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Microfluidics - how to find trends, opportunities and revenue prospects

Do you want to assess the potential of microfluidic technologies? Visiongain's new report gives you revenue predictions there from 2013, helping you stay ahead. You find financial data, trends, opportunities, and outlooks.

In that work you see forecasted sales to 2023 at overall world market, submarket (application), and national level. You assess those trends and technologies for life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostics.

Analysis of what shapes the microfluidics industry and determines its potential

Discover, then, what the future holds for microfluidics and its applications. Read on to explore that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts to 2023 and other analyses show you commercial opportunities

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, you see financial results, growth rates, and market shares. You assess quantitative and qualitative analysis, business news, outlooks, and developments (R&D). You also gain 48 tables, 46 charts, and two interviews.

Our work lets you investigate the most promising and lucrative parts of microfluidics, helping you stay ahead in knowledge. Finding data you need there just got easier.

Now see how you can benefit your research, analyses, and decisions, also saving time.

Prospects for the world market and submarkets

Our new report shows revenue to 2023 for the overall world market. It also shows you individual forecasts of 11 microfluidic submarkets. Find revenues to 2023 for these applications:
• In vitro diagnostics - with sub-forecasts for clinical diagnostics, point of care (POC) diagnostics, analytical devices, and other products
• Pharmaceutical and life science research - with sub-forecasts for genomics, proteomics, cell-based assays, and other products
• Drug delivery.

How will the microfluidics market expand? Which parts will most prosper? There you assess potential for sales.

Our study also discusses what stimulates and restrains that market. That analysis helps you identify potential and find ways for your business to benefit.

You find geographical revenue predictions too.

Forecasts of national markets for microfluidic technologies

In developed and developing countries, many sales opportunities for developers and producers of those technologies will occur from 2013. See where and how.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for nine national markets and a regional block:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)
• EU (grouped regional forecast)
• India and China.

There you find potential for the technology. Pharma and diagnostics companies face many opportunities worldwide. Our study explains, discussing crucial issues.

Developments and opportunities affecting microfluidics

Our report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013:
• Products in development - R&D and expanding applications
• Microfluidic technologies and products available
• Lab-on-a-chip technology, with wide range of biological uses
• Production of devices - manufacturing issues
• Regulation of microfluidic devices - the US and Europe.

That study also discusses other aspects of the field, including these:
• Academia and industry - gaps and connections
• Demand for advanced drug delivery methods
• Microfluidics benefitting the biologics industry
• Drug development - including genomics, proteomics, and cell-based assays
• Delivery of drugs and vaccines - including microneedles, micropumps, and inhalers
• Personalised medicine and stem cells.

There, you explore that industry's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You see what stimulates and restrains t

Table Of Contents

Microfluidic Technologies: Biopharmaceutical and Healthcare Applications 2013-2023
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Overview of Microfluidics Technology Market
1.2 Aim, Scope and Format of this Report
1.3 Chapters in the Report
1.4 Research and Analysis Methods
1.5 Glossary of Terms Relating to the Microfluidics Technology Market

2. Introduction to Microfluidics Technology
2.1 What is Microfluidics?
2.1.1 History of Microfluidics Technology
2.1.2 Continuous Flow Microfluidics
2.1.3 Digital Microfluidics
2.2 Benefits of Microfluidics Technology
2.3 Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices
2.4 Where Does Microfluidics Technology Find Applications?
2.5 The Microfluidic Technologies Market
2.5.1 Microfluidics Technology in the In Vitro Diagnostics Market Clinical Diagnostics Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics Analytical Devices
2.5.2 Microfluidics Technology in Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Genomics Proteomics Cellular Assays
2.5.3 Microfluidics Technology in Drug Delivery Increasing Popularity of Transdermal Drug Delivery Microneedles Micropumps Inhalers
2.6 Regulation of Microfluidic Devices
2.6.1 The US Regulation System
2.6.2 Regulation of Laboratory Developed Tests
2.6.3 The European Regulatory System Post Marketing Surveillance in the EU

3. The Global Microfluidic Technologies Market, 2013-2023
3.1 Microfluidic Technologies Market: Overview
3.2 Microfluidic Technologies Market by Segment, 2012
3.3 Microfluidic Technologies Market Forecast, 2013-2023
3.4 Microfluidic Technologies Market Trends, 2013-2023
3.4.1 Increase in Chronic Disease Patient Population
3.4.2 Shift towards Decentralisation
3.4.3 Increased Awareness through Globalisation
3.4.4 Growing Demand for Advanced Drug Delivery Methods
3.4.5 Microfluidics Technology Benefitting Biologics Market
3.4.6 Move towards Personalised Medicine
3.4.7 Fast Changing Market

4. Microfluidics Technology in the World In Vitro Diagnostics Market, 2013-2023
4.1 Microfluidics Based IVD Market: Overview
4.2 Microfluidics Based IVD Market by Segment, 2012
4.3 Microfluidics Based IVD Market Forecast, 2012-2017
4.4 Microfluidics Based IVD Market Forecast, 2017-2023
4.5 Microfluidics Based Clinical Diagnostics Market, 2012
4.5.1 Microfluidics Based Clinical Diagnostics Market Forecast, 2012-2023
4.6 Microfluidics Based POC Diagnostics Market, 2012
4.6.1 Microfluidics Based POC Diagnostics Market Forecast, 2012-2023
4.6.2 Leading Microfluidics Based POC Devices in the Market, 2013
4.6.3 Microfluidics Based POC Devices in Development, 2013
4.7 Microfluidics Based Analytical Devices Market, 2012
4.7.1 Microfluidics Based Analytical Devices Market Forecast, 2012-2023
4.7.2 Leading Microfluidics Based Analytical Devices in Market, 2013
4.8 Conclusions

5. Microfluidics Technology in Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Market, 2013-2023
5.1 Microfluidics Based Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Market: Overview
5.2 Microfluidics Based Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Market by Segment, 2012
5.3 Microfluidics Based Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Market Forecast, 2012-2017
5.4 Microfluidics Based Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Market Forecast, 2017-2023
5.5 Microfluidics Based Genomics Market, 2012
5.5.1 Microfluidics Based Genomics Market Forecast, 2012-2023
5.6 Microfluidics Based Proteomics Market, 2012
5.6.1 Microfluidics Based Proteomics Market Forecast, 2012-2023
5.7 Microfluidics Based Cell-Based Assays Market, 2012
5.7.1 Microfluidics Based Cell-Based Assays Market Forecast, 2012-2023
5.8 Leading Microfluidics Based Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research Devices in Market, 2013
5.8.1 LabChip: A Highly Advanced Research Platform
5.8.2 2100 Bioanalyzer: Pre

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