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3D camera captures three-dimensional images and renders an enhanced quality of visuals. The significantly growing popularity of photography worldwide, supplements the adoption of the professional 3D camera. The growing demand of 3D content in the entertainment industry and developments in 3D imaging technology largely fuel the market growth. However, the high price of 3D cameras as compared to their 2D counterparts, and the advent of numerous software that convert multiple 2D images into one 3D effect, pose a major challenge for the market. It is expected that, the rise in 3D entertainment content and virtual reality applications would create tremendous opportunities in this market. Rising number of 3D movies, especially across the Asian region would boost the adoption of the professional 3D camera. Adoption of compact 3D cameras is prominently observed in the North American and European region. However, with the rising per capita incomes across developing Asian countries, the market of compact 3D cameras in this region would witness rapid growth in forecast period.The market is segmented on the basis of types, technology, application and geography. The type segment includes target camera and free camera. Target cameras are gaining increasing traction due to their ability to render an object in an image or video which enhances the visual effect, especially, in professional photography. The technology segment includes time of flight, stereo vision and structured light. A large preference for stereo vision technology is observed among camera manufacturers due to its simplicity in implementation as compared to other technologies. The application segment consists of professional cameras used for still photography and video recording. 3D professional cameras used for recording would witness a rapid increase, in terms of adoption. Geographically, the professional 3D camera market is segmented as across the regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA. North America would continue to drive the market with about 40% of market revenue share each year, through the analysis period. Also, LAMEA would exhibit rapid growth throughout the forecast period.Numerous companies integrate 3D imaging technology to launch innovative product offerings in the professional camera market. For example, in May 2014, Sony introduced the Double Full HD 3D handycam HDR-TD10 based on BIONZ image processors, which captures HD 3D images. Key players operating in the market include Nikon, Go Pro, Sony Corp., Canon, Panasonic Corp., Lytro Inc., Matterport, Fujifilm Corp., Kodak and Faro Technologies.ƒ€š‚ 

Current and future trends are outlined to determine the overall attractiveness and to single out profitable trends in order to gain a stronger foothold in the marketThe report provides information regarding key drivers, restraints and opportunities with impact analysisQuantitative analysis of the current market and forecast through 2015-2020 are provided to highlight the financial appetency of the marketPorters Five Forces model of the industry illustrates the potency of the buyers & suppliers participating in the market along with the threat of 2D camera substitutesProfessional 3D camera technologies are explained with corresponding benefits and growth potential throughout the forecast periodValue chain analysis in the report provides a clear understanding on the roles of stakeholders involved in the value chainMARKET SEGMENTATIONThe market is segmented on the basis of type, technology, application and geography.MARKET BY TYPETarget CameraFree CameraMARKET BY TECHNOLOGYTime of flightStereo visionStructured lightMARKET BY APPLICATIONPhotographyRecordingMARKET

North AmericaEuropeAsia PacificLAMEAKEY PLAYERSNikon Corp.Go Pro Inc.Sony Corp.Canon Inc.Panasonic Corp.Matterport Inc.Lytro Inc.Fujifilm Corp.Eastman Kodak Co.Faro Technologies Inc.

