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World Food Containers Market

  • February 2014
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  • Freedonia
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  • 447 pages

This study analyzes the global food container industry.

Product segments covered include food bags and pouches, paperboard food containers, plastic food containers, metal food containers, and glass food containers. Markets for these products include grain mill products (including pet food), dairy products, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, meat and related products, and other foods (e.g., sauces and condiments, snack foods, candy and confections, frozen specialties). Both primary and secondary packaging is included in the study in cases where the secondary packaging would typically be used beyond the point of sale. For example, secondary containers such as cereal boxes and folding cartons for multipacks of snacks and baked goods are included, whereas corrugated shipping boxes or merchandise display boxes are not. Also excluded from the scope of this study are containers used to package beverage products such as fluid milk and fruit and vegetable juices, and other food packaging such as film wrap, foil, trays, clamshells, baskets, plastic food storage containers, pails, home canning jars, and separately sold ends and closures.

Historical data (2002, 2007, and 2012) and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 are presented for food container demand in current US dollars (including inflation) by product (bags and pouches, paperboard containers, metal containers, plastic containers, and glass containers) and market (fruits and vegetables, grain mill products, dairy products, baked goods, meat and related products, and other foods) on a country-by-country and region-by-region basis. The terms “shipments,” “production,” and “output” are used interchangeably in the study, as are the terms “demand,” “sales,” and “market,” which are defined as domestic shipments plus imports minus exports.

Data on food container demand are derived from a variety of sources and are developed (at least in part) from statistical relationships. Given that variations are commonplace in international reporting, data presented in this study are historically consistent but may vary from other sources. Variances may occur because of definitional differences, undistributed exports, inventory accumulation, goods-in-transit, and various other factors. Throughout this study, demand is related to various indicators for comparative purposes and to facilitate further analysis. Tabular details may not always add to totals due to independent rounding, and calculated ratios reflect unrounded numbers.

In addition, the key strategic and competitive variables affecting the global food container industry are discussed, and the industry’s key players are identified and profiled. World market share estimates are also provided for the overall industry and for each of the major container materials. The entire study is framed within the context of overall economic conditions, as well as developments and technologies affecting the food container industry and its end users. Food container data by company presented in the “Industry Structure” section are estimates based on consultation with multiple sources. Corporate information sources included annual reports, SEC Form 10-K filings, product catalogs, prospectuses, news releases, and interviews with responsible officers within the companies themselves. In addition, security analyst and brokerage reports were used extensively in framing the market environment and industry structure, and as input to market size assessment.

Global demand to rise 4.4% annually through 2017

World demand for food containers will increase 4.5 percent per annum to $139 billion in 2017. The market for food containers will steadily return from a global recession that led to some stagnation in 2012. Key observations in this study:
• The rise of the middle class and twoincome households in developing regions will trigger a sharp upturn in food container consumption.
• While plastic packaging (both flexible and rigid) continues to lead growth, paperboard containers will present stronger competition to plastic substrates in the near future.
• The Westernization of food products globally will fuel demand for food packaging and lead to changes in consumption patterns.
• Food packaging penetration will be stimulated by a shift to chilled, processed food and instant ingredients and meals.

Bags, pouches remain strong but paperboard gains traction

The ongoing global growth in food bags and pouches -- in some cases replacing metal and glass containers -- will continue to be a driver for food packaging through 2017, advancing more than five percent annually. While rigid plastic containers will show sharp gains, paperboard containers will increase penetration levels after some market flatness. Paperboard’s inherent light weight and the utilization of recyclable, natural materials, aligning closely with consumer and regulatory trends, will play a vital factor in growth.

“The New Consumer” connects with the food package

Rapid urbanization in many developing regions has created a new consumer class that seeks career and income growth and is willing to sacrifice time spent in meal preparation. This will spur a double-digit boost in food container demand in China and more than six percent demand growth in many areas of Asia/Pacific, Central & South America, and Africa/Mideast. A shift from purchasing unpackaged food for daily cooking to buying packaged, prepared items will be significant.

Westernization brings new focus on food packaging

Advances in smaller-sized packages of flour, grain, edible cooking oils, butter and margarine, shredded cheese, aseptic soups and stocks, and ready meals are meeting the needs of global consumers demanding a Westernized sense of convenience and time savings. The growth of large supermarket chains in many developing countries will heighten these purchases and spur food container demand. Dietary staples such as bulk packaged rice and other grains, raw meat and produce, and unpackaged food purchased at neighborhood markets are declining in use.

Recessionary issues remain a short-term concern

A lingering recession, especially in Western Europe, could dampen prospects slightly. Due to the recession, priceconscious consumers are purchasing lower-value packaging, thereby restricting demand. An economic rebound will lead to advances in premium packaging and further fuel prospects for container formats with sophisticated graphics and performance features.

