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Enterprise application are software designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of the organizations. It includes applications such as CRM, ERP, SCM, BI, BPM, CMS, and EAM etc. Traditionally, enterprise applications were designed and developed specifically for back-office transactional activities such as accounting, production and inventory control and order management etc. However, in today’s business context, the role of enterprise application is changing from back-office activities to business process improvement. Enterprise application is gaining importance as companies look to enhance their internal processes and systems by quickly responding to the challenges such as high cost and lead time incurred during business process. Adoption of enterprise applications enables easy flow of business information within or outside of organiza  tion. To gain competitive advantages such as customer interaction and integration of business functionality, most of the enterprises are implementing enterprise applications. Furthermore, emerging trends of cloud and increased access via mobile device are propelling the market growth. High cost and availability of open source applications in the market are the major challenges for market growth. Rapid changes in business model, geographic expansion of businesses and increasing penetration of cloud technology would open numerous opportunities for the market.The market is segmented on the basis of the solutions, delivery model, verticals and geography. The solutions segment includes CRM, ERP, SCM, BI, BPM, CMS, EAM, Web conferencing and others. Among all solutions, CRM is becoming popular as it useful to manage interaction with customers and employees. Delivery model segment is further classified into on-premise and cloud based models. The vertical segment includes Manufacturing & Services, BFSI, healthcare, retail, government, aerospace and defense, telecom and others. The market is addressed in various geographical regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA in order to gain the competitive insights.Key players in the market include Oracle, IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., SAP, HP, QAD Inc. IFS AB, Epicor Software Corp., Infor, and Salesforce Inc. among others.   

Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business highlight competitive intelligence Porters Five Forces model and SWOT analysis of  key market players are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of  market buyers and suppliers Value chain analysis in this report provides a clear understanding of the stakeholders roles involved in the value chainIn depth analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities of enterprise application market with impact analysisQuantitative analysis of the current market and estimations through 2013-2020 are provided to highlight the ongoing and future trends of the market

 The market is segmented on the basis of solution, delivery model, verticals and geography.GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY SOLUTIONCRMERPSCMBIBPMCMSEAMWeb conferencingOthersGLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY DELIVERY MODELOn-premiseCloud enabledGLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY VERTICALSManufacturing & Services BFSIHealthcareRetailGovernmentAerospace and defenseTelecomOthersGLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET

North AmericaEuropeAsia PacificLAMEAKEY PLAYERSOracleIBM Corp.Microsoft Corp.SAPHPQAD Inc. IFS ABEpicor software Corp.InforSalesforce Inc. 

Table Of Contents

Enterprise Application Market (Solutions, Delivery Model, Verticals and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020
TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONandnbsp;1.1 Research Descriptionandnbsp;1.2 Reason to doing this studyandnbsp;1.3 Key benefitsandnbsp;1.4 Key market segmentandnbsp;CHAPTER 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYandnbsp;2.1 CXO perspectiveandnbsp;2.2 Executive summaryandnbsp;2.3 Market Beyond: What to expect by 2025andnbsp;2.3.1 Base case scenarioandnbsp;2.3.2 Optimistic scenarioandnbsp;2.3.1 Critical scenarioandnbsp;CHAPTER 3 MARKET OVERVIEWandnbsp;3.1 Market Definition and scopeandnbsp;3.2 Key findingsandnbsp;3.2.1 Top factors influencing enterprise application marketandnbsp;3.2.2 Top investment strategiesandnbsp;3.2.3 Top winning strategiesandnbsp;3.3 Porterandrsquo;s Five Forces Analysisandnbsp;3.3.1 High switching cost and low differentiation of the supplierandrsquo;s product lead to moderate bargaining power of suppliers3.3.2 Availability of alternatives and buyers price sensitivity leads to moderate bargaining power of buyer3.3.3 High Intersegment rivalryandnbsp;3.3.4 In-house and open source applications create high threats of substitutesandnbsp;3.3.5 Brand loyalty and presence of strong brands restricts easy access of new entrantsandnbsp;3.4 Value Chain Analysisandnbsp;3.4.1 Element providersandnbsp;3.4.2 Application Developersandnbsp;3.4.3 Distribution Channelandnbsp;3.5 Competitive market andnbsp;analysis, 2013andnbsp;3.6 Case studiesandnbsp;3.7 Market Dynamics3.7.1 Driversandnbsp; Customer centric approach of organizationsandnbsp; Competitive advantagesandnbsp; Adpotion of ClOud and mobile applicationsandnbsp;3.7.2 Restraintsandnbsp; Higher costandnbsp; Open source applicationsandnbsp;3.7.3 Opportunitiesandnbsp; Rapid changes in business modelandnbsp; Geographic expansion of businessandnbsp; Emerging trends of cloudandnbsp;CHAPTER 4 GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY SOLUTIONSandnbsp;4.1 Customer Relation Management (CRM)andnbsp;4.1.