Table Of Contents

World Professional 3D Camera - Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020
CHAPTER: 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Report Description1.2 Key Benefits1.3 Key Market Segments1.4 Research Methodology1.4.1 Secondary Research1.4.2 Primary Research1.4.3 Analyst Tools and Modelsandnbsp;andnbsp; andnbsp;CHAPTER: 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY2.1 CXO Perspective2.2 Market Beyond: What to Expect by 20252.2.1 Base Case Scenario2.2.2 Optimistic Case Scenario2.2.3 Critical Case ScenarioCHAPTER: 3 MARKET OVERVIEW3.1 Market Definition and Scope3.2 Key Findings3.2.1 Top Factors Impacting Professional 3D Camera Market3.2.2 Top Winning Strategies3.2.3 Top Investment Pockets3.3 Porterandrsquo;s Five Forces Model3.3.1 Moderate Bargaining Power of Suppliers due to Backward Integration by 3D Camera Manufacturers3.3.2 Sophisticated and Organized Buyers Increases the Bargaining Power of Customers3.3.3 Moderate Industry Rivalry due to Competing Players with Sophisticated Product Offerings3.3.4 Higher Prices Increases Threat of Substitutes3.3.5 Higher Initial Investment Limits Threat of New Entrants3.4 Value Chain Analysis3.4.1 Suppliers to 3D Camera Manufacturers3.4.2 3D Camera Manufacturing3.4.3 Utility OEMs andamp; Service Providers3.5 Market Player Positioning3.6 Case Studies3.7 Market Dynamics3.7.1 Drivers3.7.1.1 Growing Demand of 3D Content from Entertainment Industry3.7.1.2 Enhancement in 3D Scanning Technology3.7.1.3 Improved User Preferences3.7.2 Restraints3.7.2.1 Price Based Constraints3.7.2.2 Lack of Awareness3.7.3 Opportunities3.7.3.1 Virtual Reality Applications3.7.3.2 Automated Operations in IndustriesCHAPTER: 4 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TYPE4.1 Target Camera4.1.1 Key Market Trends4.1.2 Competitive Scenario4.1.3 Key Driving Factors and Opportunities4.1.4 Market Size and Forecast4.2 Free Camera4.2.1 Key Market Trends4.2.2 Competitive Scenario4.2.3 Key Market Trends and Opportunities4.2.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER: 5 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY5.1 Time-of-Flight (TOF)5.1.1 Key Market Trends5.1.2 Competitive Scenario5.1.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities5.1.4 Market Size and Forecast5.2 Stereo Vision/ Stereoscopy5.2.1 Key Market Trends5.2.2 Competitive Scenario5.2.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities5.2.4 Market Size and Forecast5.3 Structured Light Imaging5.3.1 Key Market Trends5.3.2 Competitive Scenario5.3.3 Key Growth Drivers and Opportunities5.3.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER: 6 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY APPLICATION6.1 Photography6.1.1 Introduction6.1.2 Market Size and Forecast6.2 Recording6.2.1 Introduction6.2.1.1 Camcorder6.2.2 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER: 7 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY7.1 North America7.1.1 Key Market Trends7.1.2 Competitive Scenario7.1.3 Key Market Drivers and Opportunities7.1.4 Market Size and Forecast7.2 Europe7.2.1 Key Market Trends7.2.2 Competitive Scenario7.2.3 Key Market Drivers and Opportunities7.2.4 Market Size and Forecast7.3 Asia-Pacific7.3.1 Key Market Trends7.3.2 Competitive Scenario7.3.3 Key Market Drivers and Opportunities7.3.4 Market Size and Forecast7.4 Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA)7.4.1 Key Market Trends7.4.2 Competitive Scenario7.4.3 Key Market Drivers and Opportunities7.4.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER: 8 COMPANY PROFILES8.1 Canon Inc.8.1.1 Company Overview8.1.2 Company Snapshot8.1.3 Business Performance8.1.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.1.5 SWOT Analysis of Canon Inc.8.2 Matterport Inc.8.2.1 Company Overview8.2.2 Company Snapshot8.2.3 Strategic Moves and Developments8.2.4 SWOT Analysis of Matterport Inc.8.3 Lytro Inc.8.3.1 Company Overview8.3.2 Company Snapshot8.3.3 Strategic Moves and Developments8.3.4 SWOT Analysis of Lytro Inc.8.4 Fujifilm Corp.8.4.1 Company Overview8.4.2 Company Snapshot8.4.3 Business Performance8.4.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.4.5 SWOT Analysis of Fujifilm Corp.8.5 GoPro Inc.8.5.1 Company Overview8.5.2 Company Snapshot8.5.3 Business Performance8.5.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.5.5 SWOT Analysis of GoPro Inc.8.6 Eastman Kodak Co.8.6.1 Company Overview8.6.2 Company Snapshot8.6.3 Business Performance8.6.4 Strategic Moves and Development8.6.5 SWOT Analysis of Kodak8.7 Nikon Corp.8.7.1 Company Overview8.7.2 Company Snapshot8.7.3 Business Performance8.7.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.7.5 SWOT Analysis of Nikon Corp.8.8 Panasonic Corporation8.8.1 Company Overview8.8.2 Company Snapshot8.8.3 Business Performance8.8.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.8.5 SWOT Analysis of Panasonic Corp.8.9 Sony Corporation8.9.1 Company Overview8.9.2 Company Snapshot8.9.3 Business Performance8.9.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.9.5 SWOT Analysis of Sony Corp.8.10 Faro Technologies Inc.8.10.1 Company Overview8.10.2 Company Snapshot8.10.3 Business Performance8.10.4 Strategic Moves and Developments8.10.5 SWOT Analysis of Faro TechnologiesLIST OF FIGURESFIG. 