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Contract manufacturing for pharma – discover top companies’ revenue prospects
How are pharma contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) performing? Visiongain’s new report shows you their prospects to 2024. There you discover that industry and market’s results, trends, opportunities and prospects, also with predicted revenues and profits.

Our study analyses 30 top CMOs. There you see how revenues from drug production services can increase. So what trends, technologies and opportunities most shape the future? You find out, benefiting your knowledge, decisions and authority.

That way you discover analysis on established and emerging companies across the world. Read on, then, to scan those organisations and see what their future market could be worth.

Forecasts and other data to help you stay ahead for commercial data

In that updated study you find analytical profiles of 30 top companies, and analyses of their overall industry. You discover historical data, market and sales shares, growth rates and revenue forecasts. See, too, qualitative analyses, business outlooks and developments.

There you gain 184 tables, 111 charts and five interviews with that industry.

Our work lets you assess the most lucrative services in outsourced drug making. That way you can stay ahead in understanding the CMO industry and market. And also benefit your research, analyses and influence. In particular, see prospects for these market segments:
- Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) production
- Finished dosage formulations (FDF) manufacturing.

There hear how you can benefit your work, also saving time and helping you stay ahead of competitors. And the following sections highlight what our updated investigation gives you.

Company profiles – activities, results, competition and prospects

Our report analyses 30 leading companies. The content of each profile differs, depending on the organisation. In general, though, a profile gives you the following information:
- Overview of the company’s contract manufacturing services, including clients
- Analysis of recent financial performance – annual revenue for CMO services, operating profit and margin
- Assessment of developments – activities, acquisitions, production capacity, deals, new service offerings and collaborations
- SWOT analysis – a firm’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats to manufacturing sales growth from 2014 onwards
- Forecasting of pharmaceutical manufacturing revenue to 2024 (for 28 firms), as well as projected operating profit and margin for some companies
- Transcript of an interview by visiongain (for five companies).

Discover there what participants offer, achieve, aim for and say, helping you stay ahead.

European contract manufacturing organisations

First our study gives you discussions, financial analyses and commercial outlooks for 14 European CMOs, including these firms:
- Lonza
- Evonik Degussa
- Royal DSM
- Boehringer Ingelheim
- Fareva
- Famar
- Vetter Pharma.

Discover what the future holds for those pharma service providers, including revenue outlooks to 2024. What profitability and other achievements are possible?

CMOs based in the US and Japan

Next our report shows you developments and business outlooks for seven other medical production contractors:
- Catalent Pharma Solutions
- Patheon
- Baxter BioPharma Solutions
- AbbVie Contract Manufacturing
- Pfizer CentreSource
- Daito Pharmaceutical
- Nipro Corporation.

Our work shows you where sales growth can occur. Many opportunities remain, with high, expanding revenues forecasted from 2014. You discover where prospects exist, seeing what’s possible.

Developed-market API specialists
You also discover outlooks for three top producers of active pharmaceutical in

Table Of Contents

Pharma Leader Series - Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) 2014-2024
1. Report Summary
1.1 Leading Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) Review
1.2 Leading CMOs - Market Segmentation
1.3 Why You Should Read This Report
1.4 How This Report Delivers Information
1.5 Main Questions This Report Answers
1.6 Who is This Report For?
1.7 Methods of Research and Analysis
1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1.9 Some Related Reports
1.10 About Visiongain

2. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing, 2014
2.1 What Services Do Contract Manufacturers Offer?
2.1.1 Why Do Firms Outsource Manufacturing?
2.1.2 What Is Driving Demand for Contract Manufacturing Services?
2.2 The Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market, 2013
2.2.1 Where is Supply and Demand Highest for Contract Manufacturing Services?
2.3 Outlook for the Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market 2014-2024
2.4 Driving and Restrictive Forces for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing, 2014-2024
2.4.1 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Market Drivers 2014-2024
2.4.2 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Market Restraints 2014-2024
2.5 Who Are the Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers in 2014?

