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Global Handheld Computing Devices Industry

  • January 2012
  • -
  • Global Industry Analysts

The global outlook series on Handheld Computing Devices provides a collection of market briefs, concise summaries, and statistical anecdotes of research findings. Illustrated with 45 fact-rich market data tables, the report briefly discusses the trends related to traditional and novel handheld computing devices. The report also recapitulates recent noteworthy mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic developments. Market discussions in the report are punctuated with a number of fact-rich market data tables. Regional markets briefly abstracted include the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 166 companies worldwide.

Table Of Contents

Global Handheld Computing Devices Industry

Market Structure and Overview 1
Global Market Perspective 2
Table 1: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
Handheld Computing Devices by Product Segment -
Laptop/Notebook PC, Smartphones, PDAs and Tablet PCs Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$
Million for Years 2010 through 2015 2

Table 2: World 5-Year Perspective for Handheld Computing
Devices by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar
Sales for Laptop/Notebook PC, Smartphones, PDAs and Tablet
PCs Markets for Years 2011 and 2015 3
Key Benefits 3
Mobile Smart Devices Move Towards Ubiquity 4
Market Challenges 4
GPS-Integrated Mobile Devices: On the Growth Path 5
Table 3: Global Mobile Devices Market (2007 and 2012F):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Device Type 5
Will Touch Panels Replace Keypads in Handsets and Portable
Devices? 6

Laptop Categorization 7
Rugged Laptop 7
Netbook 7
Subnotebook 7
Desktop Replacement Computer (DRC) 8
Components of a Laptop 8
Memory (RAM): 8
Central Processing Unit (CPU): 8
Motherboard: 8
Expansion Cards: 8
Battery 8
Power Supply 9
Removable Media Drives 9
Display 9
Video Display Controller 9
Ports 9
Input 9
Internal Storage 9
Laptop Accessory: Docking Stations 9
Advantages of Laptop 10
Performance 10
Upgradeability 10
Battery 10
Less Noise 10
Low Power Consumption 10
Size 10
Portability 10
Characteristics 11
Touch sensitive screen 11
Windows XP 11
DialKeys 11
Intel or VIA processors 11
Tools and Applications 11
Supports Internet Browsing and Other Applications 11
Windows Media Player 11
Windows Vista 11
Challenges to Market Growth 11
Smartphones 11
Security 12
Durability 12
Ergonomics and Health 12
Key Market Dynamics and Trends 13
Rugged Handheld Computers Witness Demand Recovery 13
Challenges Remain, Threatening Future Growth 13
Key Statistics 13
Table 4: Mass-Market Notebook PC Demand (2010): Breakdown of
Unit Shipments by Price Range 13

Table 5: Mass-Market Notebook PC Demand (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Unit Shipments by Region 13

Categories of Handheld Mobile Devices 14
Basic and Feature Rich Mobile Phones 14
Smartphones 14
Low-End Smartphones 14
High-End Smartphones 15
Market Scenario 15
Smartphones Emerge Out of Recession, Unscathed 15
Table 6: Global Smartphone Shipments in Million Units:
2007-2010 15
Developed Markets Still Ahead in Smartphone Sales 16
Table 7: World Smartphone Market by Region (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for North America,
Europe, Asia-Pacific (Including Japan) and Rest of World 16
Recession Instills Change in Consumer Behavior 16
Burgeoning World of Apps Drive Demand for New Handsets 16
Overview of Select Mobile Operating Systems 17
Table 8: Global Smartphone Apps Market by Apps Stores and
Number of Available Apps: 2010 17

