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Global Airlines Industry – Analysis and Forecast 2010 - 2019

  • July 2015
  • -
  • Aruvian's R'search
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  • 615 pages

After experiencing a slump for many years following 9/11 and the global recession, the global airline industry has been experiencing very strong growth in the last 3-4 years. The 2014 brought about excellent results for the global airline industry followed by rising air fares along with a boost in passenger growth as well.

While the airline industry dealt with a spate of major airline accidents such as the MH370, MH17 and the Germanwings crash, airlines continued to focus on increasing security and boosting features to ensure higher passenger safety. However, the Asian market did witness a slowdown in travel primarily owing to these disasters as well as a military coup in Thailand.

The industry boosted revenues through partnerships and alliances and higher fees by charging for ancillary services such as fees for baggage, extra amenities, ticket changes, frequent flyer programs, etc. Domestic travel continued to be the leading segment of the global airline industry accounting for nearly 60% of the entire industry, followed by international travel, accounting for just over 40%.

The United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany had some of the world's largest fleets in the years 2013 and 2014. Emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia Pacific remained the high growth markets for aircraft manufacturers.

Aruvian Research analyzes the Global Airlines Industry in this comprehensive research report. The report analyzes 27 key airline markets such as the United States, China, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and others. We also analyze over 75 major airlines in the global airline industry.

The global airline industry is analyzed through industry statistics, industry growth by value, by volume of passengers, industry profitability, industry segmentation and fleet development. We also analyze global airline passenger traffic, the market for jet fuel, a brief profile of air cargo traffic.

Forecast of the global airline industry is included till the year 2019 as well as 2033. We forecast for the global airline industry through an overall industry outlook, forecast for emerging airline markets, a look at the impact of globalization and industry demand and future industry trends.

A Porter's five forces strategy analysis is included of the global airline industry.

Global airline industry trends are analyzed such as industry pricing and revenues, lower fuel prices, margin of performance by region, network carriers, industry deregulation and emergence of low cost carriers, amongst others.

Major regions are analyzes through industry profile, challenges and opportunities, and a forecast. Regions analyzed in the report include Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Oceania.

Moving on to the analysis of the key airline markets, we analyze 27 countries through industry statistics, growth by value and volume of passengers, industry segmentation, industry competition and forecast of the markets till 2019. We also analyze other emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait and Vietnam.

Major Industry players are analyzes through corporate snapshot, an analysis of the business segments they operate through, a financial analysis and a SWOT analysis. We analyze 78 major airlines in the global airline industry.

This in-depth market research report – Global Airlines Industry – Analysis & Forecast 2010-2019, from Aruvian Research is ideal for professionals involved at any stage of the global airline value chain as well as for investors and researchers.

Table Of Contents

Global Airlines Industry - Analysis and Forecast 2010 - 2019
Global Airlines Industry - Analysis and Forecast 2010-2019

A. Executive Summary

B. Industry Definition

C. Global Airlines Industry
C.1 Industry Profile
C.2 Growth by Value
C.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
C.4 Industry Profitability
C.5 Industry Segmentation
C.6 Fleet Development
C.7 Global Airline Passenger Traffic
C.8 Jet Fuel
C.9 Air Cargo Traffic
C.10 Global Airline Industry: Forecast
C.10.1 Industry Outlook
C.10.2 Forecast for Emerging Markets
C.10.3 Globalization and Industry Demand
C.10.4 Future Industry Trends

D. Global Airline Industry: Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis
D.1 Introduction
D.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers
D.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
D.4 Competitive Rivalry in the Industry
D.5 Threat of New Entrants
D.6 Threat of Substitutes

E. Industry Trends
E.1 Industry Pricing and Revenues
E.2 Lower Fuel Prices Lead to Increased Profitability
E.3 Margin of Performance by Region
E.4 Industry Deregulation and Emergence of Low Cost Carriers
E.5 Network Carriers
E.6 Airline Partnerships and Alliances
E.7 Expansion into New Markets
E.8 Development of New Commercial Aviation Technology
E.9 In-flight Connectivity
E.10 Frequency Growth

