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Functional Foods: Key Trends by Product Categories and Benefits

  • February 2015
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  • Packaged Facts
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  • 127 pages

Within the vibrant U.S. functional food and beverage market, Â weight management and satiety, sports nutrition, and energy are areas showing exceptional activity, in part due to the growth of products and categories targeting breakfast and snacking occasions. As a result, important shifts in brand positioning, benefits and product claims are taking place.

Although one-third of adults say they are watching their diet to lose weight, consumers continue to shun brands and foods focused on weight loss in favor of those promoted as healthy. This has traditional weight loss brands repositioning as they deemphasize weight loss and dieting and address wellness more generally, with impacts across several product categories.

Sports nutritional products are also being reinvented. Sports beverage brands are attempting to find their right footing in the market without being associated with soft drinks and the negative health associations of excess sugar consumption, including obesity and diabetes. They are also avoiding being grouped with energy beverages, which are under intense scrutiny for posing a health threat from high levels of caffeine. Newer market entrants and reformulated iconic brands of sports drinks portray a healthier image, increasingly containing natural ingredients, less sugar and foregoing artificial ingredients. Nutrition bars used by athletes and sports enthusiasts are rapidly evolving from dessert-like sweet foods with added nutrients to more inherently nutritious products, including savory flavor combinations.

To satisfy consumer needs for energy, single minded focus on highly caffeinated drinks is giving way to a wider selection of products that are positioned to offer long lasting energy. Targeting breakfast and snacking, products touting lasting energy benefits span categories including cereal, bars, meat snacks and nuts.

Scope of Report

Functional Foods: Key Trends by Product Categories and Benefits provides extensive discussion of the categories, products, benefits, brand positioning and claims associated with market changes taking place related to weight loss and satiety, sports nutrition and energy. In addition to discussing current trends in the marketplace, the report highlights potential opportunities and anticipated direction of future development. Coverage of each of the three areas includes discussion of recent changes in scientific understanding of relevant health and wellness topics, regulatory developments, ingredients and nutritional comparisons among products.

Report Methodology

The information in this report was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Consumer data were derived from a Packaged Facts national online consumer survey conducted in January 2015 with a panel of 2,000 U.S. adults (age 18+) balanced to the national population on the primary demographic measures of gender, age range, ethnicity, geographic region, marital status, presence or absence of children in the household and household income.

Additional consumer data were obtained from the Simmons National Consumer Survey through Summer 2014 from Experian Marketing Services. On an ongoing basis, Experian Marketing Services conducts booklet-based surveys of a large and random sample of consumers (approximately 25,000 for each 12-month survey compilation) who in aggregate represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. population.

Retail sales figures credited to IRI (Chicago, IL) are based on IRI aggregated multi-outlet (MULO) sales tracking, which represents sales through U.S. supermarkets, drugstores including Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid), mass merchandisers (Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and Shopko), warehouse clubs (Sam’s Club and BJ’s, but not Costco), dollar stores (excluding Dollar Tree) and military commissaries.

Store visits were made to numerous retailers in Minnesota, New York and Texas in conjunction with this report.

A wide range of secondary sources was also leveraged including industry reports, videos embedded in websites, presentations obtained from seminars, workshops and conferences, trade publications, business newspapers and magazines, consumer blogs, financial blogs, social media, annual reports, 10Ks and press releases.

Who Will Benefit From This Report
Food and Beverage Manufacturers
Food and Beverage Retailers
Ingredient Companies
Private Label Marketing Firms
Advertising Agencies
Investment Banks
Benefits of This Report Include

Consumer research findings related to health and wellness and the role of functional foods

Coverage of multiple functional food markets:

Weight management and satiety
Sports nutrition
Discussion of major trends related to:

Numerous tables and figures providing product composition information and comparisons