Table 9: Select Smartphone Application Stores by Revenues:
2009 and 2010 18
Distribution Mechanism Widens for Mobile Devices 18
Competitive Landscape 18
Android to Climb to the Top in Smartphone Operating Systems 18
Android Ousts Blackberry to Occupy Second Spot in Smart
Phone Sales 19
Table 10: Global Open OS Mobile Devices Market by Operating
System (2009 - 2013): Breakdown of Volume Sales in
Thousands for Android, Symbian, Apple, RIM (Research In
Motion), Windows and Others 20
Nokia Concedes Long Standing Leadership in Smartphones Arena 20
Table 11: Leading Global Smartphone Vendors by Unit
Shipments (2Q 2011) 21
Strong Sales Jack Up Samsung's Share in Smartphones Market 22
Expansion Endeavors Garner Increased Market Share for Apple 22
Apple's OS Share to Marginally Decline in Near-Term 22
Windows OS to Get a Lift with Nokia Phones 22
Smartphones Get “Smarter” 23
Smartphones to Support Richer Web Pages 23
Open Source Platforms to Rule the Roost in Smart Phones
Category 23
GPS-Enabled Smartphones to Undermine Sales of PNDs 23
Wireless Gaming Offers Opportunities On a Platter 24
Smartphones Generate New Advertising and Marketing
Opportunities 24
Mobile Commerce to Gain Popularity 24
Customization and Consumer Preferences Influence the Vendors 25
Security Issues Baffle Handheld Devices Industry 25
Entertainment Applications Lead Smartphone Content 25
Brief Overview on the Global Mobile Handset Market 25
Global Mobile Handset Sales Show Recovery in 2010 25
Smartphones Drive Global Mobile Handset Market 26
Table 12: World Mobile Handset Devices Market by Type (2009-
2011): Percentage Breakdown of Unit Sales by Type of
Handset - Feature and Basic Phones and Smart Phones 26
Nokia Remains the Leader in Mobile Handset Sales 27
Apple and RIM Climb Up the Mobile Handsets Sales Ladder 27
Table 13: World Mobile Handset Devices Shipment by Company
(2008 and 2009): Breakdown of Unit Shipments in Millions for
Nokia, Samsung, LG, Research In Motion (RIM), Apple, Sony
Ericsson, and Others 27

Wireless Connectivity 28
Memory Cards 28
Touch Screen 28
Wired Connectivity 29
Synchronization 29
Market Scenario 29
PDA Market on the Path of Decline 29
Handhelds and PDAs: Applications Galore 30
Smartphones Usurp Market for PDA Devices 30
PDA Devices Market Continues to be Challenging 30
Manufacturers Focus on Innovation to Maintain Consumer Interest 30
Competitive Landscape - A Recent Past Perspective 31
Table 14: Global PDA Market (Q1 2007): Shipments in Thousand
Units by Operating System - Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian and
Linux 31

Table 15: Global PDA Market (Q2 2006): Breakdown of Unit
Sales for Research In Motion, Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Mio
Technology, Nokia, and Others (In 000 Units) 31

Table 16: Global PDA Market (2005): Breakdown of Unit Sales
for Research In Motion, Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia,
T-Mobile, and Others (In 000 Units) 32
End-Use Applications of PDAs 32
Mobile Data Applications 32
Automobile Navigation 32
Sporting Uses 32
Scientific and Medical Uses 32
Use of PDA by Disabled People 33
Educational Uses 33

Global Tablet PCs Market Surges 34
Table 17: World Tablet PC Shipments in Million Units:
2010-2015 34

Table 18: World Tablet PC Market by Product (2011-2012):
Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for Apple iPad and
Others 35
OS Media Tablets to Drive Consumers towards Open OS Smartphones 35
Will Tablet PCs Uproot Notebooks? 35
Success of Tablets - A Threat to Certain Mobile Computing Devices 36
Android Threatens Apple's Share in Tablet PC Market 36

Handheld PCs 37
Graphing Calculators 37
Graphing Calculators: A Spate of Models 37
Arguments Against Graphing Calculators 37
Enterprise Digital Assistants 38
Pocket Computer 38
Ultra-Mobile PC 38
GPS Device Market - A Recent Past Perspective 39
Table 19: US GPS Market by Leading Vendors (2007): Market
Shares for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Mio, and Others 39

Table 20: European GPS Market by Leading Vendors (2007):
Market Shares for TomTom, Garmin, Mio Navman, Medion, and
Others 39