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.1.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.1.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.1.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.2 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)andnbsp;4.2.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.2.2 Competitive Scenarioandnbsp;4.2.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.2.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.3 Supply chain management (SCM)andnbsp;4.3.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.3.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.3.3 Key Market Drivers andamp; Opportunitiesandnbsp;4.3.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.4 Business Intelligenceandnbsp;4.4.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.4.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.4.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.4.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.5 Business Process Managementandnbsp;4.5.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.5.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.5.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.5.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.6 Content Management Systemandnbsp;4.6.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.6.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.6.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.6.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.7 Enterprise Asset Managementandnbsp;4.7.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.7.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.7.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.7.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.8 Web Conferencingandnbsp;4.8.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.8.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.8.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.8.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;4.9 Others 584.9.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;4.9.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;4.9.3 Key market drivers andamp; opportunitiesandnbsp;4.9.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;CHAPTER 5 GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY DELIVERY MODELandnbsp;5.1 On-Premise Modelandnbsp;5.1.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;5.1.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;5.1.3 Key growth factors and opportunities5.1.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;5.2 Cloud based modelandnbsp;5.2.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;5.2.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;5.2.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;5.2.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;CHAPTER 6 GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY VERTICALandnbsp;6.1 Manufacturing and Servicesandnbsp;6.1.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.2 BFSIandnbsp;6.2.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.3 Healthcareandnbsp;6.3.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.4 Retailandnbsp;6.4.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.5 Governmentandnbsp;6.5.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.6 Aerospace and Defenseandnbsp;6.6.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.7 Telecom 746.7.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.8 Othersandnbsp;6.8.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;7.1 North Americaandnbsp;7.1.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;7.1.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;7.1.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.1.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;7.2 Europeandnbsp;7.2.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;7.2.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;7.2.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.2.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;7.3 Asia-Pacificandnbsp;7.3.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;7.3.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;7.3.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.3.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;7.4 LAMEAandnbsp;7.4.1 Key Market Trendsandnbsp;7.4.2 Competitive scenarioandnbsp;7.4.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.4.4 Market size and forecastandnbsp;CHAPTER 8 COMPANY PROFILEandnbsp;8.1 Oracleandnbsp;8.1.