions benefiting your research and analysis
- 95 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying and forecasting the cloud computing market
• Read exclusive expert opinion interviews from cloud computing industry specialists informing the analysis
- InContinuum
- Fujitsu
• View global cloud computing market forecasts from 2013-2018 to keep your knowledge one step ahead of the competition
- The report provides an analytical overview with detailed market revenue projections and analysis of the market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints.
• Keep informed about the potential for each of the cloud computing submarkets with forecasts from 2013-2018
- Software as a Service (SaaS)
- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
- Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• View 5 regional cloud computing market forecasts and analysis from 2013-2018
- North America
- Asia Pacific
- Europe
- Middle East & Africa
- Latin America
• Understand the competitive landscape with profiles of 26 leading companies involved with cloud computing examining their positioning, products, services, focus, strategies and outlook.
- Google
- Apple
- Microsoft
- Facebook
- Flickr
- Amazon
- Private Planet
- NetFlix
- Model Metrics
- Diino
- Nomadesk
- Oodrive
- Rackspace
- Salesforce
- Netsuite
- Sony
- Activision Blizzard
- Soonr
- Sugar 6
- Oracle
- Cloud Foundry
- Interxion
- Ping Identity
• Tables showing key cloud computing vendor categories
- Cloud Software & Application Vendors
- Cloud Infrastructure Vendors
- Cloud Platform Vendors
- Cloud Storage Vendors

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Cloud Computing a Ubiquity in the IT Ecosystem
1.2 Enterprise Adoption Driving the Cloud Services Market
1.3 Benefits Outweigh the Risks of Adoption
1.4 Wide Array of Vendor Providing Services Suited to All Needs
1.5 High Cloud Adoption in SMB's
1.6 Questions Answered By the Report
1.7 Aim of the Report
1.8 Structure of the Report
1.9 Report Scope
1.10 Highlights in the report include:
1.11 Who is This Report For?
1.12 Benefits of This Report
1.13 Methodology
1.14 Points Emerged from this Research
1.15 Global Cloud Computing Services Market Forecast 2013-2018
1.16 Global Cloud Computing Services Submarket Forecast 2013-2018
1.17 Regional Cloud Computing Services Market Forecast 2013-2018

2. Introduction to the Cloud Computing Market
2.1 The Concept Behind Cloud Computing
2.1.1 Evolution of Cloud Computing
2.1.2 What Does Cloud Computing Essentially Signify?
2.1.3 Key Features of Cloud Computing
2.1.4 Analysing the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
2.2 Business Case for Cloud Computing
2.2.1 Business Problems With Traditional IT
2.2.2 The Emergence of the Cloud Computing Market
2.2.3 Harnessing Computational Power
2.2.4 Grid Computing
2.2.5 Utility Computing
2.2.6 Virtualisation
2.2.7 Service Oriented Architecture
2.2.8 Autonomic Computing
2.3 Cloud Computing Architecture
2.4 Types of Cloud Computing Services
2.4.1 Software as a Service (SaaS)
2.4.2 Platform as a Service (PaaS)
2.4.3 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
2.4.4 Communications-as-a-service (CaaS)
2.4.5 Network as a Service (NaaS)
2.5 Cloud Deployment Models
2.5.1 Public Cloud
2.5.2 A Private cloud
2.5.3 Hybrid Cloud
2.5.4 Personal Cloud
2.6 Market Dynamics
2.7 Comparing and Contrasting Hosting and Cloud Services
2.8 Market Segmentation
2.8.1 The Consumer Cloud
2.8.2 Enterprise Cloud Driving Factors for Cloud Computing Adoption in Enterprises
2.9 Cloud Services and Visibility to End Users
2.10 Cloud Computing Market Drivers
2.10.1 Demand Outweighs Supply
2.10.2 Early Consolidation vs. the Proliferation of New Entrants
2.10.3 The Rise of Open Source Cloud Computing Solutions
2.10.4 A Flexible and Dynamic Infrastructure
2.10.5 Focusing on Core Competencies
2.10.6 Driving Innovation
2.10.7 Expanding Collaboration
2.10.8 Mobile Computing
2.10.9 Lowering Costs
2.10.10 Shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx Model
2.10.11 A Faster Path to Market
2.10.12 Cloud Drivers and Enablers for SMBs
2.11 Cloud Computing Market Restraints
2.11.1 Trust and Security
2.11.2 Data Transit Vulnerabilities
2.11.3 Vulnerability to Massive Outages
2.11.4 Cloud Commoditisation
2.11.5 Bandwidth Issues
2.11.7 Interoperability Issues
2.11.8 A Huge Value Chain
2.11.9 Data Corruption
2.11.10 SLA and Quality of Service
2.11.11 Legal Compliance
2.11.12 Encryption Limitation
2.11.13 Customer Identification
2.11.14 Physical Security

3. The Global Cloud Computing Services Market Forecasts 2013-2018
3.1 Extensive Growth in Cloud Computing Services Market Driven by Enterprise Demand

4. The Global Cloud Computing Services Submarket Forecasts 2013-2018
4.1 What are the Leading Submarkets in the Global Cloud Computing Services Forecast 2013-2018?
4.1.1 Global Cloud Computing Services Submarket Forecast AGR and CAGR
4.1.2 SaaS Submarket Comprising of 63.1% of the Global Market in 2013
4.2 Software as a Service (SaaS) Submarket Forecast 2013-2018
4.3 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Submarket Forecast 2013-2018
4.4 Platform as a Service (PaaS) Submarket Forecast 2013-2018

5. Regional Cloud Computing Services Market Forecasts 2013-2018
5.1 North America Leading the Regional Cloud Computing Services Market Forecasts 2013-2018
5.1.1 Regional Cloud

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