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Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) or Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (CRPC), a type of prostate cancer that typically recurs after administering androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), is gaining prominence in the prostate cancer market. The global CRPC market is poised to expand at a significant pace, owing to high unmet clinical need, limited survival benefits, growing prevalence rates and fast emerging treatment modifications. The market growth would pivot around the novel breakthrough treatments responsible for reaping survival benefits. The survival benefit would be instrumental in governing the peak sales and market penetration of novel approved drugs.The global CRPC market is expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period (2015-2020). Promising drug pipeline, evolving treatment patterns, emerging untapped non-metastatic CRPC space and augmented patient awareness are the factors that are expected to boost the market growth. Further, untapped CRPC market in the Asia-Pacific and LAMEA region would also accelerate the overall market growth during the forecast period. Untapped non-metastatic CRPC settings would further bolster the market growth. On the other hand, factors such as premium pricing of CRPC drugs, uncertain reimbursement policies and lack of differentiation in mechanism of action among the approved and novel agents are likely to curtail the market growth.The market would gain traction in the developing regions of Asia-Pacific and third-world countries such as Africa and Latin America. The large undiagnosed patient population, rapid urbanization, rising disposable income, improved government funding towards cancer and growing awareness about prostate cancer would be some of the prime reasons responsible for the unparalleled market growth in these regions. However, oncologists/urologists reluctance towards adoption of these premium treatments in countries like India and China would continue to remain a key challenge for the leading innovators.To provide a detailed market assessment, the report segments the CRPC market on the basis of therapy type, drug delivery method and geography. Based on therapy type, the market is segmented across various segments such as Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy, Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy. Hormonal therapy segment spearheads the therapy types market, governing around 4/5th of the global market value in 2014 and would continue to maintain its market position during the forecast period (2015-2020). Radiation therapy segment is projected as the fastest growing segment throughout the forecast period. Based on drug delivery method, the market is segmented into oral and injectable therapy segments. Oral therapy segment dominates the global CRPC market; however, injectable segment is expected to grow at a faster rate. The report covers a geographic breakdown and a detailed analysis of each of the aforesaid segments across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and LAMEA regions. North America region governs a dominant share in the global CRPC market; however, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA region are expected to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period.The market registered substantial growth in the recent years, owing to the various strategies adopted by leading market players. One of the key strategies adopted is collaboration agreement. Astellas Pharma Inc. for instance in 2009, entered into an agreement with Medivation, Inc. to co-develop and co-commercialize MDV3100 (now Xtandi) for the treatment of CRPC. A comprehensive competitive analysis and profiles of major market players such as Astellas Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi S.A, Dendreon Corporation, Bayer AG, and others have been provided in the report.KEY MARKET BENEFITS:This report provides an extensive analysis of the current and emerging market trends and dynamics in the global CRPC (metastatic and non-metastatic) marketThe CRPC market scenario is comprehensively analysed in accordance to the key regionsIn-depth analysis of CRPC (chemotherapy and post-chemo) settings is implemented in the reportThe market estimations are made in the report by conducting high-end analysis of the key market segments for the period of 2014-2020Extensive research is done for the market by therapy type which instils a clear understanding regarding the currently used therapy drugs and evolving role of immunotherapies and radiopharmaceuticalsA detailed SWOT analysis enables to study the internal environment of the leading companies for strategy formulationOwing to an emerging pipeline in the market, pipeline analysis studies have also been taken into account to better understand the market potential and opportunitiesCompetitive intelligence highlights the business practises followed by leading market players across geographies

