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Microwave ovens, today, form an integral part of kitchen appliances. Microwave oven functions on thermal energy by heating the polar molecules in food, a process also known as dialectic heating. The microwave radiations emitted from microwave ovens are of shorter wavelength, but possess enormous amount of energy which facilitate faster cooking. Microwave ovens, depending on their power output, can alternatively be used for roasting, baking and grilling. Microwave ovens are manufactured with varied features, some of which include, touch display panels, a heating chamber, vents and a glass turntable. North America is a major revenue contributor to the global microwave oven market. The Asia Pacific region would witness an impressive growth in the microwave oven market. A significant increase in disposable income and growing working class segment would foster the growth of the Asia Pacific microwave market. The increasing propensity of consumers to spend on appliances which assist them in kitchen chores has generated an increasing demand for microwave ovens. Additionally, the changing lifestyle of consumers has encouraged the users to opt for stylish and convenient appliances which complement their living standards. However, the prominent use of traditional cooking equipment in the less developed regions of Asian countries, limits the growth of microwave oven market. Moreover, the need of energy efficient kitchen appliances and growing demand for smart appliances are factors that will drive the growth of the microwave oven market.Top players are adopting various strategies in the market in order to acquire a bigger market share in the microwave oven market. Their key development strategies include product launch, partnerships and collaborations. In December 2014, Samsung launched a new smart microwave oven in the Jordanian market. It has 28 L capacity which includes microwave, oven, fryer, baking oven, grill and toaster. The microwave oven is equipped with the latest technology which enables convenient and fast cooking with user friendly functions. The product has been launched with an aim to provide the Jordanian market with a multi-function device that facilitates easy usage and promotes healthy cooking. In September 2014, Electrolux announced the acquisition of GE appliance, a global manufacturer of home appliances. This acquisition would help Electrolux in expanding its business and improving its global presence within the home appliances market. This acquisition is regarded as the biggest acquisition of Electrolux till date. In October 2014, Whirlpool acquired Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co.Ltd., one of the leading home appliances company based in China. With this acquisition, Whirlpool aims to strengthen its market position in the Chinese appliance market. The other key players dominating this market include LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Alto-Shaam Inc., AB Electrolux, Sharp Corporation, Hoover Limited, Illinois Tool Works Inc., Galanz Enterprise Group, Whirlpool Corporation and Panasonic Corporation.The world microwave oven market is segmented, based on type, application, structure and geography. Three types of microwave oven are covered in this report such as convection, grill and solo. The convection microwave oven accounts for the bigger market share within the world microwave oven market. Owing to its high functionality feature, convection microwave oven is witnessing a rapid growth. The report is also analyzed from the perspective of application of microwave oven. Household application of microwave oven accounts for a higher share than the commercial application. The product structure segment comprises of built-in and counter top. Built-in microwave oven are expensive and involve installation charges, whereas counter top microwave ovens do not have any installation cost and can be placed conveniently in the kitchen. The report covers an in-depth analysis of the microwave oven market across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA).    

:A thorough analysis of current and future trends in World Microwave Oven market elucidates the imminent investment pockets in this regionThe report provides information regarding key drivers, restraints and opportunities with impact analysisPorter€™s Five Forces model and a SWOT analysis of the industry illustrates the potency of the buyers & suppliers participating in the marketQuantitative analysis of the current market and estimations through 2014-2020 are provided to showcase the financial appetency of the marketThe report provides detailed analysis of World Microwave Oven market with respect to type of microwave oven, types of application, product structure and geography to enable stakeholders take precise investment decisionsValue chain analysis in the report provides a clear understanding on the roles of stakeholders involved in the value chain

:The World Microwave Oven market segmentation is illustrated below:World Microwave Oven Market - By TypeConvectionGrillSoloWorld Microwave Oven Market - By ApplicationHouseholdCommercialWorld Microwave Oven Market - By StructureBuilt-inCounter TopWorld Microwave Oven Market - By GeographyNorth AmericaEuropeAsia PacificLAMEAKEY PLAYERS:LG Electronics Samsung ElectronicsAlto-Shaam Inc.AB ElectroluxSharp CorporationHoover LimitedIllinois Tool Works Inc.Galanz Enterprise GroupWhirlpool CorporationPanasonic Corporation