Samsung Faces Ban on Sale of Galaxy Smartphones Across EU Due
to Patent Issues 40
Honeywell International Inks Definitive Agreement with EMS
Technologies 40
DRS Tactical Systems Bags Contract from Communications-
Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center 41
Advantech Takes Over ACA Digital Corp. 41
Timico Takes Over Handheld PCs 41
Intel Inks Definitive Agreement to Acquire WLS Business of
Infineon Technologies 42
Socket Mobile and Zebra Technologies Enter into a Partnership 42
Juniper Networks® Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire
SMobile Systems 42
Hewlett-Packard Acquires Palm 43
Apple Acquires iPad Trademark 43
PocketGear Takes Over Handango 43
Intel and Nokia Enter into a Collaboration 43
Intel Acquires Wind River Systems 44
Qualcomm to Acquire Handheld Computing Technology from AMD 44
Medlink International Acquires Stake in Anywhere MD 44
Lenovo Group Takes Over Sanmina-SCI's Personal Care Computer
Business 44
ServicePower Technologies Acquires KonaWare's Assets 45
Anywhere MD Acquires ComedyNet 45
Gradiente Eletronica Signs Agreement with NeoMagic 45
Geodesic Information Systems Signs Licensing Agreement with
Medion 45
Verizon Business Secures Contract from US Department of Interior 45
Elecsys Acquires Radix International 46
Broadcom Signs Licensing Agreement with Verizon Wireless 46
Elevation Partners Acquires 25% Stake in Palm 46
Security With Advanced Technology Takes Over Vizer and Avurt 46
Motorola Takes Over Good Technology 46
Mobility Electronics Buys Think Outside 47
Trimble Navigation Acquires Eleven Technology 47
NVIDIA Takes Over Hybrid Graphics 47
Weston Presidio Service Acquires Micro Power Electronics 47
Hathaway Acquires Diabetes Detection 47
Trimble Navigation Acquires Advanced Public Safety 48
i-mate Establishes Subsidiary 48
China MobileSoft Selects InterVideo's Video and Audio Codec
Technologies 48
Microsoft Enters into Marketing and Development Partnership
with Motorola 48
Nvidia Acquires PortalPlayer 49
Premier Purchasing Partners Signs Group Contracts with Gateway
and Dell 49