Identification of opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers

Prediction of future trends

Table Of Contents

Functional Foods: Key Trends by Product Categories and Benefits
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Report Methodology
Key Drivers
Time-Strapped, Stressed-Out America
More Health-Engaged Consumers
Three Squares and Set Meal Times Replaced by All-Day Snacking
Overweight and Obese Citizens Still an Enormous Challenge
Consumers, Diet and Health
Category, Claim and Positioning Trends for Functional Foods and
Weight Loss, Management and Satiety
A New Era of Sports Nutrition
Energy: Beyond the Buzz
Chapter 2 Consumers, Diet and Health
Nutrition Facts Panel: Calories, Sugars, Fat, and Sodium MostImportant
Table 2-1 Percentage of U.S. Adults Considering Specific Nutrition Facts Panel Information To Be "Very Important,� 2015
Table 2-2 Top 5 Nutrition Facts Panel Items Rated "Very Important" by All U.S. Adults, Men and Women, 2015
Shoppers Watching Their Diet More Likely to Seek Out Products Targeting Specific Health and Wellness Concerns
Table 2-3 Percentage of Adults Seeking Out Functional Food and Beverages for Top Health and Wellness Concerns, 2015
Figure 2-1 Percentage of Adults Seeking Out Functional Foods and Beverages by Top Health and Wellness Concerns, 2015
Consumers Seek Whole Grains, High Fiber and No Added Sugar Claims
Table 2-5 Top 10 Label Statements or Claims Sought by All Adults and Those Watching Their Diets to Improve Health, Lose Weight, or For Medical Reasons, 2015
Naturally Occurring Nutrients and Whole Foods Seen as Better-For- You
Figure 2-2 Percent Agreement with Health and Nutrition-Related Belief, Attitude, and Behavior Statements for All Adults and Diet-Watchers, 2015
Table 2-6 Percent Agreement with Health and Nutrition-Related Belief, Attitude and Behavior Statements for All Adults and Select Consumer Groups, 2015
Chapter 3 Weight Loss, Management and Satiety
Consumers and Weight Management
Characteristics of Healthy Foods for Weight Loss and Maintenance
Table 3-1 Food Product Characteristics Important to Food Shoppers Watching Their Diet, by Motivation, 2014
Diet Is a Four-Letter Word
Consumers Watching Their Diet to Improve Health Are More Motivated
Figure 3-1 Nutrition and Health Information Rated “Very Important� by All U.S. Adults and Those Watching Their Diet to Lose Weight and
Improve Health, 2015
Top IRI Pacesetters New Product Award Winners Target Weight Management
Table 3-2 2013 IRI Pacesetters: Top-Selling Products Featuring Weight Management Benefits
“Diet� Meals Take a Back Seat to Healthy Meals
Nestlé Lean Cuisine Focuses on Being Good Food that’s Good For You
ConAgra Healthy Choice
Illustration 3-1 ConAgra Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers
Table 3-3 Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers Health Benefits Promoted by Flavor
Weight Watchers – Slimmer than Ever
Green Coffee in New Kellogg’s Special K Meal Bar to Aid Weight Loss
Illustration 3-2 Kellogg's Special K Protein Meal Bar with Green Coffee Bean Extract
Importance of Breakfast for Weight Loss: Debunking the Myth
Cereal Still Big, but Ditched More in Favor of Higher Protein Breakfasts
Egg Sandwiches, Scrambles and Bowls Promote Weight Management and Satiety
Illustration 3-3 Kellogg's Special K Bacon, Egg and Cheese Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich
Illustration 3-4 Lean Cuisine Morning Collection Turkey Sausage Scramble
Illustration 3-5 VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich
Greek Yogurt’s High Protein Content Drives Satiety and Energy
Cereal – Healthy Image, Satiety and Energy Benefits for Weight Management
Illustration 3-6 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Apples and Cinnamon
Table 3-4 Weight Watchers Brand R-T-E Cereals Introduced in Fall 2014
Cross Promotions Highlight Weight Management and Satiety
More, Healthier Snacks for Weight Management
Calories Count for Snacks: 100 Still the Magic Number
More Protein; More Whole Foods; More Food Combinations
Traditional Weight Loss Brands
Free Online Tools Intensify Competition for Weight Loss Programs
Ingredients for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance
Table 3-5 Ingredient Rankings by Food Industry Professionals for Formulations Targeting Losing Weight and Maintaining Healthy Weight
Ingredients for Satiety
Weightainâ„¢ from Ingredion
Weight Loss and Related Claims Crackdowns: Avoiding Red Flags