:The Global CRPC market segmentation is illustrated below:Global CRPC Market By Therapy TypeChemotherapyCytotoxic AgentsHormonal TherapyAnti-AndrogensImmunotherapyVaccinesRadiotherapyRadio-PharmaceuticalsGlobal CRPC Market By Drug Delivery MethodOral TherapyInjectable TherapyGlobal CRPC Market By GeographyNorth AmericaEuropeAsia-PacificLAMEA

Table Of Contents

World Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)/HRPCA Therapeutics - Market Opportunity and Forecast, 2014 - 2020
TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Report Description1.2 Keyandnbsp;Benefits1.3 Key Market Segments1.4 Research Methodology1.4.1 Secondary research1.4.2 Primary research1.4.3 Analyst tools and modelsCHAPTER 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY2.1 CXO Perspective2.2 Market Beyond: What to Expect by 20252.2.1 Moderate growth scenario2.2.2 Rapid growth scenario2.2.3 Diminishing growth scenarioCHAPTER 3 MARKET OVERVIEW3.1 Market Definition and Scope3.2 Changing Landscape of HRPC Market3.3 Non-Metastatic CRPC Market Perspective3.4 Metastatic CRPC Market Pre-Chemo and Post-Chemo Settings3.5 Xtandi vs. Zytiga Detailed Market Outlook Study of 11 Different Attributes3.6 Key Findings3.6.1 Top impacting factors3.6.2 Top investment pockets3.6.3 Topandnbsp;winning strategies3.7 Competitive Intelligence of companies and their strategies3.8 Regulations and Reimbursement Scenario3.9 Porterandsbquo;andnot;andbdquo;andcent;s Five Forces Analysis3.9.1 High competition and fragmented nature reduces the power of the suppliers3.9.2 Scattered nature and large number of buyers moderates the power of the buyers3.9.3 Intense competition among existing rivalry3.9.4 High initial cost lowers the threat of new entrants3.9.5 Unavailability of substitutes moderates the threat of substitutes3.9.6 Imperative deductions about the CRPC market3.10 Market Opportunity3.10.1 Lucrative opportunities in emerging markets3.10.2 Untapped Non-Metastatic CRPC (nmCRPC) market opportunity3.11 Market Share Analysis, 20143.12 Value Chain Analysis (Company and Product Perspective)3.12.1 Value chainandnbsp;analysis by companies3.12.1.1 Developer analysis3.12.1.2 Manufacturer analysis3.12.1.3 Marketer analysis3.12.1.4 Distributor analysis3.12.1.5 Key Takeaways3.12.2 Value chain analysis by products3.13 Patent Analysis3.14 Marketandnbsp;Dynamics3.14.1 Drivers3.14.1.1 Rising incidence and high mortality of prostate cancer worldwide3.14.1.2 Limited treatment options and high unmet need for ideal treatment3.14.1.3 Strong emerging pipeline and in-line extensions (ILE) opted for existing therapies3.14.1.4 Growing awareness leading to increased diagnosis3.14.2 Restraints3.14.2.1 Limited reimbursement and coverage by payers3.14.2.2 High costsandnbsp;due to combination therapies3.14.2.3 Limited survival periodsCHAPTER 4 PIPELINE OVERVIEW4.1 Study Objectives4.2 Pipeline Description4.3 Pipeline Analysis4.3.1 Drugsandnbsp;in pipeline4.3.2 Trials according to primary completion year4.3.3 NMEs and ILEs in CRPC4.3.4 Companies in CRPC4.3.5 Failure rates in CRPC4.4 Study ImplicationsCHAPTER 5 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET BY THERAPY TYPE5.1 Hormonalandnbsp;Therapy5.1.1 Historical milestones5.1.2 Hormonal therapy product-wise market size and forecast5.1.3 Key market trends5.1.4andnbsp;Key growth factors and opportunities5.1.5 Market size and forecast5.2 Chemotherapy5.2.1 Historical milestones5.2.2 Chemotherapy product-wise market size and forecast5.2.3andnbsp;Key market trends5.2.4 Key growth factors and opportunities5.2.5 Market size and forecast5.3 Immunotherapy5.3.1 Historical milestones5.3.2 Immunotherapy product-wise market size and forecast5.3.3 Key market trends5.3.4 Key growth factors