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Payments in Mobile 2010-2015

  • Publication date: June 2010
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According to the GSMA there will be 1.7 Billion mobile phone users by the end of 2012 who do not possess a formal bank account. Mobile subscriber penetration worldwide will continue to increase with over 5.4 Billion handsets in circulation as of the end of 2015.

The ubiquity of the mobile phone will bring to the fore the potential for M-Banking and the wider potential of M-Payment services enabled by the mobile phone. The Payments in Mobile 2010-2015 report from visiongain will examine the opportunities and challenges for M-Payments to become readily accepted in the developing and developed market.  

To date, M-Payments have not become a widespread form of transaction, due in part to the lack of contactless terminals and handsets in developed markets. With established bank infrastructure and payment methods by credit or debit card there has been less urgency to develop an alternative M-Payment infrastructure in the developed markets. But there are some exceptions, where MNO's in Japan have established a transaction model and have entered the banking market and in the Philippines where mobile money transfer has satisfied a need for low cost remittance transfer to an expatriate community outside of the country.

China UniPay, a debit card company has established a mobile service joint venture with China Mobile with a claimed market of 100 million active users for M-Payments. The visiongain Payments in Mobile 2010-2015 report forecasts that the number of active M-Payments subscribers will increase from 206 million users at the end of 2010 worldwide to 1,050 million users by the end of 2015. M-Payments revenues are forecast to increase from Billion Euro to Billion Euro over the same period. 

Key developments include the deployment of NFC-enabled handsets and POS terminals which has the potential to create a new mobile ecosystem based on advertising and direct response. But to date the adoption of NFC has been disappointing, but likely deployments by Citibank in the USA and patents for an NFC-enabled iPhone by Apple Corp provide indications that the NFC market may be set for a resurgence based on a mass market M-Banking service and an NFC-enabled iPhone.

Our new report provides you with the essential business information you need at your disposal and poses a number of significant questions, such as:
• What is the worldwide subscriber user base for M-Payments services over the next 5 years?
• What are the likely revenue implications for M-Payments over the next 5 years?
• What are the most popular M-Payment services?
• What examples are there of successful M-Banking services?
• What types of business models are being developed?
• Which service providers are likely to gain from M-Payment services?

The market for M-Payments varies from country to country. Business models also vary by country. In Thailand, True Money for example have introduced an M-Payments service which provides low denomination payments rather than a money transfer service as the domestic market for money transfer services is already highly competitive.

But Mobile Money Transfer services have become increasingly popular in the Philippines and Africa where there is a lack of retail bank branches, and where M-Payments can be used as a low cost service (usually for a fixed fee) which undercuts conventional transaction services.

As a result the existing Money Transfer agencies have lost market share compared with the M-Payment providers, and have been forced to launch their own M-Payments services in alliance with a series of MNO’s in order to be competitive. Existing banks and MNO's as well as Money Transfer agencies are devoting more resources to creating an M-Payment strategy, and regulators are also becoming involved.

In Europe, the EC (European Commission) continues to revise its e-money legal framework, with the aim of stimulating the market for M-Payments related services which so far has failed to be deployed widely. European M-Payments services have to date had limited success with widespread adoption limited to sectors such as M-Parking and Mobile Travel services.

Reading this exclusive management report will tell you the following:
• What are the main growth sectors for M-Payments?
• What strategies are being deployed by the providers of M-Payments?
• What does the Mobile Payment value chain look like?
• Where have M-Payment services succeeded and where have they failed?

By reading this report you will understand all of the exciting opportunities that will be available to increase your revenues and brand awareness.

M-Payments services are provided over a range of sectors, including money transfer, banking, settlement services, parking and public transfer services.

Find out the answers to these and many other questions by buying this vital industry insight.

Why you need to order this report today:

• Brands/Marketers - Learn from a range of providers around the world the best practice for the deployment of M-Payment services and the challenges that lie in wait.
• Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) - Discover the types of M-Payments service that have been most successful for a MNO. 
• Mobile handset vendors - Whether the M-Payments services provide a new opportunity for the handset vendor.  

Who needs to read this report?

Directors, VP and Senior managers in:
• Banks or Financial companies
• Money Transfer agencies
• Mobile/Cellular carriers and operators
• Mobile handset manufacturers
• Retailers
• Mobile web content players

This report shows you how the M-Payments market will develop worldwide - both technologically and commercially - from 2010 onwards.

  • Publication date: June 2010
  • Report price: $ 2 313

Get this report today!

$ 2 313 - 1 User License
$ 4 627 - Department License
$ 7 713 - Site License
$ 10 798 - Corporate License

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