Chapter 4 New Era of Sports Nutrition
Physical Activity and Sports Participation – Individuals Drive Market
NSF Certified for Sport® May Appeal to Performance Athletes
Sports Drinks – A Market in Transition
Adult Use of Sports Drinks
Sports Drinks: Just a Vector for Adolescent Obesity and Diabetes?
Criticisms of Gatorade Lead to New Era of Sports Drinks
Reinvented Gatorade Faces Newer, Big and Small Competition
Revamped Gatorade Includes More Than Drinks
Illustration 4-1 Gatorade G-Series Energy, Hydration and Recovery
Product Lines
Table 4-1 Gatorade G Series Product Line, Select Nutrients Per Serving
Illustration 4-2 Gatorade Endurance Energy and Hydration Product Lines
Table 4-2 Benefit Comparison: Gatorade G Series and G Endurance
Table 4-3 Gatorade G Endurance Product Line Nutritional Profile Per Serving
Muscle Milk Brand is #1 in RTD Protein Category
Illustration 4-3 Muscle Milk Organic
Table 4-4 Muscle Milk RTD Product Line Summary of Select Attributes
Table 4-5 Muscle Milk Protein Bar Offerings Summary
Organic Valley Organic Balance and Organic Fuel Recovery Beverage
Illustration 4-4 Organic Valley Organic Fuel Recovery Beverage
Figure 4-1 Ingredient Comparison: Organic Fuel and Muscle Milk
Illustration 4-5 Golazo Hydration, Energy and Sugar-Free Energy Sports Drinks
Added Caffeine: Blurring the Line Between Sports and Energy Drinks
Nuun Energy
Coconut Water: Nature’s Own Sports Drink?
Vita Coco and Target Introduce Sports Drink Based on Coconut Water
Soft Drink Giants Attempt to Capitalize on Coconut Water Popularity
Beyond Natural: Added Benefits of Organic and Sustainable Coconut
Table 4-6 Nutritional Comparison of Coconut Water Brands for Sports Nutrition
Meat Jerky, Savory Bars and Gels: The Future of Sports Nutrition?
Nutrition Bar Market Grows, but Getting Less Sweet
Nutrition Bars for Athletes: Less Sweet, More Savory
EPIC Grass-Fed Meat Bars
Illustration 4-6 EPIC Lamb Bar
Table 4-7 Select Nutrients in EPIC Bar by Variety
Omnibar: Long Lasting Energy Fuels Athletes
Natural Meat Jerkies Marketed to Athletes
Clif Bar Launches Organic Energy Food, Including Savory Varieties
Illustration 4-8 Clif Organic Energy Food
Chapter 5 Energy: Beyond the Buzz
Adult Energy Drink Consumers
Adverse Events, Deaths Linked to Energy Drinks Trigger Scrutiny
Adults vs. Adolescents: How Much Caffeine is Too Much?
Detecting Signs and Symptoms of Caffeine Overload
Caffeine Labelling Getting More Attention
Table 5-1 Caffeine, Sugar and Caloric Content Per Serving and
Per Can of Popular Energy Drink Brands, Jan. 2015
Figure 5-1 Labeling of Caffeine Content, Health Warnings and
Ingredients for Popular Energy Drink Brands, Jan. 2015
Adolescent Energy Drink Use Tied to Smoking, Screen Media Use
FDA Concerns about Added Caffeine Go Beyond Drinks
Caffeine: Not the Only Concern
Senate Committee Concludes Energy Drink Makers Fail to Protect Youth
Will the FDA Respond to Senate Recommendations?
Functional Foods: Key Trends Table of Contents
February 2015 © Packaged Facts v
Future of Energy Drinks and Foods: Benefits Without Caffeine
Energy Beverage Wins “Best Functional Drink Award�
Breakfast and Snacks Drive Long Lasting Energy Market
belVita Breakfast Biscuits, Disrupting the Cereal Market?
Illustration 5-1 Nabisco belVita Bites Breakfast Biscuits
Cereal Companies Defend Their Turf
Kellogg’s To Go Morning Biscuits
Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits
Quaker Highlights Morning Energy and Introduces New Bar
Table 5-2 Quaker Oats Positioning Highlighting a Morning Energy Benefit
Cereals with Energy Positioning Feature Protein, Whole Grains
Focusing on Meat for Morning Energy
Greek Yogurt’s High Protein Content Drives Satiety and Energy
Snacks Leverage Energy Positioning with Protein, Savory Ingredients
Snack Nuts
More Meaty Snacks
Table 5-3 Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack Varieties, Ingredients, Protein and Calories
Energy Bars Undergoing Savory Transformation to be More like Meals
Kind Strong and Kind Bars Leverage Savory Flavors with Protein Sources
Mediterra: Ingredients and Energy Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet in a Bar
Illustration 5-2 Mediterra Savory Bars Black Olives and Walnuts, Sundried Tomato and Basil
Slow Food: Savory Flavors From Around the World
Illustration 5-3 SLOW Food For Fast Lives Moroccan Bar
Journey Bar: “A savory meal you can put in your pocket�

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