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.1.2 Company snapshotandnbsp;8.1.3 Business performanceandnbsp;8.1.4 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitionsandnbsp; secondary strategy: New Product developmentandnbsp;8.1.5 SWOT analysis of Oracleandnbsp;8.2 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINE (IBM) Corporationandnbsp;8.2.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.2.2 Company Snapshotandnbsp;8.2.3 Business performanceandnbsp;8.2.4 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Partnershipandnbsp;8.2.5 SWOT analysis of IBMandnbsp;8.3 MICROSOFT CORPORATIONandnbsp;8.3.1 Company Overviewandnbsp;8.3.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.3.3 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: New Product Developmentandnbsp; secondary strategy: collaborationsandnbsp;8.3.4 SWOT analysis of Microsoft Corp.andnbsp;8.4 SAPandnbsp;8.4.1 Company Overviewandnbsp;8.4.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.4.3 Strategic moves and developmentandnbsp;8.4.4 SWOT analysis of SAPandnbsp;8.5 HEWLETT PACKARD (HP)andnbsp;8.5.1 Company Overviewandnbsp;8.5.2 Company Snapshotandnbsp;8.5.3 Business performanceandnbsp;8.5.4 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp;8.5.5 Swot analysis of Hewlett Packardandnbsp;8.6 QAD Inc.andnbsp;8.6.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.6.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.6.3 Strategic moves and developmentandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp; secondary strategy: New Product Developmentandnbsp;8.6.4 SWOT analysis of QADandnbsp;8.7 IFS ABandnbsp;8.7.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.7.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.7.3 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp;8.7.4 SWOT analysis of IFS ABandnbsp; SWOT analysis of IFS ABandnbsp;8.8 Epicor software Corp.andnbsp;8.8.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.8.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.8.3 Key strategies and developments8.8.3.1 Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp;8.8.4 SWOT analysis of Epicorandnbsp;8.9 Inforandnbsp;8.9.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.9.2 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp;8.9.3 SWOT analysis of Inforandnbsp;8.10 Salesforce Inc.8.10.1 Company overviewandnbsp;8.10.2 Business performanceandnbsp;8.10.3 Key strategies and developmentsandnbsp; Primary strategy: Acquisitions and collaborationsandnbsp;8.10.4 SWOT analysis of Salesforceandnbsp;LIST OF TABLESTABLE 1 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION SOLUTIONS MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2013-2020 ($ MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 2 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION BASE CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($ MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 3 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION OPTIMISTIC CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($ MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 4 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION CRITICAL CASE SCENARIO MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2020-2025 ($ MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 5 andnbsp;GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION andnbsp;MARKET BY SOLUTIONS, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 6 andnbsp;GLOBAL CRM MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 7 andnbsp;GLOBAL ERP MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 8 andnbsp;GLOBAL SCM MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 9 andnbsp;GLOBAL BI MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 10 andnbsp;GLOBAL BPM MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 11 andnbsp;GLOBAL CMS MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 12 andnbsp;GLOBAL EAM MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 13 andnbsp;GLOBAL WEB CONFERENCING MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 14 andnbsp;GLOBAL OTHERS (ENTEPRISE APPLICATION) MARKET MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 15 andnbsp;GLOBAL ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKET BY DELIVERY MODEL, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 16 andnbsp;ADVANTAGES OF ON-PREMISES MODELandnbsp;TABLE 17 andnbsp;GLOBAL ON-PREMISE andnbsp;MODEL MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)TABLE 18 andnbsp;ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD BASED MODELandnbsp;TABLE 19 andnbsp;GLOBAL CLOUD andnbsp;MODEL MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 20 andnbsp;GLOBAL END-USER MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 21 andnbsp;GLOBAL MANUFACTURING AND SERVICES MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 22 andnbsp;GLOBAL BFSI MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 23 andnbsp;GLOBAL HEALTHCARE MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 24 andnbsp;GLOBAL RETAIL MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 25 andnbsp;GLOBAL GOVEMENT MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 26 andnbsp;GLOBAL AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 27 andnbsp;GLOBAL