3. Leading European Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs), 2014
3.1 Lonza
3.1.1 Lonza Is a Leader in Biologics Manufacturing
3.1.2 Lonza Contract Manufacturing and Development: Declining Revenue, but Increased Efficiency, 2009-2013
3.1.3 Investing in Advanced Biological Drug Sectors
3.1.4 The Promise of Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
3.1.5 Lonza and Regenerative Medicine
3.1.6 Lonza: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
3.1.7 Biologics and Efficiency Savings Will Drive Growth in Revenue and Operating Profit for Lonza 2014-2024
3.1.8 Lonza: Company Insight
3.2 Evonik Degussa
3.2.1 Investing in API and Drug Delivery Services
3.2.2 Moderate Growth in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services, 2009-2013
3.2.3 Evonik Is a HPAPI Specialist
3.2.4 Evonik Continues to Grow Across All Segments
3.2.5 How Can Evonik Expand in the Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market?
3.2.6 Evonik Degussa: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
3.3 Royal DSM
3.3.1 Marginal Revenue Growth and Rapidly Declining Operating Profit in Pharma Manufacturing 2009-2013
3.3.2 DSM Pharmaceuticals Products: Manufacturing Services 2009-2013
3.3.3 DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals: A World Leader in Antibacterial Manufacturing
3.3.4 DPx Holdings: A New Leader in the CMO Market
3.3.5 Investing in Biopharma Manufacturing
3.3.6 Expanding API Manufacturing
3.3.7 Generics and Biologics Are an Opportunity for Growth, 2014-2024
3.3.8 DSM Pharmaceuticals Products: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
3.4 Boehringer Ingelheim Contract Manufacturing
3.4.1 Expanding Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Services in China
3.4.2 Production Through to Fill and Finished Biopharmaceuticals
3.4.3 A Track Record of Production for 28 Biopharma Products
3.4.4 Declining Revenue from Contract Manufacturing, 2009-2013
3.4.5 Pulling Out of Small Molecule API Manufacturing
3.4.6 Expanding through New Services
3.4.7 Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals: Opportunities for Growth 2014-2024
3.4.8 Boehringer Ingelheim: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
3.4.9 Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals: Company Insight
3.5 Fareva
3.5.1 Fareva Has 35 Years' Manufacturing Experience
3.5.2 Revenue Growth through Acquisitions: 2009-2013
3.5.3 Fareva SWOT Analysis: 2014-2024
3.5.4 Fareva Revenue Forecast: 2014-2024
3.6 Aenova Group
3.6.1 Acquisition of Haupt Creates European CMO Goliath
3.6.2 Aenova's Ever Expanding Manufacturing Capacity
3.6.3 Aenova's Revenue 2009-2013: Organic Growth and Acquisitions
3.6.4 Haupt Pharma Acquisition: Revenue Growth 2009-2013
3.6.5 Aenova's Competitive Position in the Contract Manufacturing Market: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
3.6.6 Becoming a Leading Contract Manufacturer: Aenova Revenue and Operation Profit Forecast 2014-2024
3.7 Famar
3.7.1 Famar Is an Expert in Lyophilisation
3.7.2 Sustained Growth in Famar's Revenue: 2009-2013
3.7.3 Expanding European Operations
3.7.4 Further Site Acquisitions Are an Opportunity for Growth 2014-2024
3.7.5 How Will Famar Perform 2014-2024?
3.8 Vetter Pharma
3.8.1 Vetter is an Injectable Manufacturing Specialist
3.8.2 Rapidly Growing Revenue in the US and Germany: 2009-2013
3.8.3 Services, Collaborations and Differentiating Factors
3.8.4 Biologics Are an Opportunity for Growth for Vetter 2014-2024
3.8.5 Vetter Outlook: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
3.9 Almac Group
3.9.1 Almac's Manufacturing Services
3.9.2 Almac Outpaces the Market: 2009-2013
3.9.3 Almac Adds Capacity in the UK and US
3.9.4 New Services Added 2012-2014
3.9.5 Almac Group: Contract Manufacturing Market Outlook 2014-2024
3.9.6 How Will Almac Group Perform 2014-2024?
3.10 Delpharm
3.10.1 Finished Dosage Form Manufacturing for Developed Markets
3.10.2 Delpharm: Rapid Revenue Growth Via Acquisitions, 2009-2013
3.10.3 Delpharm: Outlook and Prospects for Growth 2014-2024
3.10.4 Generics Will Drive Revenue Growth for Delpharm 2014-2024
3.11 Siegfried
3.11.1 Expanding Siegfried's Manufacturing Footprint
3.11.2 Siegfried: Financial Performance 2009-2013
3.11.3 Expanding High Potency API Capabilities
3.11.4 Expanding Into China 2013-2014
3.11.5 Siegfried's Characteristics Within the Contract Manufacturing Market: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
3.11.6 Continued Revenue Growth for Siegfried 2014-2024
3.12 Corden Pharmaceutical
3.12.1 CordenPharma Has Grown through Acquisitions
3.12.2 Corden Pharmaceutical: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
3.13 Recipharm
3.13.1 Contract Development and Manufacturing Services
3.13.2 Recipharm: Financial Performance 2009-2013
3.13.3 Recipharm Invests in Facility Expansion
3.13.4 Recipharm: Opportunities for Growth 2014-2024
3.13.5 Outlook for Recipharm: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
3.13.6 Recipharm: Company Insight
3.14 Aesica Pharmaceuticals
3.14.1 Aesica Manufactures APIs and Finished Dosage Forms
3.14.2 Acquisitions Drive Revenue Growth But Operational Margins Have Declined, 2009-2013
3.14.3 Partnering with Academia for Innovative Solutions
3.14.4 Growth through Acquisitions and Internal Expansion
3.14.5 Aesica: Opportunities for Expansion 2014-2024
3.14.6 Forecast Aesica Financial Performance, 2014-2024