Socket Mobile Launches SocketScan 10 Software Development Kit 50
Comprompter Introduces NewsKing Reader 50
DAP Technologies Launches M1000 50
Home Depot Introduces First Phone 50
Elecsys Launches Radix FW960 and FWM-90 50
Seagate Unveils Seagate Momentus Thin Hard Drive for Archos G9
Tablets 51
Garmin Introduces Montana Handheld Device 51
LG Electronics to Unveil G-Slate Tablet PC 51
Trimble Unveiled GeoExplorer® 6000 Series 52
Agilent Technologies Rolls Out N9343C and N9344C Handheld
Spectrum Analyzers 52
Edutor Introduces Edutor, a New Handheld Home Learning Device 52
LXE Launches Tecton Handheld Computer 53
Trimble Rolls Out Trimble® RangerTM Handheld Computer 53
Vocollect Launches VoiceClient 1.3 for Psion Handheld Devices 54
Motorola Unveils MC65 Enterprise Mobile Computer 54
Intermec Introduces 70 Series Mobile Computers 55
3M Rolls Out MD6000 Mobile ID Reader 55
Zebra Technologies Introduces New Version of RW 420 Route Palette 56
DAP Technologies Launches New M4000 Series Handheld Computers 56
Psion Unveils Psion EP10 Handheld Computer 57
Cinterion Introduces New PH8 M2M Module 57
Handheld US Launches Nautiz X3R Handheld PDA 57
LG Electronics India to Roll Out LTE Hand- Held Devices 58
Trimble Launches Nomad 900 Series Handheld Computers 58
Eurotech Launches HRC-3100 and HRC-4200 Rugged Handheld Devices 58
Motorola Mobility Unveils FLIPOUT Smartphone 59
Two Technologies Introduces HANDGEAR Range of Handheld Computers 59
X2 Launches X2415 and X2410 Handheld Computers 59
Panasonic Solutions Launches Toughbook U1 Ultra Mobile PC 60
Archos to Launch Archos 9 Tablet PC 60
Psion Introduces Psion Omniiâ„¢ XT10 60
Motorola Launches MC959B Mobile Computer 60
Intermec Introduces CS40 Mobile Handheld Computer 60
Acer to Introduce Tablet PC Models 61
Nokia Introduces C7, E7 And New C6 Version of Smartphone Models 61
LG Launches Optimus Chic And Optimus One Smartphones 61
Lenovo to Introduce Tablet PC 61
Toshiba to Introduce Android-based Tablet PC 61
Huawei to Launch IDEOSTM 62
Motorola Launches ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant 62
Sharp to Unveil 3D Smartphone 62
Olive Telecom Launches OlivePad VT100 62
Microsoft to Introduce Windows Tablet PC 63
Motorola to Launch Droid X 63
Nokia to Launch Smartphone C6 63
LG to Launch Tablet PC 63
Toshiba and Intel to Launch CM1, Tablet PC for Education 63
Samsung to Launch Galaxy S smartphone 63
Apple Launches US$99 iPhone 3GS 64
Motorola to Launch Android Smartphone 64
Samsung to Launch Samsung S-Pad 64
VIA Technologies to Launch VIA ARTiGO A1100 64
Texas Instruments Launches Updated Version of TI-Nspire Handheld 64
Logic Instrument Launches Fieldbook 65
Nokia to Launch Nokia C5 Smartphone 65
Glacier Computer Unveils M300 and M305 Handheld Computers 66
Datalogic Launches New PDA 66
Honeywell and UPS Enter into Partnership to Develop Handheld
Computers 66
Sony Launches Vaio Z series of Notebook Computers 66
LG Unveils InTouch Max GW620 Android Smartphone 67
Google Unveils Nexus One 67
Newport Digital Technologies Launches Rugged Handheld N37B
Computing Device 68
Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung bada 68
Glacier Computer Introduces Rugged Handheld Computers 68
Fujitsu Unveils Lifebook UH900 68
Samsung Launches SCH-i920 Omnia II Smartphone 69
Nokia Launches E72 Smartphone 69
Casio Unveils IT-800 RGC-35 PDA 69
Intel Launches Intel® Reader 70
Etisalat Launches HSPA Wi-Fi Modem 70
Motorola to Launch MC3100 70
Sony Ericsson Launches Three New Smartphones 71
Ingenico Introduces High-Tech Payment PDA 71
Maxa Technologies Unveils HH 8010 Mobile Computing Device 71
Fujitsu Introduces LifeBook T5010 Tablet PC 71
Motorola Introduces Industrial-Class Handheld Computer Device 72
Handheld Unveils Nautiz X7 PDA Worldwide 72
LXE Launches MX9 Series of Ultra- Rugged Handheld Computers 72
Garmin-Asus Unveils Smartphone with Windows Operating System 73
Dell Launches Mini 3i Smartphone in China 73
Technology Advancement Group Introduces TC-100 Commander 73
Panasonic Malaysia Introduces New Toughbook Computers 74
Palm Introduces WebOS Pre PDA 3G Phone 74
SAMSUNG Unveils Innovative Notebook PC Products 74
Toshiba Unveils TG01 Smartphone 75
Motorola Launches New B2B Handsets FR68 and FR6000 75
MaxID Introduces Handheld Device iDLMax with Lumidigm
Fingerprint Sensor 75
Acer to Introduce Non-Windows OS Smartphone 75
Motorola Introduces New MC55 EDA 76
Getac Introduces New PS535F PDA 76
Absolute Software Introduces Blackberry Compatible Computrace
Mobile 77
Pantech Wireless and ATandT Introduce Matrix Pro 77
Archos to Introduce Smartphone 77
Acer to Launch New Smartphones in India 77
China Unicom to Introduce Uphone Smartphone 78
Nawaiya Launches 3G PalmTop 78
Two Technologies Introduces Hand-Held Computer 78
ASUS Tech Computer Launches P565 PDAs 78
Sony Corporation to Introduce 8-Inch Notebook PC 78
OQO Introduces Model 2+ Handheld PC 79
Nokia Launches New Smartphone, Tube 79
Intermec Launches Windows Mobile®- Based CK61ex Handheld Computer 79
HP Introduces Pavilion tx2000 Series Entertainment Notebook PC 79
Tranzda Technologies and Antenova Unveil T818 Slim Smart Phone 79
Nvidia Introduces an Array of Processors 80
Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Business Introduces MC75 EDA 80
Samsung Introduces Touch-Screen Smartphone 80
Samsung Electronics Launches OneDRAM 80
Qingdao Hisense Communications to Introduce Hisense CDMA D95 81
RIM Stalls Sale of Blackberry Bold Smartphones in Japan 81
Socket Communications Introduces Antibacterial Handheld Computer 81
Intermec Launches CK61ex Handheld Computer 81
LG Electronics and Symbian Introduce LG-KT610 Mobile Phone 81
Verizon and Research In Motion Launch BlackBerry Curve 8330
Smartphone 82
Trimble Introduces GeoExplorer Series 82
Nokia Launches Nokia E71 and E66 82
Panasonic Computer Solutions Introduces CF-Ul Toughbook 83
Palm and Sprint Unveil Palm Treo 800w Smartphone 83
Palm Launches Treo Pro SmartPhone 83
Rogers Wireless and Research In Motion Unveil BlackBerry Bold
Smartphone 84
Two Technologies Introduces Hydrus 84
Psion Teklogix Launches NEO 84
Samsung to Introduce SPH M4800 and M8800 Smartphones 85
Motorola Unveils MOTO Q 11 Smartphone 85
HP Launches Two iPAQ Smartphones 85
Samsung Telecommunications and ATandT Introduce Samsung Epix
Smartphone 86
Nokia Unveils E63 Smartphone 86
Asus Rolls Out New Smartphone P565 86
GTX Launches gpVector Mini MT 86
Research In Motion and Vodafone Introduce BlackBerry Storm
Smartphone 86
Nokia Unveils N97 3G Smartphone 87
RIM and Rogers Wireless Roll Out Black Berry Curve 8900
Smartphone 87
Sony Ericsson Launches P1 87
Motorola Unveils MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant 88
Motorola Introduces MOTOROKR E6 88
Socket Communications Launches Socket SoMo 88
Claro and Palm Unveils Palm Treo 680 Smartphone 88
Samsung Introduces SGH-i718 Smartphone 89
RIM and Orange Business Services Unveil BlackBerry 8800
Smartphone 89
HP Launches HP iPAQ Smartphone 89
Dopod Communications Introduces D600 PDA Phone 89
Apple Launches iPhone 89
High Tech Computer to Introduce Mobile Phones 90
Microsoft Launches System Centre Mobile Device Manager 2008 90
RM Introduces RM Asus miniBook 90
i-mate Introduces 3G Windows Mobile Devices 90
Livescribe Unveils Pen-Based Computer 90
Marvell and LG Introduce LG-KC1 Smartphone with Marvell's
Processor 90
Palm Introduces Foleo PC 91
Samsung Electronics America Introduces Q1 Ultra 91
High Tech Computer Introduces Two Computing Devices 91
Motorola Introduces MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant 92
Satnav Technologies Develops Navigation Software 92
Motorola Introduces Motokokr E6 92
Globe Telecom and Palm Unveil Palm Treo 680 Smartphone 92
Hewlett-Packard to Introduce hw6940 Smartphone 92
Sharp Unveils W-ZERO3 Smartphone 93
Symbol Technologies Launches MC70 EDA 93
Proxity Electronic Commerce Systems Rolls Out Parts in a Palm 93
O2 to Launch 3G-Ready PDA-Phones 93
Microsoft to Introduce Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer 93
Good Technology Unveils Good Mobile Defense 93
DLoG Launches XMDA 94


