One next generation technology that has enjoyed extensive recent exposure in the press is Near Field Communications. Presenting an excerpt from the media to indicate the development of the new technology:

"iPhone owners lamenting the lack of NFC capability can now plug in the iCarte from Wireless Dynamics, providing short-range wireless at the cost of a little extra length." The Register report

Such is the craze around the implications of this technology that numerous trials have been ongoing for more than three years now. The applicability of the technology has been assessed and the technology has reached commercial feasibility ultimately.

In assessing NFC from the commercial and technological perspectives, a comprehensive view of other contactless payment technologies has been taken into account. NFC has been compared against RFID, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies in terms of technological advantages NFC provides. In order to provide a comprehensive view of the domain of use for NFC technology, its feasible use in transportation, retail and couponing system has been analysed.

The advent of NFC technology will have profound effects on end-users, chipset manufacturers, handset manufacturers and component and tag manufacturers. These effects have been outlined in detail in the report. NFC will significantly impact the payment card and mobile communications industries, as shown in a forecast taking 2015 as the future point.

The parameters for the adoption of NFC have been studied and given conclusions to help decision makers. These parameters include security, standardisation and technical specifications. Trial and experimentation provide the best way of building confidence in the technology, therefore warrenting a wide eyed view over NFC trials as part of the wider discussion. NFC applications in the healthcare industry and in education have been taken as a case study in the report.

With the views of influential people in support for NFC technology, it is expected that NFC will hit all major payment systems by the end of 2010 and will present a high value business proposition in the future for companies involved in the technology. You need to guarantee your involvement today.

This report is expected to provide a guideline into how NFC can become a revenue generating technology for years to come.

This 100+ page NFC report is:

• An analysis of different m-payment technologies and the technological environment in which they work
• A detail analysis of the NFC technology - how it works, NFC ecosystem and discussions on the technology related topics
• The report analyses how the technology works on mobile phone, NFC mobile ecosystem, building of the NFC mobile ecosystem and opportunities available to different stakeholders
• It covers potential applications and markets of the NFC technology
• It analyses the NFC case as an m-payment solution and potential sectors of the NFC application in the m-payments market
• It is an analysis of the development, standardisation that has taken place on NFC since its inception, available protocols and standards, for example. It also discusses the issues such as security and threats related to the NFC use.
• The report covers the important NFC industrial projects, trials and consumers surveys conducted over past few years
• It highlights the latest developments that have taken place on NFC in the last couple of years.
• Opinions, views and quotes from leading figures from the industry
• Conclusion and forecast of the NFC applications and markets including future growth trends

Who should buy this report?
Directors, VP and Senior managers at business such as:
• Mobile/ Cellular carriers and operators
• Banks and credit card companies
• Financial services providers
• Handset manufacturers
• Manufacturers of SIM related services
• Mobile handset security providers
• M-ticketing providers
• Brands looking to tap into the mobile audience
• Public and private transport agencies
• Manufacturers of NFC allied services i.e. readers, writers and tags

If you work for any of the above companies then you really need to get to grips with this concept before you get left behind. Act today and order your copy of this innovative report.

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 What it is?
1.2 Benefits and uses
1.3 Technology used
1.4 The future potential of NFC
1.4.1 New Business Opportunities using NFC
1.5 Hagenberg case study
1.6 Current state of NFC systems

Chapter 2-Contactless payments- technologies
2.1 M-payments
Figure 2.1- M-Payment market forecast 2008-2015
Figure 2.2 Annual mpayments Growth Rate 2008-2013
2.2. m-payment over voice calls
2.3 SMS payment technology
Figure 2.3 SMS payment model (transaction with a bank)
2.4 Mobile browsing payment technologies
Figure 2.4: Mobile web payment model (payment for music download with Amazon)
2.4.1. WAP (wireless application protocol)
Figure 2.5 WAP delivery service model
2.4.2. Java MIDP (mobile information device profile)
Figure 2.6 MIDP model
2.5 Mobile payment services technologies
Figure2.7 : M-payment technologies comparison
2.5.1. Bluetooth
Figure 2.8: Bluetooth as a wireless payment method Advantages Disadvantages
2.5.2. IrDA (infrared data association)
Fig 2.9: IrDA's major stakeholders Advantages Disadvantages
Figure 2.9: IrFM Transaction Flows Environment
Figure 2.10: IrFM Transaction Flows Sequence
2.5.3 RFID
Figure 2.11: RFID System The process of transmission Why RFID? Advantages Disadvantages
2.5.4 NFC Technology behind NFC
Figure 2.12: Technology behind NFC technology Usability Advantages Disadvantages NFC Forum Mission Goals Its purpose Its members
Table: NFC Forum members
2.5.5 Other forms of contactless payments ISO/IEC 14443-Compliant High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Cards
Figure 2.13: High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Cards Features ISO/IEC 15693-Compliant High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Cards Features Proprietary High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Technology FeliCa Card
Figure 2.14: FeliCa card and its use Cubic GO CARD
Figure: Cubic GO CARD Features of Proprietary High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Technology Proprietary Low-Frequency 125 to 134 KHz RF Technology
Figure: Key using low frequency RF technology Features Proprietary Ultra-High-Frequency RF Technology
Figure 2.15: E- ZPass system Features Comparison of the five technologies
Table: Comparative analysis of contactless payment technologies (others)