Table Of Contents

World Microwave Oven Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020
TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Report description1.2 Key benefits1.3 Market segmentation1.4 Research methodology1.4.1 Secondary research1.4.2 Primary research1.4.3 Analyst tools and modelsCHAPTER 2 MARKET OVERVIEW2.1 Executive summary2.2 CXO perspective2.3 Market definition and scope2.4 Key findings2.4.1 Top impacting factors2.4.2 Top investment pockets2.4.3 Top winning strategies2.5 Value chain analysis2.6 Market share analysis, 20142.7 Porters five forces analysis2.7.1 High bargaining power of buyers2.7.2 Low bargaining power of suppliers2.7.3 Low threat of substitute2.7.4 Low threat of new entrants2.7.5 Low industry rivalry2.8 Market dynamics2.8.1 Drivers2.8.1.1 Increasing disposable income2.8.1.2 Changing lifestyle2.8.1.3 Increasing demand for frozen and ready to cook food2.8.2 Restraints2.8.1.1 High energy consumption2.8.2.2 Traditional cooking equipment2.8.3 Opportunities2.8.3.1 Smart appliances2.8.3.2 Energy efficient appliancesCHAPTER 3 WORLD MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET BY PRODUCT TYPE3.1 Standard/Solo microwave oven3.1.1 Key market trends3.1.2 Competitive scenario3.1.3 Key growth factors and opportunities3.1.4 Market Size and Forecast3.2 Grill microwave oven3.2.1 Key Market Trends3.2.2 Competitive Scenario3.2.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities3.2.4 Market Size and Forecast3.3 Convection microwave oven3.3.1 Key Market Trends3.3.2 Competitive Scenario3.3.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities3.3.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER 4 WORLD MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET BY APPLICATION4.1 Household4.1.1 Key Market Trends4.1.2 Competitive Scenario4.1.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities4.1.4 Market Size and Forecast4.2 Commercial4.2.1 Key Market Trends4.2.2 Competitive Scenario4.2.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities4.2.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER 5 WORLD MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET BY STRUCTURE5.1 Built-in5.1.1 Key Market Trends5.1.1 Competitive Scenario5.1.2 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities5.1.3 Market Size and Forecast5.2 Counter top5.2.1 Key Market Trends5.2.2 Competitive Scenario5.2.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities5.2.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER 6 WORLD MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY6.1 North America6.1.1 Key Market Trends6.1.2 Competitive Scenario6.1.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities6.1.4 Market Size and Forecast6.2 Europe6.2.1 Key Market Trends6.2.2 Competitive Scenario6.2.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities6.2.4 Market Size and Forecast6.3 Asia Pacific6.3.1 Key Market Trends6.3.2 Competitive Scenario6.3.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities6.3.4 Market Size and Forecast6.4 LAMEA6.4.1 Key Market Trends6.4.2 Competitive Scenario6.4.3 Key Growth Factors and Opportunities6.4.4 Market Size and ForecastCHAPTER 7 COMPANY PROFILE7.1 Panasonic Corporation7.1.1 Company overview7.1.2 Company snapshot7.1.3 Business performance7.1.4 Key strategies and developments7.1.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Panasonic Corporation7.2 Whirlpool Corporation7.2.1 Company overview7.2.2 Company snapshot7.2.3 Business performance7.2.4 Key strategies and developments7.2.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Whirlpool Corporation7.3 LG Electronics7.3.1 Company overview7.3.2 Company snapshot7.3.3 Business performance7.3.4 Key strategies and developments7.3.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of LG Electronics7.4 Samsung Electronics7.4.1 Company overview7.4.2 Company snapshot7.4.3 Business performance7.4.4 Key strategies and developments7.4.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Samsung Electronics7.5 Alto-Shaam Inc.7.5.1 Company overview7.5.2 Company snapshot7.5.3 Business performance7.5.4 Key strategies and developments7.5.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Alto-Shaam Inc.7.6 AB Electrolux7.6.1 Company overview7.6.2 Company snapshot7.6.3 Business performance7.6.4 Key strategies and developments7.6.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of AB Electrolux7.7 Sharp Corporation7.7.1 Company overview7.7.2 Company snapshot7.7.3 Business performance7.7.4 Key strategies and developments7.7.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Sharp Corporation7.8 Hoover limited7.8.1 Company overview7.8.2 Company snapshot7.8.3 Business performance7.8.4 Key strategies and developments7.8.