North American Smartphone Market Overview 95
Table 21: North American Smartphone Shipments by Operating
System (2009): Percentage Breakdown of Unit Shipments for RIM
Blackberry, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Google's Android,
Symbian and Others 95

US Handheld Computing Market Bustles with Adoption of New Devices 96
Recession Mauls Mobile Phone Sales in the US, Smartphones
Remain the Bright Spot 96
Laptop Market 96
Competitive Landscape in the US Laptop Market 96
Tablet PCs 97
Tablet PCs Market Set to Explode, Competition in the Market
to Intensify 97
eReaders Continue to Witness Growth; New Features to Maintain
the Momentum 97
US Smartphones Market 97
Smartphones Sales to Outshine Other Handheld Computing Devices 97
Android Pick Up in the US market 98
Table 22: US Smartphone Shipments by Operating System (2H
2010): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Shipments for Google's
Android, Apple iOS, RIM's Blackberry and Others 98

Table 23: US Smartphone Subscriber Base Market by Operating
System (2010): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Shipments for
Google's Android, Apple iOS, RIM's Blackberry, Microsoft
Windows Mobile and Others 99
Apple Continues to be the Leading Smartphone Brand 99
Table 24: US Smartphone Market by Leading Players (2010):
Market Share Breakdown in terms of Sales for Apple, Research
In Motion, and Others 99

Table 25: US Mobile Devices Market (2007 and 2012F):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Device Type 100

Table 26: Laptops Market in the US (2001-2007): Number of
Subscribers in Millions 100

Table 27: Smartphones Market in the US (2001-2007): Number
of Subscribers in Millions 101

