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Treating Parkinson's - how you find business trends, R&D, and revenue forecasts

See the future of Parkinson's drugs. For those treatments you can get new sales predictions, also exploring research and development. You unlock that CNS medical industry. And you assess its results, trends, technologies, therapies, and opportunities.

Visiongain's report forecasts those revenues to 2024 at overall world market, submarket, product, and national level. You stay ahead in data, then, finding commercial prospects. And you hear about gains for companies, doctors, and patients, also benefiting your influence.

So read on to investigate those medicines and see what their future could be worth.

Sales predictions to 2024 and other analyses show you commercial prospects

Besides forecasting revenues to 2024, our study gives you recent results, growth rates, and market shares. There you find original analysis, with business outlooks and developments (R&D). Also you get 68 tables, 47 charts, and interviews with two companies.

There you discover the most lucrative opportunities for treating that central nervous system (CNS) disorder. You find where the money lies, exploring existing and potential sales.

Knowledge to help your work on that degenerative disorder

Ever found business data hard to find? Instead see how our report helps your research, analyses, and decisions for treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD). Save time too, and stay ahead. Also benefit your authority through better understanding the present and future.

Avoid missing out. And the following sections explain what you get in that new investigation.

Forecasting of that world market and its segments - you explore possibilities

What're the secrets of that industry's progress? Where lies potential in alleviating symptoms and treating PD? Discover in our report overall world revenue to 2024 for those central nervous system (CNS) medicines.

Also find individual revenue predictions to 2024 for five therapeutic submarkets at world level:
• Dopaminergic agents
• Dopamine receptor agonists
• COMT inhibitors
• MAO inhibitors
• Treatments with other modes of action (grouped).

There you assess outlooks for sales growth, seeing where you can gain.

Like to know what happens next? You explore competition and rising sales for products, including biological drugs (biologics). You get feel for that sector and its potential.

So discover the sales possibilities there. See, too, how patients benefit. And you find top products' potentials.

Predictions of revenues for leading Parkinson's drugs

Find sales outlooks for brands, too, seeing how they compete and succeed. Our study shows you individual revenue forecasts to 2024 for three leading products:
• Comtan and Stalevo
• Azilect
• Neupro.

There you find products and years with highest predicted revenues and growth. Also you examine competitors. You see what's happening, then, understanding challenges, competition, opportunities, and sales potentials. Discover where you could profit.

Our work also divides its overall predictions into geographical regions.

Healthcare in leading national markets - what outlooks for those medical sales?

In developed and developing countries, opportunities for selling products treating Parkinson's disease will improve from 2014 to 2024. See where and how, finding commercial potentials of therapeutic agents for that neurodegenerative disorder.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2024 for 11 national markets:
• United States (US)
• Japan
• EU leaders - Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)
• BRIC nations - Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

There you find countries with highest revenues, demand, and potential sales growth. Our work explains. You assess

Table Of Contents

Parkinson%s Disease: World Drug Industry and Market 2014-2024
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Parkinson's Disease Therapy: World Market Overview to 2024
1.2 Chapter Outlines
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Introduction to Parkinson's Disease and its Treatments

2.1 What Causes Parkinson's?
2.2 Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
2.2.1 Tremor: The First Sign of PD
2.2.2 Uncontrolled Muscle Contractions Cause Rigidity
2.2.3 Bradykinesia: The Most Characteristic Feature of Parkinson's
2.2.4 Postural Instability Manifests as PD Progresses
2.3 Neuropsychiatric Symptoms are Common in PD Patients
2.3.1 Behavioural Deficits are Often the Most Widespread
2.3.2 Cognitive Impairment Impede Daily Tasks
2.3.3 Autonomic Dysfunction: Another Common Occurrence
2.4 Other Symptoms Associated with Parkinson's
2.5 Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
2.5.1 Diagnosis is Difficult
2.5.2 Treatment Options - Therapeutic Classes

3. Parkinson's Disease: World Drugs Market, 2014-2024

3.1 Sales of the Overall World PD Drugs Market, 2013-2024
3.2 Parkinson's Disease: Market Segmentation, 2012
3.3 Overall PD Drug Market: Commercial Drivers and Restraints
3.4 Dopaminergic Agents: Foundation of PD Treatment
3.4.1 Levodopa Therapy
3.4.2 Patent Expiries Affect the Market
3.4.3 New Levodopa Therapies on the Horizon
3.4.4 Dopaminergic Agents: Market Projections to 2024
3.5 Dopamine Receptor Agonists: The Leading Class in 2013
3.5.1 Dopamine Agonists: A Front Line Drug
3.5.2 Advantages over L-Dopa Therapy
3.5.3 Leading Drugs in the Segment
3.5.4 Thin RandD Pipeline in That Segment
3.5.5 Dopamine Receptor Agonists: Market Projections, 2014-2024
3.6 Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase (COMT) Inhibitors: A Popular Choice of Treatment
3.6.1 Entacapone: The Leading Drug in this Segment
3.6.2 Commercial Scope for COMT Inhibitors
3.6.3 COMT Inhibitors: Market Projections, 2014-2024
3.7 Are Monoamine Oxidase-B (MAO-B) Inhibitors Better Than COMT?
3.7.1 MAO-B Inhibitor Therapeutics in the Market
3.7.2 New MAO-B Products in Development
3.7.3 MAO-B Inhibitors: Market Projections, 2014-2024
3.7.4 Other Mechanisms of Action: A Growing Opportunity
3.7.5 A Broad and Diverse Segment Anticholinergics Therapeutics: The Oldest Class of PD Drugs Glutamate Antagonists: Not a Popular Choice
3.7.6 Other Drugs in the Market
3.7.7 The Pipeline Offers Disease Modifying Potential
3.7.8 Other Mechanisms of Action: Market Projections, 2014-2024

4. Leading Companies in the PD Drug Market, 2014

4.1 PD: The Most Important Therapy Area for Orion Pharmaceuticals
4.1.1 Market Forecast for Comtan/Stalevo, 2014-2024
4.2 Teva's Azilect Continues to Grow
4.2.1 Market Forecast for Azilect, 2014-2024
4.3 UCB's Leading Neupro Patch Drug
4.3.1 Market Forecast for Neupro, 2014-2024
4.4 Other Market Players

5. The Leading National Markets, 2014-2024

5.1 Regional Breakdown of the World PD Drug Market, 2012
5.2 The World PD Drug Market: Regional Forecasts to 2024
5.3 The PD Drug Market in the US: The Largest Single National Market
5.3.1 Market Projections for the US, 2014-2024
5.4 The PD Drug Market in the Five Leading European National Markets (EU5), 2014-2024
5.4.1 Market Projections for the EU5, 2014-2024
5.4.2 EU5 Breakdown by Country, 2012
5.4.3 Market Projection for EU5 Countries, Regional Breakdown
5.4.4 Germany: The Largest EU5 Market Predictions for the German PD Drug Market, 2014-2024
5.4.5 France: Strong Healthcare System - What's Possible There? Predictions for the French PD Drug Market, 2014-2024
5.4.6 UK's Spending Restrictions Affect the PD Drugs Market Predictions for the UK PD Drug Market, 2014-2024
5.4.7 Spain - What Effects Will Austerity Have on PD Drug Sales? Predictions for the Spanish PD Drug Market, 2014-2024

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