Chapter 3.NFC on mobile phones
3.1.NFC mobile services
Figure. 3.1.NFC services
3.1.1. Positioning and functionality of NFC on mobile devices
Figure 3. 2.NFC positioning within mobile device architecture
3.2. NFC services on mobile phones
3.2.1. Interactivity
3.2.2. Report multi-application management
3.2.3. Remote user management
3.3. Areas of NFC mobile phone applications
3.3.1. NFC services: transport and travelling
Figure 3.3.NFC in transport and travelling Access, ticketing, activiation and legitimacy Boarding and alighting Tickets purchase and top-ups Access to information and location-based services
Figure 3.4.NFC in information access
3.3.2. NFC in retail sector Payment for access to products and services Security, validation and identification Offers, packages and discounts
3.3.3. NFC mobile coupons
3.4. NFC mobile ecosystem - a new market place?
3.4.1. Modelling the NFC mobile ecosystem NFC mobile ecosystem: service provisioning Mobile network provision Trusted service manager
3.5. Key players in NFC mobile ecosystem
3.5.1. Customers/end-users
3.5.2. Chipset manufacturers
3.5.3. Mobile handset manufacturers
3.5.4. Component and tag manufacturers
3.6. Building a successful NFC mobile ecosystem
3.6.1. Building NFC mobile system: MNOs
3.6.2. Service providers
3.7. NFC mobile framework
3.7.1. Functionalities of NFC mobile phones Application execution environment Trusted execution environment NFC stacks and controller
3.7.2. NFC mobile phone back-end server system
3.7.3. NFC Target
3.8. NFC-equipped mobile phones and devices
Figure 3.5.NFC-enabled handsets and devices available
3.8.1. GSMA for more NFC mobile phones

Chapter 4- Implications of NFC
4.1 Effect on the card industry (2010- 2015)
4.1.1 The card industry Fall of the credit card industry
Figure 4.1: Number of card transactions forecast (2002-2015)
4.1.2 The structure of the transaction card industry Market share of major credit cards
Figure 4.2: Market share of Worldwide Purchase volume by card type (2008) Association with banks
Figure 4.3: Authorisation, batching, funding and settlement process
Figure 4.4: Association between banks and card companies Geographical footprint of the card industry
Figure 4.5: Share of card transactions by region (2009)
4.1.3 Effect of NFC on the card industry
Figure 4.6: Forecast of penetration by NFC on card transactions (2010- 2015)
4.2 Effect on the mobile industry (2010- 2015)
4.2.1 Demand for NFC technology on the mobile
Figure 4.7: Wireless priorities
4.2.2 Domain of services provided by NFC technology
Figure 4.8: Domain of NFC among wireless communications
4.2.3 Forecast of penetration of NFC in mobile communications
Figure 4.9: Forecast of NFC enabled handsets (2008- 2015)
4.2.4 Business through NFC
Figure 4.10: Mobile NFC transaction value forecast
4.2.5 Effect of NFC on the mobile industry ecosystem
Figure4.11: NFC mobile ecosystem