and opportunities5.3.5 Market size and forecast5.4 Radiotherapy5.4.1 Historical milestones5.4.2 Radiotherapy product-wise market size and forecast5.4.3 Key market trends5.4.4 Key growth factors and opportunities5.4.5 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 6 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET BY DRUG DELIVERY METHOD6.1 Oral Route6.1.1 Key market trends6.1.2 Key growth factors and opportunities6.1.3 Market size and forecast6.2 Injectable route6.2.1 Key market trends6.2.2 Key growth factors and opportunities6.2.3 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 7 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY7.1 Northandnbsp;America7.1.1 Key market trends7.1.2 Key growth factors and opportunities7.1.3 Market size and forecast7.2 Europe7.2.1 Key market trends7.2.2 Keyandnbsp;growth factors and opportunities7.2.3 Market size and forecast7.3 Asia-Pacific7.3.1 Key market trends7.3.2 Key growth factors and opportunities7.3.3 Market size and forecast7.4 LAMEA7.4.1 Keyandnbsp;market trends7.4.2 Key growth factors and opportunities7.4.3 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 8 COMPANY PROFILES8.1 Johnson andamp; Johnson8.1.1 Company Overview8.1.2 Johnson andamp; Johnson Snapshot8.1.3 Operating Business Segment Overview8.1.4 Financial performance8.1.5 Strategic moves and developments8.1.5.1 PRINCIPAL STRATEGIES: PRODUCT LAUNCH8.1.5.2 SECONDARY STRATEGIES: APPROVALS8.1.5.3 OTHER STRATEGIES: ACQUISITIONS8.1.6 SWOT analysis and strategic deductions8.2 Dendreon Corporation8.2.1 Company Overview8.2.2 Dendreon Corporation Snapshot8.2.3 Operating Business Segment Overview8.2.4 Financial performance8.2.5 Strategic moves and developments8.2.6 SWOT analysis and strategic deductions8.3 Sanofi8.3.1 Company Overview8.3.2 Sanofi Snapshot8.3.3 Operating Business Segment Overview8.3.4 Financial performance8.3.5 Strategic moves and developments8.3.6 SWOT analysis and strategic deductions8.4 Bayer8.4.1 Company Overview8.4.2 Bayer Snapshot8.4.3 Operating Business Segment Overview8.4.4 Financial performance8.4.5 Strategic moves and developments8.4.6 SWOT analysis and strategic deductions8.5 Astellas Pharma Inc.8.5.1 Company Overview8.5.2 Astellas Snapshot8.5.3 Operating Business Segment Overview8.5.4 Financial performance8.5.5 Strategic moves and developments8.5.6 SWOT analysis and strategic deductionsLIST OF FIGURESFIG. 1 IMPACT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL CRPC MARKET IN MODERATE GROWTH SCENARIOFIG. 2 IMPACT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL CRPC MARKET IN RAPID GROWTH SCENARIOFIG. 3 IMPACT ANALYSIS OF GLOBAL CRPC MARKET IN DIMINISHING GROWTH SCENARIOFIG. 4 GLOBAL HORMONE REFRACTORY PROSTATE CANCER (HRPCA) MARKET DEFINITIONFIG. 5 EVOLUTION OF CRPC TREATMENT REGIMEFIG. 6 NON-METASTATIC CRPC MARKET PERSPECTIVEFIG. 7 PRE-CHEMO AND POST-CHEMO CRPC MARKET POTENTIALFIG. 8 DETAILED MARKET OUTLOOK OF XTANDI VS. ZYTIGAandnbsp;FIG. 9 TOP IMPACTING FACTORSFIG. 10 TOP INVESTMENT POCKETSFIG. 11 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES PERCENTAGE DISTRIBUTIONFIG. 12 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES: NATURE AND TYPEFIG. 13 TYPES OF STRATEGIES DISTRIBUTIONFIG. 14 TOP COMPANIES AND THEIR STRATEGIESFIG. 15 DETAILED STRUCTURE OF COMPANIES AND TYPE OF STRATEGIESFIG. 16 DETAILED STRUCTURE OF COMPANIES AND NATURE OF STRATEGIESFIG. 17 PORTERandsbquo;andnot;andbdquo;andcent;S FIVE FORCE ANALYSISFIG. 18 MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS (2014)FIG. 19 VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS BY COMPANIESFIG. 20 VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS BY PRODUCTFIG. 21 MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF ZYTIGAFIG. 22 MARKET DYNAMICS SNAPSHOTFIG. 23 AVERAGE NUMBER OF DEATHS PER YEAR AND AGE-SPECIFIC MORTALITY RATES PER 100,000 POPULATION, UK (2010-2012)FIG. 24 DRUGS IN PIPELINEFIG. 25 TRIALS ACCORDING TO PRIMARY COMPLETION YEARFIG. 26 NMES AND ILES IN CRPCFIG. 27 COMPANIES IN CRPCFIG. 28 FAILURE RATES IN CRPCFIG. 29 KEY FINANCIALS OF JOHNSON andamp; JOHSNON $ MILLION (2012-2014)FIG. 30 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY SEGMENTS (2014)FIG. 31 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY GEOGRAPHY (2014)FIG. 32 SWOT ANALYSIS OF JOHNSON andamp; JOHSNONFIG. 