4. Other Leading Developed-Market CMOs, 2014
4.1 Catalent Pharma Solutions Is the World's Largest CMO
4.1.1 Catalent: Manufacturing Services and Capabilities
4.1.2 Divisional Segmentation - Breaking Down Catalent's Service
4.1.3 Revenue Growth with Improved Operational Margins: Catalent Pharma's Performance, 2009-2013
4.1.4 Sustained Grow in Oral Products and Development Services: Catalent Pharma's Divisional Performance, 2009-2013
4.1.5 Catalent Is Expanding its Oral Technologies Division
4.1.6 Quadrupling Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity
4.1.7 Adding New Early-Stage Development Services
4.1.8 Expansion in Japan - Growth Prospects for Catalent
4.1.9 New Business Contracts 2013-2014
4.1.10 Catalent: Opportunities for Growth 2014-2024
4.1.11 Catalent: Mild Growth in Revenue and Operating Profit 2014-2024
4.2 Patheon - FDF Manufacturer and Drug Development Services
4.2.1 Patheon - Global leader in Pharmaceutical Development Services
4.2.2 Contract Manufacturing Services at Patheon
4.2.3 Steady Revenue Growth 2009-2013
4.2.4 Formation of DPx Holdings
4.2.5 Adding New Formulations and Formulation Development Services
4.2.6 Reassessing Manufacturing Capacity
4.2.7 Patheon: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
4.2.8 Patheon: Contract Manufacturing Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
4.2.9 Patheon: Company Insight
4.3 Baxter BioPharma Solutions
4.3.1 Baxter BioPharma is the Global Leader in Sterile Fill and Finish
4.3.2 Historic Revenue Performance 2009-2013
4.3.3 Baxter BioPharma SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
4.3.4 Baxter BioPharma Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
4.4 Nipro Corporation: Japan's Leading CMO
4.4.1 Nipro Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Capabilities
4.4.2 Nipro: Exceptional Growth in Revenue and Operating Profits 2009-2013
4.4.3 Biosimilars and Anti-Cancer Drugs Are Opportunities for Future Growth: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
4.4.4 Nipro Revenue and Profitability Forecast 2014-2014
4.5 AbbVie Contract Manufacturing
4.5.1 AbbVie Offers Full-Service Contract Manufacturing
4.5.2 Expanding and Adding New Services: 2013-2014
4.5.3 AbbVie Contract Manufacturing: Revenue 2011-2013
4.5.4 Biologics and HPAPIs Are an Opportunity for Growth 2014-2024
4.5.5 AbbVie Contract Manufacturing Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
4.5.6 AbbVie Contract Manufacturing: Company Insight
4.6 Daito Pharmaceutical
4.6.1 Daito Has a Portfolio of More than 30 APIs
4.6.2 Rapid Growth in Revenue and Operational Profit: Daito Financial Performance 2009-2013
4.6.3 Daito Is Well-Placed for Asian Market Growth - SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
4.6.4 Sustained Growth in Revenue and Operating Profit for Daito, 2014-2024
4.7 Pfizer CentreSource
4.7.1 Pfizer CentreSource: Historic Revenue Performance, 2009-2013
4.7.2 Will Pfizer Divest CentreSource?
4.7.3 Outlook for CentreSource: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024