Chapter 5- NFC adoption parameters
5.1 Security
5.1.1 Modus Operandi of NFC Security
Table : Dimensions of security in mobile payments
5.1.2 Eavesdropping
Figure 5.1: Eavesdropping in NFC transaction
5.1.3 Data corruption
5.1.4 Data modification
5.1.5 Data insertion
5.1.6 Man-in-the-middle-attack
Figure 5.2: Man- in- the- Middle attack
5.2 Standardisation
5.2.1 NFC since approval as an ISO/IEC standard
5.2.2 NFC protocols Passive communication mode Active communication mode ISO 14443 Type A Mifare ISO 14443 Type B FeliCa ISO 15693 Contactless Reader/validator Contactless cards Contactless mobile phones
5.2.3 NFC specifications Data Exchange Format Technical Specification Record Type Definition Technical Specifications NFC Text RTD Technical Specification NFC URI RTD Technical Specification NFC Smart Poster RTD Technical Specification NFC Generic Control RTD Technical Specification
5.2.4 Reference application Technical Specifications NFC Forum Connection Handover Technical Specification NFC Forum tag type Technical Specifications NFC Forum type 1 tag Operation Specification NFC Forum type 2 tag Operation Specification NFC Forum type 3 tag Operation Specification NFC Forum type 4 tag Operation Specification
5.2.5 NFC development and standardisation bodies NFC development - Nokia takes the lead NFC Forum The GSM Association GSMA's NFC mobile initiative StoLPaN - the European NFC programme The European Telecommunications Standards Institute The Global Platform EMV protocol in NFC SmartCard Alliance adopts NFC
5.3 Problems present
5.3.1 Penetration of compliant handsets Problems created by mobile operators
Figure 5.3: Issues for NFC implementation Resulting scenario
5.3.2 NFC tied up in the middle
Figure5.4: Triparty roadblocks for NFC mobile adoption
5.4 Solution development
5.4.1 Technological solutions related to security Solution to Eavesdropping Solution to Data Corruption
Figure5.5: Data Corruption protection Solution to Data Modification Solution to Data Insertion Prevention of Man-in-the-Middle-Attack What is NFC Secure Channel?
Figure 5.6: Diffie-Hellmann protocol NFC Specific Key Agreement The process of transaction
Figure5.7: NFC specific Key Agreement End of the process Versatility of the security process (Noisy tag Specific key agreement)
5.4.2 Solution for business issues

Chapter 6- Trial projects and latest developments in NFC
6.1 NFC trials and developments in 2006
6.1.1 VISA 'tap and go' trial in London
Figure 6.1: Visa 'tap and go' trial in London
6.1.2 Bath University NFC pilot
6.1.3 Sprint's BART NFC
6.1.4 VISA's coupon pilot in California
6.1.5 Nokia and VISA team up in Malaysia
6.1.6 NFC on buses in Germany
6.2 NFC trials and developments in 2007
6.2.1 Citibank NFC-led m-banking
6.2.2 NFC-enabled SIMs for UK soccer club
6.2.3 O2 NFC wristband at music festival
Figure 6.2: NFC wristband
6.2.4 Ingenico trial in UK, Ireland
Figure 6.3: Ingenico reader
6.2.5. RFID-led luggage tracking
6.2.6 'Wireless Wallet' consumer trial
Figure 6.4: Cellular South Wireless Wallet Consumer Trial results
6.2.7 VISA's NFC pilot in Europe
Figure 6.5: O2 NFC trial
6.2.8 NFC services in Taiwan
Figure 6.6: BenQ mobile with NFC
6.3 NFC trials and developments in 2008
6.3.1Barclays contactless card
6.3.2 Barclays 'wave and pay' for London cabs
Figure 6.7: Pilot taxi cab with NFC payment system
6.3.3. Barclays' stake in NFC London trial
6.3.4 The Australian NFC m-banking trials
Figure 6.8: NAB and Visa with NFC
6.3.5 VISA's m-payment initiative
6.3.6 VISA's m-payment solutions for Nokia and Google
6.3.7 NFC and MasterCard's m-payment programme MasterCard PayPass: how does it work?
Figure 6.9: MasterCard's PayPass process MasterCard-VISA m-payment forum
6.3.8 NFC in m-remittance and funds disbursement
6.3.9. London NFC trial
Figure 6.10: London NFC consumer survey
6.3.10 M-tickets on London buses
6.3.11 Consumer survey by Aberdeen Group
6.3.12 O2 test beds for NFC
6.3.13 NFC at London Olympics
6.3.14 MasterCard PayPass in UK
6.3.15 Visa trials in Brazil, Canada and Malaysia
6.3.16 Visa credit card demo
Figure 6.11: Visa and Citibank trial on NFC
6.3.17 Singapore's NFC public trial
6.3.18 NFC payments in Amsterdam
6.3.19 Monaco launch of NFC trials
6.3.20 NFC trial in Melbourne
6.3.21 ING and MasterCard trial in Romania
6.3.22 Italian ski NFC trial
6.3.23 NFC smart poster
Figure 6.12: data extraction for a poster onto a mobile using NFC
6.3.24 Innovision, Sasken partner for NFC
6.3.25 NFC and O2 in healthcare
6.3.26 StarHub mWallet pilot
6.3.27 M-ticketing in Germany
6.3.28 Blaze NFC
6.3.29 Gemalto updates 53 million phones
6.3.30 NFC pilot in UAE
6.3.31 Innovision NFC tags
6.3.32 Sony deal for FeliCa
6.3.33 MasterCard Canada NFC experiment
6.3.34 NFC in Italy
6.3.35 McDonald's e-coupons in Japan
6.3.36 Collis new NFC chip
6.3.37 GPS/GSM-based toll system
6.3.38 Mifare for NFC apps
6.3.39 DnB Nor-Telenor m-payments unit
6.3.40 ViVOpay contactless payments
Figure 6.13: ViVOpay reader
6.3.41 M-payments in Western Europe
6.3.42 Speakers with NFC
Figure 6.14: NFC Speaker system
6.3.43 Nokia 6212 Classic
6.3.44 Maxis NFC technology
6.3.45 SCM Microsystems 'NFC dongle'
Figure 6.15: NFC USB stick
6.3.46 NFC in pension distribution
6.3.47 Indonesia looking at NFC
6.3.48 Citigroup NFC phone
Figure 6.16: Citi NFC phone
6.3.49 New SoC solution
6.3.50 Microsoft, Sirit partner on NFC
6.3.51 Citi-SK Telecom m-commerce venture
6.3.52 LEGIC card-in-card solutions
Figure 6.17: LEGIC card structure
6.3.53 NFC system on chip solution
6.3.54 NFC Wi-Fi networks protection
6.3.55 NFC at London Fashion Week
Figure 6.18: Use of NFC during London Fashion Week
6.3.56 BlueSky's AGPS-SIM card
6.3.57 Multi-standard NFC chip
6.3.58 SIM-based m-payment
6.3.59 Real time employee tracking
6.3.60 NFC trial in Washington
6.3.61 BBC named NFC top tech for 2008
6.3.62 Sony unveils TransferJet
Figure 6.19: Sony TransferJet
6.4 NFC trials and developments in 2009
6.4.1 French retailers NFC trials in 2009
6.4.2 Barclays NFC debit cards
6.4.3 Telstra's NFC testing
6.4.4 NFC-enabled SIM card interoperability
6.4.5 Global FeliCa adoption
6.4.6 NFC trial in Singapore
6.4.7 Apple brings NFC into the next generation iPhone's touchscreen
Figure 6.20: iPhone with NFC plug-in iCarte
6.4.8 Finnish city to test NFC posters for children's games and smart maps
6.4.9 Visa rolls out its first commercial NFC payment system
6.4.10 Qualcomm brings Near Field Communication to more mobile chipsets
Figure 6.21: Qualcomm NFC chipset
6.4.11 Orange and Barclaycard to offer NFC payment system