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Hoover limited7.9 Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW)7.9.1 Company overview7.9.2 Company snapshot7.9.3 Business performance7.9.4 Key strategies and developments7.9.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Illinois Tool Works Inc.7.10 Galanz Enterprise Group7.10.1 Company overview7.10.2 Company snapshot7.10.3 Business performance7.10.4 Key strategies and developments7.10.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion of Galanz Enterprise GroupLIST OF FIGURESFIG. 1 TOP IMPACTING FACTORSFIG. 2 TOP INVESTMENT POCKETSFIG. 3 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES IN GLOBAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKETFIG. 4 GLOBAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET VALUE CHAINFIG. 5 MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS, 2014FIG. 6 PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODELFIG. 7 REVENUE OF PANASONIC CORPORATION, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 8 REVENUE OF PANASONIC CORPORATION., BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 9 SWOT ANALYSIS OF PANASONIC COPORATIONFIG. 10 REVENUE OF WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 11 SWOT ANALYSIS OF WHIRLPOOL CORPORATIONFIG. 12 REVENUE OF LG ELECTRONICS, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 13 REVENUE OF LG ELECTRONICS, BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 14 REVENUE OF LG ELECTRONICS, BY REGIONS (%), 2014FIG. 15 SWOT ANALYSIS OF LG ELECTRONICSFIG. 16 REVENUE OF SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 17 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSFIG. 18 SWOT ANALYSIS OF ALTO-SHAAM INC.FIG. 19 REVENUE OF AB ELECTROLUX, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 20 REVENUE OF AB ELECTROLUX, BY PRODUCT (%), 2014FIG. 21 REVENUE OF AB ELECTROLUX, BY BUSINESS SEGMENTS (%), 2014FIG. 22 SWOT ANALYSIS OF AB ELECTROLUXFIG. 23 REVENUE OF SHARP CORPORATION, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 24 REVENUE OF SHARP CORPORATION, BY BUSINESS SEGMENTS ($MILLION, 2014)FIG. 25 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SHARP CORPORATIONFIG. 26 SWOT ANALYSIS OF HOOVER LIMITEDFIG. 27 REVENUE OF ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS, 2012 2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 28 REVENUE OF ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS, BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 29 REVENUE OF ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS, BY REGIONS (%), 2014FIG. 30 SWOT ANALYSIS OF ILLINOIS TOOL WORKSFIG. 31 SWOT ANALYSIS OF GALANZ ENTERPRISE GROUPLIST OF TABLESTABLE 1 MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 20142020 ($MILLION)TABLE 2 GLOBAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY PRODUCT TYPE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 3 GLOBAL SOLO MICROWAVE OVEN REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 4 GLOBAL CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 5 GLOBAL GRILL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 6 GLOBAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY APPLICATION 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 7 GLOBAL HOUSEHOLD MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 8 GLOBAL COMMERCIAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 9 GLOBAL MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY STRUCTURE 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 10 GLOBAL BUILT-IN MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 11 GLOBAL COUNTER TOP MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 12 NORTH AMERICA MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE, BY TYPES 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 13 EUROPE MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE, BY TYPES 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 14 ASIA PACIFIC MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE, BY TYPES 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 15 LAMEA MICROWAVE OVEN MARKET REVENUE, BY TYPES 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 16 SNAPSHOT OF PANASONIC CORPORATIONTABLE 17 SNAPSHOT OF WHIRLPOOL CORPORATIONTABLE 18 SNAPSHOT OF LG ELECTRONICSTABLE 19 SNAPSHOT OF SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSTABLE 20 SNAPSHOT OF ALTO-SHAAM, INC.TABLE 21 SNAPSHOT OF AB ELECTROLUXTABLE 22 SNAPSHOT OF SHARP CORPORATIONTABLE 23 SNAPSHOT OF HOOVER LIMITEDTABLE 24 SNAPSHOT OF ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC.TABLE 25 SNAPSHOT OF GALANZ ENTERPRISE GROUP

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