33 KEY FINANCIALS OF DENDREON CORPORATION $ THOUSANDS (2011-2013)FIG. 34 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY GEOGRAPHY (2013)FIG. 35 SWOT ANALYSIS OF DENDREON CORPORATIONFIG. 36 KEY FINANCIALS OF BAYER $ MILLIONS (2012-2014)FIG. 37 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY SEGMENTS (2014)FIG. 38 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY GEOGRAPHY (2014)FIG. 39 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SANOFIFIG. 40 KEY FINANCIALS OF BAYER $ MILLIONS (2012-2014)FIG. 41 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY SEGMENTS (2014)FIG. 42 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY GEOGRAPHY (2014)FIG. 43 SWOT ANALYSIS OF BAYERFIG. 44 KEY FINANCIALS OF ASTELLAS $ MILLIONS (2012-2013)FIG. 45 FINANCIAL REVENUES BY GEOGRAPHY (2013)FIG. 46 SWOT ANALYSIS OF ASTELLASLIST OF TABLESTABLE 1 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET,MODERATE GROWTH SCENARIO, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($MILLION)TABLE 2 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET, RAPID GROWTH SCENARIO, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025, ($MILLION)TABLE 3 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET, DIMINISHING GROWTH SCENARIO, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025, ($MILLION)TABLE 4 CLINICAL AND NON-CLINICAL ATTRIBUTES OF XTANDI AND ZYTIGATABLE 5 REIMBURSEMENT PATTERN OF CRPC DRUGSTABLE 6 COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE OF DRUG INNOVATORSTABLE 7 REIMBURSEMENT PATTERN OF CRPC DRUGSTABLE 8 MARKET SHARE AND REVENUE OF CRPC DRUG INNOVATORSTABLE 9 LOOMING OFF-PATENTS OF CRPC DRUGSTABLE 10 FDA APPROVED TREATMENTS FOR CPRC AND THEIR SURVIVAL BENEFITSTABLE 11 EMERGING PIPELINE AND IN-LINE EXTENSIONS FOR CPRCTABLE 12 REIMBURSEMENT AND FDA APPROVAL FOR CPRC DRUGSTABLE 13 PIPELINE FOR CPRC DRUGSTABLE 14 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET, BY THERAPY TYPES, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 15 HORMONAL THERAPY DRUGS AND THEIR REVENUES IN 2014TABLE 16 GLOBAL HORMONAL THERAPY PRODUCTS MARKET, BY TYPE, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 17 GLOBAL HORMONAL THERAPY DRUGS MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 18 CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS AND THEIR REVENUES IN 2014TABLE 19 GLOBAL CHEMOTHERAPY DRUG MARKET, BY TYPE, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 20 GLOBAL CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 21 IMMUNOTHERAPY DRUGS AND THEIR REVENUES IN 2014TABLE 22 GLOBAL IMMUNOTHERAPY DRUG MARKET, BY TYPE, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 23 GLOBAL IMMUNOTHERAPY DRUGS MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 24 RADIOTHERAPY DRUGS AND THEIR REVENUES IN 2014TABLE 25 GLOBAL RADIOTHERAPY DRUG MARKET, BY TYPE, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 26 GLOBAL RADIOTHERAPY DRUGS MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 27 GLOBAL ORAL THERAPY MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 28 GLOBAL INJECTABLE THERAPY MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 29 GLOBAL CRPC MARKET, BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 30 CRPC TREATMENTS APPROVED IN UNITED STATESTABLE 31 NORTH AMERICA CRPC MARKET, BY THERAPY TYPES, 2014 - 2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 32 HIGH INCIDENCE RATES AT DIAGNOSIS IN EU-5 NATIONS AS COMPARED TO UNITED STATESTABLE 33 EUROPE CRPC MARKET, BY THERAPY TYPES, 2014 - 2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 34 CRPC TREATMENTS AVAILABLE AND CONSIDERATION FACTORS IN ASIA PACIFIC REGIONTABLE 35 HIGH INCIDENCE RATES AT DIAGNOSIS IN ASIA PACIFIC REGION RESULT OF LOW PSA SCREENINGTABLE 36 ASIA PACIFIC CRPC MARKET, BY THERAPY TYPES, 2014 - 2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 37 INCIDENCE AND DEATHS FROM PROSTATE CANCER IN LATIN AMERICATABLE 38 LAMEA CRPC MARKET, BY THERAPY TYPES, 2014 - 2020, ($MILLION)TABLE 39 COMPANY SNAPSHOT OF JOHNSON andamp; JOHSNONTABLE 40 JOHNSON andamp; JOHSNON OPERATING SEGMENTSTABLE 41 COMPANY SNAPSHOT OF DENDREON CORPORATIONTABLE 42 DENDREON CORPORATION OPERATING SEGMENTSTABLE 43 COMPANY SNAPSHOT OF SANOFITABLE 44 SANOFI OPERATING SEGMENTSTABLE 45 COMPANY SNAPSHOT OF BAYERTABLE 46 BAYER OPERATING SEGMENTSTABLE 47 COMPANY SNAPSHOT OF ASTELLASTABLE 48 ASTELLAS OPERATING SEGMENTS

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