Chapter 7- Case studies of NFC technology
7.1 NFC in Healthcare
7.1.1 NFC in healthcare and medical services Potential NFC applications in healthcare NFC in biomedicine and telemedicine The field of wearable sensors The field of implanted medical sensors The field of implanted stimulators The field of implanted actuators
7.1.2 NFC in healthcare: safety concerns What about interference robustness?
7.2 NFC in education
7.3 NFC in m- payments
7.3.1 NFC-led m-payments
7.3.2 Potential m-payment applications and markets for NFC
7.4 GSMA NFC 'pay-buy-mobile' project
7.4.1 Pay-buy-mobile initiative: GSMA's global projects
7.4.2 GSMA's collaboration with EU council
7.4.3 GSMA backs NFC standards adoption

Chapter 8- Views, quotes and useful leads
8.1 Mohammad Khan, President, ViVOtech Inc
8.2 Rob Conway, CEO GSMA
8.3 Peter Ayliffe, CEO of Visa Europe
8.4 Shuan Ghaidan, Head of Product Sales and Delivery, Asia/Pacific MasterCard
8.5 Mark Collins, VP of Consumer Data Services at ATandT Mobility
8.6 Mung-Ki Woo of Orange, VP Payment and Contactless
8.7 Sol Trujillo, CEO of Telstra
8.8 Important leads

Chapter 9- Conclusion
9.1 Slowly but surely NFC advances
9.2 Value creating potential of NFC
9.2.1. Development and standardisation
9.2.2. Initial trials and opinions
9.2.3. Development of NFC Forum
9.2.4. NFC development efforts at GSMA platform
9.2.5. Efforts by other institutions
9.3 Factors for NFC popularity among stakeholders
9.3.1. The success in consumers' trials and surveys
9.3.2 The convenience factor
9.3.3. Time-and-cost-effectiveness
9.3.4. Support for existing infrastructure
9.3.5. Ability to interact with other technologies
9.3.6. Potential for growth in m-payments
9.4. Where NFC is positioned now
9.4.1. NFC from trials phase to production phase
9.4.2. NFC potential in reaching the critical adoption point
9.5 NFC adoption: benefits
9.5.1 Consumer benefits
9.5.2 Benefits to stakeholders
9.6 NFC adoption: drawbacks
9.7 NFC commercial launch: an opportunity in waiting 

Companies Mentioned

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ViVOtech, Inc.
VTT Technical Research Centre
Wells Fargo
Western Union
Wi-Fi Alliance
Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 

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