TELECOM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 28 andnbsp;GLOBAL OTHER (END-USER) MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, $ MILLION (2013-2020)andnbsp;TABLE 29 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION andnbsp;MARKET IN NORTH AMERICA, 2013-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 30 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION andnbsp;MARKET IN EUROPE, 2013-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 31 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION andnbsp;MARKET IN ASIA-PACIFIC, 2013-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 32 andnbsp;ENTERPRISE APPLICATION andnbsp;MARKET IN LAMEA, 2013-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 33 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF ORACLEandnbsp;TABLE 34 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF IBMandnbsp;TABLE 35 andnbsp;COMPANY SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 36 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF MICROSOFT CORP.andnbsp;TABLE 37 andnbsp;COMPANY SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 38 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF SAPandnbsp;TABLE 39 andnbsp;HEWLWTT PACKARD SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 40 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF HEWLETT PACKARDandnbsp;TABLE 41 andnbsp;QAD SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 42 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY QAD (2012-2014)andnbsp;TABLE 43 andnbsp;REVENUE OF QAD BY GEOGRAPHY (IN PERCENTAGE ,2013)andnbsp;TABLE 44 andnbsp;REVENUE OF QAD BY INDUSTRIES (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;TABLE 45 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF QADandnbsp;TABLE 46 andnbsp;IFS AB SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 47 andnbsp;EPICOR SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 48 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF EPICORandnbsp;TABLE 49 andnbsp;INFOR SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 50 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF INFORandnbsp;TABLE 51 andnbsp;SALESFORCE INC. SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 52 andnbsp;SWOT ANALYSIS OF SALESFORCEandnbsp;LIST OF FIGURESFIG. 1 andnbsp;TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, BASE CASE (2020-2025)andnbsp;FIG. 2 andnbsp;TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, OPTIMISTIC CASE (2020-2025)andnbsp;FIG. 3 andnbsp;TOP IMPACTING FACTORS, CRITICAL CASE (2020-2025)andnbsp;FIG. 4 andnbsp;TOP IMPACTING FACTORSandnbsp;FIG. 5 andnbsp;TOP INVESTMENT POCKETS OF ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKETandnbsp;FIG. 6 andnbsp;TOP WINNING STRATEGIES IN ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKETandnbsp;FIG. 7 andnbsp;PORTERandrsquo;S FIVE FORCES MODELandnbsp;FIG. 8 andnbsp;VALUE CHAIN ANALYSISandnbsp;FIG. 9 andnbsp;COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS OF ENTERPRISE APPLICATION MARKETandnbsp;FIG. 10 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY ORACLEandnbsp;FIG. 11 andnbsp;REVENUE OF ORACLE BY GEOGRAPHY( IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 12 andnbsp;REVENUE OF ORACLE BY SEGMENT (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 13 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY IBM (2011 - 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 14 andnbsp;REVENUE OF IBM BY GEOGRAPHY, (IN PERCENTAGE 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 15 andnbsp;REVENUE OF IBM IN BY SEGMENT, (PERCENTAGE 2013)FIG. 16 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY MICROSOFT CORP(2011-2013)andnbsp;FIG. 17 andnbsp;REVENUE OF MICROSOFT CORP. BY GEOGRAPHY, (IN PERCENTAGE , 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 18 andnbsp;REVENUE OF MICROSOFT CORP. andnbsp;BY SEGMENT (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 19 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY SAP(2011-2013)andnbsp;FIG. 20 andnbsp;REVENUE OF SAP BY GEOGRAPHY (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 21 andnbsp;REVENUE OF SAP BY INDUSTRIES, (IN PERCENTAGE 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 22 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY HP (2011-2013)andnbsp;FIG. 23 andnbsp;REVENUE OF HP BY GEOGRAPHY (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 24 andnbsp;REVENUE OF HP BY SEGMENT (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 25 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY IFS AB (2011-2013)FIG. 26 andnbsp;REVENUE OF IFS AB BY SEGMENT (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 27 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY EPICOR (2011-2013)andnbsp;FIG. 28 andnbsp;REVENUE OF EPICOR BY GEOGRAPHY (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 29 andnbsp;REVENUE OF EPICOR BY SEGMENT (IN PERCENTAGE, 2013)andnbsp;FIG. 30 andnbsp;REVENUE GENERATED BY SALESFORCE INC.andnbsp;FIG. 31 andnbsp;REVENUE OF SALESFORCE INC. IN PERCENTAGE BY GEOGRAPHY 2013andnbsp;FIG. 32 andnbsp;REVENUE OF SALESFORCE INC. IN PERCENTAGE BY SEGMENT 2013andnbsp;

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