F. Analysis of Key Airline Regions
F.1 Africa
F.1.1 Industry Profile
F.1.2 Industry Challenges
F.1.3 Industry Opportunities
F.1.4 Africa Airline Industry: Forecast
F.2 Asia Pacific
F.2.1 Industry Profile
F.2.2 Industry Structure
F.2.3 Growth by Value
F.2.4 Growth by Volume of Passengers
F.2.5 Industry Demand
F.2.6 Industry Segmentation
F.2.7 Asia Pacific Airline Industry: Forecast
F.3 Europe
F.3.1 Industry Profile
F.3.2 Growth by Value
F.3.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
F.3.4 Industry Demand
F.3.5 Industry Segmentation
F.3.6 European Airline Industry: Forecast
F.4 Latin America
F.4.1 Industry Profile
F.4.2 Industry Consolidation
F.4.3 Market for Low Cost Carriers
F.4.4 Industry Infrastructure
F.4.5 Industry Taxes and Charges
F.4.6 Latin America Airline Industry: Forecast
F.5 Middle East
F.5.1 Industry Profile
F.5.2 Industry Infrastructure
F.5.3 Middle East Airline Industry: Forecast
F.6 North America
F.6.1 Industry History
F.6.2 Industry Profile
F.6.3 Industry Consolidation
F.6.4 Industry Growth
F.6.5 North America Airline Industry: Forecast
F.7 Oceania
F.7.1 Industry Profile
F.7.2 Industry Growth
F.7.3 Oceania Airline Industry: Forecast

G. Key Airline Markets
G.1 Australia
G.1.1 Industry Profile
G.1.2 Growth by Value
G.1.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.1.4 Industry Segmentation
G.1.5 Air Transport in Australia
G.1.6 Industry Competition
G.1.7 Australia Airline Industry: Forecast
G.2 Belgium
G.2.1 Industry Profile
G.2.2 Growth by Value
G.2.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.2.4 Industry Segmentation
G.2.5 Industry Competition
G.2.6 Belgium Airline Industry: Forecast
G.3 Brazil
G.3.1 Industry Profile
G.3.2 Growth by Value
G.3.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.3.4 Industry Segmentation
G.3.5 Industry Competition
G.3.6 Brazil Airline Industry: Forecast
G.4 Canada
G.4.1 Industry Profile
G.4.2 Growth by Value
G.4.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.4.4 Industry Segmentation
G.4.5 Industry Competition
G.4.6 Canada Airline Industry: Forecast
G.5 China
G.5.1 Industry Profile
G.5.2 Growth by Value
G.5.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.5.4 Industry Demand
G.5.5 Industry Segmentation
G.5.6 Air Transport in China
G.5.7 Industry Competition
G.5.8 China Airline Industry: Forecast
G.6 Czech Republic
G.6.1 Industry Profile
G.6.2 Growth by Value
G.6.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.6.4 Industry Segmentation
G.6.5 Industry Competition
G.6.6 Czech Republic Airline Industry: Forecast
G.7 Denmark
G.7.1 Industry Profile
G.7.2 Growth by Value
G.7.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.7.4 Industry Segmentation
G.7.5 Industry Competition
G.7.6 Denmark Airline Industry: Forecast
G.8 France
G.8.1 Industry Profile
G.8.2 Growth by Value
G.8.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.8.4 Industry Segmentation
G.8.5 Industry Competition
G.8.6 France Airline Industry: Forecast
G.9 Germany
G.9.1 Industry Profile
G.9.2 Growth by Value
G.9.3 Growth by Volume of Passengers
G.9.4 Industry Segmentation
G.9.5 Industry Competition
G.9.6 Germany Airline Industry: Forecast
G.10 Hungary
G.10.1 Industry Profile
G.10.2 Growth by Value
G.10.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.10.4 Industry Segmentation
G.10.5 Industry Competition
G.10.6 Hungary Airline Industry: Forecast
G.11 India
G.11.1 Industry Profile
G.11.2 Growth by Value
G.11.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.11.4 Industry Segmentation