Table 28: Mobile PDAs Market in the US (2001-2007): Number
of Subscribers in Millions 101

1b. CANADA 102
Canadian Smartphone Market 102
Table 29: Canadian Smartphone Market by Operating System (Q4,
2010): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for BlackBerry,
Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, and Others 102

2. JAPAN 103
Smartphones Drive Mobile Phone Market in Japan 103
Table 30: Japanese Smartphone Unit Shipments in Millions:
2007-2011 103

Table 31: Japanese Smartphone Market by Consumer Type
(2007-2011): Percentage Breakdown of Unit Shipments for
Individual and Corporate Customers 103
Japanese Phone Makers Contend with Domestic Presence 104

3. EUROPE 105
Smartphones Edge Past Feature Phones in Europe 105
Penetration of Smartphones Rises in Europe 105
Table 32: Increasing Share of Smartphones in Mobile Handset
Market in Western Europe (2009 - 2011) 105
Android Continues to Make Gains Through 2011; Samsung Emerges
on the Top 106
Table 33: Western European Mobile Phone Shipments by Device
Type in Million Units: Q2 2010 and Q2 2011 106

Table 34: Market Share of Western European Mobile Phone
Shipments by Device Type: Q2 2010 and Q2 2011 106

Table 35: Leading Smartphone Vendors in Western Europe (2Q
2011): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Shipments for Samsung,
Nokia, Apple, HTC, RIM and Others 107

Table 36: Smartphone User Base in Major Five European
Countries by Operating System: Number of Users in Millions
for Symbian, Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft and RIM 107
Feature-Rich Phones Drive Mobile Media Usage in Europe 107
Android to Emerge as Leading OS in Europe 108
Table 37: Leading Mobile Operating Systems in Western Europe
(Q3 2010): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for Symbian,
Apple iOS, Android and Others 108
Battle Among Android-Powered Handset Vendors Continues 108
Key Statistics: 109
Table 38: Mobile Devices Market in Western Europe (2007 and
2008): Percentage Share Breakdown of Unit Shipments by Vendor 109

Table 39: Mobile Devices Market in Europe (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Unit Sales by Device Type 109

Asia-Pacific on Track to Emerge As a Leading Smartphones
Market Worldwide 110
Smartphones to Outperform the Mobile Phone Market in Asia 110
Android Becomes the Largest Mobile OS in Asia 110
Table 40: Asia-Pacific Mobile Handset Market by Operating
System (2009 and 2010): Market Share Breakdown of Volume Sales
for Android, Symbian, RIM, Apple iOS, Windows and Others 111
Nokia - A Long-Standing Leader in Asia- Pacific Smartphone Market 111
Table 41: Asia Pacific Smartphone Handset Market (Q1 2009):
Market Share Breakdown of Volume Sales for Nokia, HTC, Apple,
Motorola, RIM and Others 112
India 112
An Overview of the Indian Telecommunications Market 112
Large Potential Awaits Mobile Telephony Market in India 112
India to Emerge as a Leading WiMAX Market in Asia 113
Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Domain Strong with
International Players 113
Indian Notebook Market 113
Notebook Sales Record Significant Increase in Recent Years 113
Table 42: Notebook and Netbook Sales in India (2008-2009):
Unit Sales in Thousands for Third Quarter of Respective
Years 113
Consumer Segment witnesses Largest Growth 114
Sony Eyes Further Share Acquisition in the Indian Notebook
Market 114
Indian Tablet PC Market 114
Competition Heats Up in the Indian Tablet PC Market 114
China 115
China's Tablet PC Market to Surge 115
Chinese Smart phone Market 115
Table 43: SmartPhone Market in China (Q3 2008): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Vendor 115

Table 44: SmartPhone Market in China (Q3 2008): Percentage
Share Breakdown by Operating System 116
Rest of Asia-Pacific 116
Smartphones Bust Recessionary Woes in Southeast Asia 116
Portable Computers Follow the Track 116
Korea Witnesses Robust Increase in Smartphone Users 116

Outlook for Smartphones Robust in Latin America 118
Competition Intensifies in Latin American Smartphone Market 118
Table 45: Latin American Smartphone Market by Operating
System (2009): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Shipments for
Symbian, Blackberry, and Others 119
Sales of Ultra-Mobile PCs Soar in Latin America 119

Tablet PCs Yet to Gain Momentum in the Middle East 119


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