Study coverage

Details on these and other key findings are contained in the upcoming Freedonia industry study, World Food Containers, available for $6100. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, as well as forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product, market, world region and for 22 major countries. The study also considers market environment factors, examines the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 41 industry participants worldwide including Ardagh Group, Bemis, Crown Holdings, Graphic Packaging and Silgan Holdings.

Table Of Contents

World Food Containers Market
General 4
World Economic Overview 5
Recent Historical Trends 5
World Economic Outlook 7
World Demographic Outlook 11
Population 11
Households 13
Urbanization Patterns 15
World Personal Income and Expenditure Trends 16
World Food Industry Outlook 18
World Packaging Industry Outlook 24
Competitive Packaging Forms and Materials 28
Pricing Trends 30
Environmental and Regulatory Issues 32
World Trade Overview 37
Demand by Region 41
Demand by Product 45
Bags and Pouches 47
Paperboard Containers 50
Plastic Containers 53
Metal Containers 56
Glass Containers 59
Demand by Market 62
Grain Mill Products 64
Dairy Products 66
Fruits and Vegetables 68
Baked Goods 71
Meat and Related Products 73
Other Foods 74
General 78
Food Container Demand 79
United States 81
Canada 89
Mexico 95
General 102
Food Container Demand 104
Belgium 107
France 111
Germany 116
Italy 122
Netherlands 128
Spain 132
United Kingdom 137
Other Western Europe 144
General 150
Food Container Demand 152
Australia 154
China 159
India 168
Indonesia 175
Japan 179
South Korea 185
Taiwan 191
Thailand 197
Other Asia/Pacific 203
Central and South America 209
General 209
Food Container Demand 211
Argentina 213
Brazil 218
Other Central and South America 222
Eastern Europe 227
General 227
Food Container Demand 229
Russia 231
Other Eastern Europe 235
Africa/Mideast 240
General 240
Food Container Demand 242
Turkey 244
Other Africa/Mideast 249
General 255
Market Share 261
Bags and Pouches 268
Paperboard Containers 269
Plastic Containers 271
Metal Containers 273
Glass Containers 274
Acquisitions and Divestitures 276
Product Manufacturing and Development 282
Marketing Strategies 286
Channels of Distribution 287
Competitive Strategies 288
Cooperative Agreements 291
Company Profiles 296
ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH and Company KG 297
Amcor Limited 299
Anchor Glass Container, see Ardagh Group
Aperio Group, see Amcor
Ardagh Group SA 304
Asa? Ambalaj Baski, see Constantia Flexibles Group
Ball Corporation 308
Bemis Company Incorporated 310
Berry Plastics Corporation 315
Biaxis, see Wihuri
Boxal Group, see Ardagh Group
Britton Group, see Coveris
Clondalkin Group Holdings BV 318
COFCO Limited 321
Consolidated Container Company LLC 322
Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH 324
Contego Packaging Holdings, see Graphic Packaging
Coveris 327
Crown Holdings Incorporated 331
Cryovac, see Sealed Air
Curwood, see Bemis
Daiwa Can Company 335
Detmold Group 336
Dixie Toga, see Bemis
Envases Universales de Mexico SA PI de CV 338
Evergreen Packaging, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Exopack Holding, see Coveris
Fold-Pak, see Rock-Tenn
Fujian Example Group Company Limited 340
Glass to Glass, see Owens-Illinois Group
Globalpack Group, see Constantia Flexibles Group
Graham Packaging, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Graphic Flexible Packaging, see Graphic Packaging
Graphic Packaging Holding Company 341
Helioplast doo, see RPC Group
Hindustan Tin Works Limited 346
Huhtamaki Oyj 347
Interplast Packaging, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Kobusch Germany Holding, see Coveris
Leone Industries, see Ardagh Group
LINPAC Packaging Limited 350
Manuplastics, see RPC Group
Maynard and Harris Group, see RPC Group
Mayr-Melnhof Group 352
MeadWestvaco Corporation 355
Mid South Packaging, see Rock-Tenn
Milprint, see Bemis
Mondi Group 357
Nampak Limited 360
Nordenia International, see Mondi Group
ORG Canmaking Corporation 364
Orora Limited 365
Owens-Illinois Group Incorporated 366
PACCOR International, see Coveris
Pactiv, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Paragon Print and Packaging Group, see Coveris
Parikh Packaging Private, see Constantia Flexibles Group
Plastipak Holdings Incorporated 369
Plegacol, see Mayr-Melnhof Group
Pohlig Brothers, see Rock-Tenn
Printpack Incorporated 371
Rexam High Barrier Food Containers, see Silgan
Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 373
Rock-Tenn Company 378
RPC Group plc 383
RTS Packaging, see Rock-Tenn and Sonoco Products
Saint-Gobain 388
Sealed Air Corporation 392
Shelburne Plastics, see Consolidated Container
SIG Combibloc Group, see Reynolds Group Holdings
Silgan Holdings Incorporated 395
Solvay Paperboard, see Rock-Tenn
Sonoco Products Company 398
Superior Multi-Packaging, see Crown Holdings
Tetra Laval International SA 402
Tetra Pak International, see Tetra Laval International
Tokan Kogyo, see Toyo Seikan Group Holdings
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Limited 405
Uniglobe Packaging, see Amcor
Verallia, see Saint-Gobain
Visy Proprietary Limited 408
Vitro SAB de CV 409
Wihuri Oy 410
Winpak, see Wihuri
Wipak, see Wihuri
Other Companies Mentioned in Study 413