G.11.5 Air Transport in India
G.11.6 Industry Competition
G.11.7 India Airline Industry: Forecast
G.12 Italy
G.12.1 Industry Profile
G.12.2 Growth by Value
G.12.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.12.4 Industry Segmentation
G.12.5 Industry Competition
G.12.6 Italy Airline Industry: Forecast
G.13 Japan
G.13.1 Industry Profile
G.13.2 Growth by Value
G.13.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.13.4 Industry Segmentation
G.13.5 Air Transport in Japan
G.13.6 Industry Competition
G.13.7 Japan Airline Industry: Forecast
G.14 Mexico
G.14.1 Industry Profile
G.14.2 Growth by Value
G.14.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.14.4 Industry Segmentation
G.14.5 Industry Competition
G.14.6 Mexico Airline Industry: Forecast
G.15 Netherlands
G.15.1 Industry Profile
G.15.2 Growth by Value
G.15.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.15.4 Industry Segmentation
G.15.5 Industry Competition
G.15.6 Netherlands Airline Industry: Forecast
G.16 Norway
G.16.1 Industry Profile
G.16.2 Growth by Value
G.16.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.16.4 Industry Segmentation
G.16.5 Industry Competition
G.16.6 Norway Airline Industry: Forecast
G.17 Poland
G.17.1 Industry Profile
G.17.2 Growth by Value
G.17.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.17.4 Industry Segmentation
G.17.5 Industry Competition
G.17.6 Poland Airline Industry: Forecast
G.18 Russia
G.18.1 Industry Profile
G.18.2 Growth by Value
G.18.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.18.4 Industry Segmentation
G.18.5 Industry Competition
G.18.6 Russia Airline Industry: Forecast
G.19 Singapore
G.19.1 Industry Profile
G.19.2 Growth by Value
G.19.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.19.4 Industry Segmentation
G.19.5 Industry Competition
G.19.6 Singapore Airline Industry: Forecast
G.20 South Africa
G.20.1 Industry Profile
G.20.2 Growth by Value
G.20.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.20.4 Industry Segmentation
G.20.5 Industry Competition
G.20.6 South Africa Airline Industry: Forecast
G.21 South Korea
G.21.1 Industry Profile
G.21.2 Growth by Value
G.21.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.21.4 Industry Segmentation
G.21.5 Air Transport in South Korea
G.21.6 Industry Competition
G.21.7 South Korea Airline Industry: Forecast
G.22 Spain
G.22.1 Industry Profile
G.22.2 Growth by Value
G.22.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.22.4 Industry Segmentation
G.22.5 Industry Competition
G.22.6 Spain Airline Industry: Forecast
G.23 Sweden
G.23.1 Industry Profile
G.23.2 Growth by Value
G.23.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.23.4 Industry Segmentation
G.23.5 Industry Competition
G.23.6 Sweden Airline Industry: Forecast
G.24 Taiwan
G.24.1 Industry Profile
G.24.2 Growth by Value
G.24.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.24.4 Industry Segmentation
G.24.5 Industry Competition
G.24.1 Taiwan Airline Industry: Forecast
G.25 United Kingdom
G.25.1 Industry Profile
G.25.2 Growth by Value
G.25.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.25.4 Industry Segmentation
G.25.5 Industry Competition
G.25.6 UK Airline Industry: Forecast
G.26 United States
G.26.1 Industry Profile
G.26.2 Growth by Value
G.26.3 Growth by Volume by Passengers
G.26.4 Industry Segmentation
G.26.5 Industry Competition
G.26.6 United States Airline Industry: Forecast
G.27 Other Markets
G.27.1 Bangladesh
G.27.2 Bulgaria
G.27.3 Indonesia
G.27.4 Iraq
G.27.5 Kuwait
G.27.6 Vietnam