1 TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, BASE CASE (2020-2025)FIG. 2 TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, OPTIMISTIC CASE (2020-2025)FIG. 3 TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, CRITICAL CASE (2020-2025)FIG. 4 TOP IMPACTING FACTORSFIG. 5 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES ACROSS PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKETFIG. 6 TOP INVESTMENT POCKETS OF 3D CAMERA MARKETFIG. 7 PORTERandrsquo;S FIVE FORCES ANALYSISFIG. 8 VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS OF PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKETFIG. 9 MARKET PLAYER POSITIONINGFIG. 10 VIRTUAL REALITY MARKETFIG. 11 3D STEREO VISION CAMERA OPERATIONFIG. 12 GLOBAL GAMING MARKET IN YEAR 2014 (%)FIG. 13 LEADING COUNTRIES IN ASIAN GAMING MARKETSFIG. 14 REVENUE GENERATED BY CANON INC. (2012-2013)FIG. 15 REVENUE OF CANON INC., BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 16 REVENUE OF CANON INC., BY GEOGRAPHY (%), 2014FIG. 17 SWOT ANALYSIS OF CANON INC.FIG. 18 SWOT ANALYSIS OF MATTERPORT INC.FIG. 19 SWOT ANALYSIS OF LYTRO INC.FIG. 20 REVENUE GENERATED BY FUJIFILM CORP.(2012-2014)FIG. 21 REVENUE OF FUJIFILM CORP., BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 22 REVENUE OF FUJIFILM CORP., BY GEOGRAPHY (%), 2014FIG. 23 SWOT ANALYSIS OF FUJIFILM CORP.FIG. 24 REVENUE GENERATED BY GOPRO INC., (2012-2014)FIG. 25 REVENUE OF GOPRO INC. BY GEOGRAPHY(%), 2014FIG. 26 SWOT ANALYSIS OF GOPRO INC.FIG. 27 REVENUE GENERATED BY KODAK (2012-2014)FIG. 28 REVENUE OF KODAK BY BUSINESS SEGMENTS (%), 2014FIG. 29 SWOT ANALYSIS OF KODAK CO.FIG. 30 NET SALES GENERATED BY NIKON CORP. (2012-2014)FIG. 31 NET SALES OF NIKON CORP. BY SEGMENTS(%), 2014FIG. 32 SWOT ANALYSIS OF NIKON CORP.FIG. 33 REVENUE GENERATED BY PANASONIC CORP.(2012-2015)FIG. 34 REVENUE OF PANASONIC CORP. BY BUSINESS SEGMENT(%), 2014FIG. 35 REVENUE OF PANASONIC CORP. BY GEOGRAPHY(%), 2014FIG. 36 SWOT ANALYSIS OF PANASONIC CORP.FIG. 37 REVENUE GENERATED BY SONY CORP.(2012-2015)FIG. 38 REVENUE OF SONY CORP. BY BUSINESS SEGMENT(%), 2014FIG. 39 REVENUE OF SONY CORP. BY GEOGRAPHY(%), 2014FIG. 40 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SONY CORP.FIG. 41 REVENUE GENERATED BY FARO TECHNOLOGIES, (2012-2014)FIG. 42 REVENUE OF FARO TECHNOLOGIES BY BUSINESS SEGMENTS(%), 2014FIG. 43 REVENUE OF FARO TECHNOLOGIES BY GEOGRAPHY(%), 2014FIG. 44 SWOT ANALYSIS OF FARO TECHNOLOGIESLIST OF TABLESTABLE 1 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 2 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA BASE CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($MILLION)TABLE 3 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA OPTIMISTIC CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($MILLION)TABLE 4 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA CRITICAL CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($MILLION)TABLE 5 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TYPE, 2014anddash;2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 6 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D TARGET CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014anddash;2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 7 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D FREE CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 8 COMPARISON OF 3D IMAGING TECHNOLOGIESTABLE 9 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 10 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D TIME OF FLIGHT CAMERA MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 11 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D STEREO VISION CAMERA MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 12 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D STRUCTURED LIGHT CAMERA MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 13 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY APPLICATION, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 14 3D CAMERAS FOR PHOTOGRAPHYTABLE 15 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014anddash;2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 16 3D CAMERAS FOR RECORDINGTABLE 17 GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL 3D RECORDING CAMERA MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014anddash;2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 18 NORTH AMERICA PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 19 EUROPE PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 20 ASIA-PACIFIC PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 21 LAMEA PROFESSIONAL 3D CAMERA MARKET BY TECHNOLOGY, 2014 - 2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 22 SNAPSHOT OF CANON INC.TABLE 23 SNAPSHOT OF MATTERPORT INC.TABLE 24 SNAPSHOT OF LYTRO INC.TABLE 25 SNAPSHOT OF FUJIFILM CORP.TABLE 26 SNAPSHOT OF GOPRO INC.TABLE 27 SNAPSHOT OF KODAKTABLE 28 SNAPSHOT OF NIKON CORP.TABLE 29 SNAPSHOT OF PANASONIC CORP.TABLE 30 SNAPSHOT OF SONY CORP.TABLE 31 SNAPSHOT OF FARO TECHNOLOGIES INC.

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