Summary Table 3
1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 10
2 World Population by Region 13
3 World Households by Region 14
4 World Urban Population by Region 16
5 World Per Capita GDP by Region 18
6 World Food and Beverage Manufacturing Value Added by Region 21
7 World Packaging Demand by Region 27
1 World Food Container Demand by Region 44
2 World Food Container Demand by Product 46
3 World Food Bag and Pouch Demand by Region 50
4 World Paperboard Food Container Demand by Region 53
5 World Plastic Food Container Demand by Region 56
6 World Metal Food Container Demand by Region 59
7 World Glass Food Container Demand by Region 62
8 World Food Container Demand by Market 63
1 North America: Food Container Market Environment 79
2 North America: Food Container Demand 81
3 United States: Food Container Market Environment 83
4 United States: Food Container Demand 86
5 Canada: Food Container Market Environment 90
6 Canada: Food Container Demand 93
7 Mexico: Food Container Market Environment 97
8 Mexico: Food Container Demand 100
1 Western Europe: Food Container Market Environment 104
2 Western Europe: Food Container Demand 106
3 Belgium: Food Container Market Environment 108
4 Belgium: Food Container Demand 110
5 France: Food Container Market Environment 112
6 France: Food Container Demand 115
7 Germany: Food Container Market Environment 118
8 Germany: Food Container Demand 121
9 Italy: Food Container Market Environment 124
10 Italy: Food Container Demand 126
11 Netherlands: Food Container Market Environment 129
12 Netherlands: Food Container Demand 131
13 Spain: Food Container Market Environment 134
14 Spain: Food Container Demand 136
15 United Kingdom: Food Container Market Environment 139
16 United Kingdom: Food Container Demand 142
17 Other Western Europe: Food Container Market Environment 145
18 Other Western Europe: Food Container Demand 147
1 Asia/Pacific: Food Container Market Environment 151
2 Asia/Pacific: Food Container Demand 153
3 Australia: Food Container Market Environment 155
4 Australia: Food Container Demand 158
5 China: Food Container Market Environment 161
6 China: Food Container Demand 166
7 India: Food Container Market Environment 170
8 India: Food Container Demand 173
9 Indonesia: Food Container Market Environment 176
10 Indonesia: Food Container Demand 178
11 Japan: Food Container Market Environment 181
12 Japan: Food Container Demand 183
13 South Korea: Food Container Market Environment 187
14 South Korea: Food Container Demand 189
15 Taiwan: Food Container Market Environment 192
16 Taiwan: Food Container Demand 195
17 Thailand: Food Container Market Environment 199
18 Thailand: Food Container Demand 201
19 Other Asia/Pacific: Food Container Market Environment 204
20 Other Asia/Pacific: Food Container Demand 206
1 Central and South America: Food Container
Market Environment 211
2 Central and South America: Food Container Demand 213
3 Argentina: Food Container Market Environment 215
4 Argentina: Food Container Demand 216
5 Brazil: Food Container Market Environment 219
6 Brazil: Food Container Demand 221
7 Other Central and South America: Food Container
Market Environment 224
8 Other Central and South America: Food Container Demand 226
9 Eastern Europe: Food Container Market Environment 229
10 Eastern Europe: Food Container Demand 230
11 Russia: Food Container Market Environment 232
12 Russia: Food Container Demand 234
13 Other Eastern Europe: Food Container Market Environment 237
14 Other Eastern Europe: Food Container Demand 239
15 Africa/Mideast: Food Container Market Environment 242
16 Africa/Mideast: Food Container Demand 244
17 Turkey: Food Container Market Environment 246
18 Turkey: Food Container Demand 248
19 Other Africa/Mideast: Food Container Market Environment 251
20 Other Africa/Mideast: Food Container Demand 253
1 World Food Container Sales by Company, 2012 258
2 Selected Acquisitions and Divestitures 278
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 294


1 Food Container Demand/Food and Beverage MVA
Relationship, 2012 23
1 World Food Container Demand by Region, 2012 45
2 World Food Container Demand by Product, 2012 47
3 World Food Container Demand by Market, 2012 64
1 Western Europe: Food Container Demand by Country, 2012 106
1 Asia/Pacific: Food Container Demand by Country, 2012 153
1 World Food Container Market Share, 2012 263
2 World Food Bag and Pouch Market Share, 2012 269
3 World Paperboard Food Container Market Share, 2012 271
4 World Plastic Food Container Market Share, 2012 272
5 World Metal Food Container Market Share, 2012 274
6 World Glass Food Container Market Share, 2012 276

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