H. Industry Players
H.1 Air France KLM SA
H.1.1 Corporate Profile
H.1.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.1.3 Financial Analysis
H.1.4 SWOT Analysis
H.2 American Airlines Group Inc.
H.2.1 Corporate Profile
H.2.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.2.3 Financial Analysis
H.2.4 SWOT Analysis
H.3 ANA Holdings Inc
H.3.1 Corporate Profile
H.3.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.3.3 Financial Analysis
H.3.4 SWOT Analysis
H.4 British Airways PLC
H.4.1 Corporate Profile
H.4.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.4.3 Financial Analysis
H.4.4 SWOT Analysis
H.5 Delta Air Lines, Inc.
H.5.1 Corporate Profile
H.5.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.5.3 Financial Analysis
H.5.4 SWOT Analysis
H.6 Deutsche Lufthansa AG
H.6.1 Corporate Profile
H.6.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.6.3 Financial Analysis
H.6.4 SWOT Analysis
H.7 Hainan Airlines Company Limited
H.7.1 Corporate Profile
H.7.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.7.3 Financial Analysis
H.7.4 SWOT Analysis
H.8 Japan Airlines
H.8.1 Corporate Profile
H.8.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.8.3 Financial Analysis
H.8.4 SWOT Analysis
H.9 LATAM Airlines Group SA
H.9.1 Corporate Profile
H.9.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.9.3 Financial Analysis
H.9.4 SWOT Analysis
H.10 Qantas Airways Limited
H.10.1 Corporate Profile
H.10.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.10.3 Financial Analysis
H.10.4 SWOT Analysis
H.11 Ryanair Holdings Plc
H.11.1 Corporate Profile
H.11.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.11.3 Financial Analysis
H.11.4 SWOT Analysis
H.12 Singapore Airlines Limited
H.12.1 Corporate Profile
H.12.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.12.3 Financial Analysis
H.12.4 SWOT Analysis
H.13 Southwest Airlines
H.13.1 Corporate Profile
H.13.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.13.3 Financial Analysis
H.13.4 SWOT Analysis
H.14 Thai Airways International PCL
H.14.1 Corporate Profile
H.14.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.14.3 Financial Analysis
H.14.4 SWOT Analysis
H.15 United Continental Holdings Inc.
H.15.1 Corporate Profile
H.15.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.15.3 Financial Analysis
H.15.4 SWOT Analysis
H.16 WestJet Airlines Ltd.
H.16.1 Corporate Profile
H.16.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.16.3 Financial Analysis
H.16.4 SWOT Analysis
H.17 Aeroflot OAO
H.17.1 Corporate Profile
H.17.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.17.3 Financial Analysis
H.18 Air Berlin Plc
H.18.1 Corporate Profile
H.18.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.18.3 Financial Analysis
H.19 Air Canada
H.19.1 Corporate Profile
H.19.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.19.3 Financial Analysis
H.20 Air China Limited
H.20.1 Corporate Profile
H.20.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.20.3 Financial Analysis
H.21 Air India Ltd.
H.21.1 Corporate Profile
H.21.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.21.3 Financial Analysis
H.22 Air New Zealand Limited
H.22.1 Corporate Profile
H.22.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.22.3 Financial Analysis
H.23 Asiana Airlines
H.23.1 Corporate Profile
H.23.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.23.3 Financial Analysis
H.24 Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
H.24.1 Corporate Profile
H.24.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.24.3 Financial Analysis
H.25 China Eastern Airlines Corporation
H.25.1 Corporate Profile
H.25.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.25.3 Financial Analysis
H.26 China Southern Airlines Company Limited
H.26.1 Corporate Profile
H.26.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.26.3 Financial Analysis
H.27 easyJet plc
H.27.1 Corporate Profile
H.27.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.27.3 Financial Analysis
H.28 EVA Airways Corporation
H.28.1 Corporate Profile
H.28.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.28.3 Financial Analysis
H.29 Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA
H.29.1 Corporate Profile
H.29.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.29.3 Financial Analysis
H.30 Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
H.30.1 Corporate Profile
H.30.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.30.3 Financial Analysis
H.31 JetBlue Airways Corporation
H.31.1 Corporate Profile
H.31.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.31.3 Financial Analysis
H.32 Korean Air Lines
H.32.1 Corporate Profile
H.32.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.32.3 Financial Analysis
H.33 Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
H.33.1 Corporate Profile
H.33.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.33.3 Financial Analysis
H.34 Regional Express Holdings Limited
H.34.1 Corporate Profile
H.34.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.34.3 Financial Analysis
H.35.1 Corporate Profile
H.35.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.35.3 Financial Analysis
H.36 SpiceJet Limited
H.36.1 Corporate Profile
H.36.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.36.3 Financial Analysis
H.37 Tiger Airways Holdings Limited
H.37.1 Corporate Profile
H.37.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.37.3 Financial Analysis
H.38 Virgin Australia Holdings Limited
H.38.1 Corporate Profile
H.38.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.38.3 Financial Analysis
H.39 ABC Aerolineas, S.A. de C.V.
H.40 Aegean Airlines SA
H.41 Aeroenlaces Nacionales S.A. de C.V.
H.42 Aerovias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
H.43 AirAsia Berhad
H.44 Alitalia - Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A.
H.45 Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras SA
H.46 Bangkok Airways PCL
H.47 Braathens Aviation AB
H.48 Brussels Airlines
H.49 Concesionaria Vuela Compañía de Aviación, S.A.B. de C.V.
H.50 Czech Airlines j.s.c.
H.51 Etihad Airways PJSC
H.52 Finnair Oyj
H.53 Flybe Group Plc
H.54 Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk PT
H.55 Globalia Corporacion Empresarial SA
H.56 Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited
H.57 Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana SA
H.58 IndiGo Airlines
H.59 International Consolidated Airlines Group
H.60 Jeju Air Co., Ltd.
H.61 LOT Polish Airlines SA
H.62 Meridiana S.p.A.
H.63 Monarch Airlines Limited
H.64 NextJet AB
H.65 OJSC Siberia Airlines
H.66 OJSC Transaero Airlines
H.67 Skymark Airlines Inc.
H.68 South African Airways (Proprietary) Limited
H.69 South African Express Airways SOC Limited
H.70 TransAsia Airways Corporation
H.71 Travel Service AS
H.72 TUI Group
H.73 T'way Air Co., Ltd.
H.74 UTair Aviation JSC
H.75 Vietnam Airlines Corporation
H.76 Virgin America Inc.
H.77 Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited
H.78 Wizz Air Hungary Airlines Ltd.

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