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Financial Analysis - Dell Inc

  • September 2010
  • -
  • Aruvian's R'search

Business scenario in today’s context – niche opportunities, limited time periods, ever increasing risk and the need for precise decision making, which if not done correctly would run the costs in million even before brakes are exercised. That is the speed of business in today’s high octane economies which are constantly metamorphosing into global empires of influence.

Even the best decision makers have made mistakes which have wiped out entire reserves built over a period of hard work by the company’s stakeholders including the employees. The responsibility imposed on the shoulders of senior management is immense and does not leave much room for mistakes to be absorbed by the interest holders in the company.

In this scenario, the management needs a good, strong and logic driven decision making tool which and can serve as easily referable, is common in language, can be applied globally with standard parameters as also is accepted by various independent assessors .

A tool as useful as this which is numerically driven and with accepted logic is Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis.

Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis is a compact, focused report which helps management’s critical decision making by lending itself to analyzing a company’s profitability, solvency as well as financial stability. These facts from Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis helps the management to make different decisions on segregating priority businesses, present funding requirements, mergers and acquisition activities, etc.

Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis brings to the management a complete profile of the company which is under consideration and also provides an insight on the business segments in which the company operates as well as its subsidiaries and some of the key executives of that company.

The Financial Analysis report further presents a complete ownership pattern of the company which is very critical information in M&A activity in order for the management to plan the acquisition accordingly. The ownership pattern analysis is as declared at the last AGM of the organization unless fuelled by some exceptional activity mid-year.

Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis report combines a complete SWOT analysis of the company thereby increasing the strategic management analysis presented in the report. The report documents a complete board of the latest financial information of the company including stock prices over a period, earnings per share, income statements, balance sheets, EPS growth Qtr. on Qtr. and Yr. over Yr.

The report further presents the complete array of financial ratios of the company which points to the basic health of its activities and even goes a step further to present the efficiency of the company’s management. Some of the ratios as Price, Profitability, Liquidity, give a very accurate picture of the financial health of the company and are explained in detail in Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis.

Another key parameter which the report analyses is the position of the vis-à-vis it’s competition in the market. This helps the decision maker decide clearly what strategic position the firm enjoys in the market currently and whether there is opportunity for the investor to take it further in the future or whether the firm’s competitors are too strong which means the firm will need more financial effort to move forward. This analysis enables the investor to decide the future course of action as well as make a guarded offer in lieu of the risks that the investor is about to undertake.

Aruvian's R'search’s Financial Analysis report also provides a future perspective of the company and its growth prospects.

Aruvian’s Financial Analysis is a complete power researched capsule of the real strengths of a company and provides the numerical decision making tool for the investor which is objective as well as globally accepted. The report is a critical interface which helps investors sift through opportunities and pick the correct one as per their risk appetites and financial acumen.

In the ever increasing haze of globalization wherein it is imperative for organizations to expand their global footprint either by investing or by mergers & acquisitions, Aruvian’s Financial Analysis helps them steer the right business direction to islands of profit mining and greater returns on their invested capital.

The report will be updated at the time of delivery.

Table Of Contents

Financial Analysis - Dell Inc
A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction to the Company
B.1 Company Profile
B.2 History of the Company
B.3 Business Segment Analysis
B.4 Key Executives
B.5 Products and Services
B.6 Company Subsidiaries

C. Analyzing the Ownership Pattern in the Company
C.1 Major Holders
C.2 Major Direct Holders
C.3 Top Institutional Holders
C.4 Top Mutual Fund Holders
C.5 Net Share Purchase Activity
C.6 Net Institutional Purchases

D. SWOT Framework Analysis
D.1 Strengths to Build Upon
D.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
D.3 Opportunities to Exploit
D.4 Threats to Overcome

E. Financial Analysis
E.1 Valuation Measures
E.2 Stock Price History
E.3 Share Statistics
E.4 Dividends and Splits
E.5 Income Statement
E.5.1 Latest Fiscal Year
E.5.2 Latest Quarter
E.6 Balance Sheet
E.6.1 Latest Fiscal Year
E.6.2 Latest Quarter
E.7 Cash Flow Statement
E.7.1 Latest Fiscal Year
E.7.2 Latest Quarter
E.8 Earnings per Share - Quarterly Results
E.9 Quarter over Quarter EPS Growth Rate
E.10 Year over Year EPS Growth Rate

F. Analyzing the Key Ratios
F.1 Financial Condition
F.2 Growth Rates
F.3 Investment Returns
F.4 Price Ratios
F.5 Profit Margins
F.6 Management Efficiency

G. Undertaking a Profitability Analysis
G.1 Liquidity Analysis
G.2 Profits and Profit Margin Analysis
G.3 Borrowing
G.4 Assets

H. Competitor Group Analysis
H.1 Industry Overview and Competition
H.2 Profiling the Major Competitors
H.3 Profiling Financials of Competitors
H.4 Comparing Ratios
H.5 Comparing Recent Stock Performance

I. Future Perspective of the Company

J. Appendix

K. Glossary of Terms

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