5. Leading Developed Market API Manufacturers, 2014
5.1 Teva API
5.1.1 API Manufacturing Services
5.1.2 Teva API: Financial Performance 2009-2013
5.1.3 Building a Footprint in Mexico, India and China
5.1.4 Teva API: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
5.1.5 Outlook for Teva API: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024
5.2 Esteve Química
5.2.1 Esteve Química Manufactures APIs for Developed and Emerging Markets
5.2.2 Investing to Expand 2004-2013
5.2.3 Esteve Química: SWOT Analysis 2014-2024
5.3 Euticals
5.3.1 Euticals Manufactures More than 200 APIs
5.3.2 Acquisitions Drive Growth 2009-2013
5.3.3 Adding Capacity for Finished Dosage Forms
5.3.4 Asian Expansion Is an Opportunity for Growth 2014-2024
5.3.5 Euticals: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024

6. Leading Chinese Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers, 2014
6.1 Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical
6.1.1 API Manufacturing for Markets Worldwide
6.1.2 Zhejiang Hisun's Rapid Growth in API Revenue Grows, 2009-2013
6.1.3 Moving Into International Drug Marketing
6.1.4 Zhejiang Hisun: Opportunities for Growth 2014-2024
6.1.5 Zhejiang Hisun: Strong API Revenue Growth 2014-2024
6.2 Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals
6.2.1 Zhejiang Huahai Is a Market Leader Within the Antihypertensive API Market
6.2.2 Zhejiang Huahai: Contract Manufacturing Performance 2009-2013
6.2.3 Expanding in the US Generic Drugs Market
6.2.4 Zhejiang Huahai: SWOT Analysis, 2014
6.2.5 Zhejiang Huahai: Revenue Forecast, 2014-2024
6.3 Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical
6.3.1 Experience in APIs and Finished Dosage Forms
6.3.2 Shandong Xinhua: Strong Revenue Growth 2009-2013
6.3.3 Growing through Joint Ventures
6.3.4 Looking to Expand in the US and EU 2014-2024
6.3.5 Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024

7. Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturers, 2014
7.1 Aurobindo Pharma
7.1.1 API Manufacturing Services
7.1.2 Aurobindo Pharma: Steady Revenue Growth 2009-2013
7.1.3 Aurobindo Expanding Outside of Antibacterials
7.1.4 Aurobindo: Opportunities for Expansion 2014-2024
7.1.5 How Will Aurobindo's Contract Manufacturing Division Perform 2014-2024?
7.2 Divis Laboratories
7.2.1 Divis Laboratories and the Contract Manufacturing Industry
7.2.2 Divis Laboratories: The Fastest Growing CMO 2009-2013
7.2.3 Divis Laboratories: API Manufacturing Outlook 2014-2024
7.2.4 Divis Laboratories: API Manufacturing Revenue Forecast, 2014-2024
7.3 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
7.3.1 API and FDF Manufacturing Services
7.3.2 Dr. Reddy's PSAI: Strong Revenue Growth 2009-2013
7.3.3 Advancing in Complex Drug Manufacturing
7.3.4 Expanding in the European Manufacturing Market
7.3.5 Dr. Reddy's PSAI Division: Revenue Forecast 2014-2024

8. Conclusions to Our Study
8.1 What Has Driven Growth for CMO Market Leaders in Recent Years?
8.2 Strategies for Growth: Prospects for Leading CMOs, 2014-2024
8.3 High Demand for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Services
8.4 Investing in Novel Technologies
8.5 Outlook for API Manufacturers

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