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I&R - The Global Telecoms Towers Market Report 2016

  • May 2016
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  • Investment and Research
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  • 173 pages

The telecommunications infrastructure market has seen rapid growth over the last ten years, driven by major factors including rising number of mobile subscribers, 3G, Long Term Evolution (LTE-4G) deployment and increasing government support towards strengthening telecom infrastructure, and a diversification of assets by telecommunications companies looking to focus on their core business. Additionally, growing environmental concerns is further driving the shift towards off-grid telecom towers.

Telecom towers are either owned by individual telecom service providers, or shared among multiple service providers in order to save capital and operational costs. However, M&A activity in recent years has seen the ownership structure of towers changing dramatically and also drawn a lot of focus on the sector from non-telecoms companies as traditional MNOs offload tower assets to towerco’s in order to focus on their core activity. In order to provide uninterrupted telecom services, telecom towers have to be connected with a continuous power supply source.

This report analyses and presents an overview of the global Telecom Towers market including the Asia-Pacific region, The Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America.

Why you should buy The Global Telecoms Towers Market 2016

- 173 pages of comprehensive analysis
- 66 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying the market in detail
- Global Telecoms Towers market forecasts between 2016 and 2026
- Forecasts for the 7 global regional markets within the Global Telecoms Towers market:
- North America
- Asia-Pacific
- Europe
- Latin America
- Africa
- Middle East
- A SWOT analysis that examines the Telecoms Towers market
- 48 key companies identified and profiled operating within the Telecoms Towers market, including 2016 market share information.

You can order this report today and discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Telecoms Towers industry and gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market by ordering The Global Telecoms Towers Market 2016.

Table Of Contents

IandR - The Global Telecoms Towers Market Report 2016
Executive Summary 15
Benefits of the Report 17
Intended Audience 17
Report Contributors 17
Methodology 18
Introduction to the Telecoms Towers Market 19
Development of the Mobile Market 19
4G Roll Out 19
Base Stations and Towers 20
Base Stations 20
Table 1: Base Stations - Types 21
Types of Towers 21
Monopole Towers 21
Table 2: Types of Towers 22
Lattice Tower 22
Guyed Tower 22
Stealth Towers 23
Tower Disguises 23
Table 3: Types of Stealth Towers 23
How Base Stations Work 24
The Components of a Base Station 24
Antenna Characteristics 25
Typical Tower Components 25
Microwave Dish 25
Base Transmitter Station 26
Generator 26
Ground Space 26
Table 4: Typical Tower Components 26
Telecoms Towers Technology Sharing 28
Passive Infrastructure Sharing 28
Active Infrastructure Sharing 29
Figure 1: Active Infrastructure Sharing 30
Tower Sharing: Limitations with Wind/Weight 30
Figure 2: Infrastructure sharing 31
Site Sharing 32
Figure 3: Site Sharing 32
RAN Sharing 32
Figure 4: RAN sharing 33
Origin of RAN Sharing 34
Cost Reduction or Operation Independence 35
Seamless Connection of Shared and Dedicated Networks 35
Independence of Services in RAN-Sharing 36
Balance between CAPEX and OPEX 36
Reducing Pressure for Operators 36
Gaining Industry Popularity 37
Multi-Operator Radio Access Networks (MORANs) 38
Antenna Sharing 40
Figure 5: Mast sharing 40
Impact of Remote Radio Heads 41
Figure 6: Mast sharing 43
Impact of Smart Antennas 43
Business Models 44
Figure 7: Telecoms Infrastructure For Operators 44
Inter-operator tower sharing 45
Third-party tower companies 45
Table 5: Tower Business Models 46
Third-Party Vendor Tower Company 47
Lease Accounting 47
Table 6: Tower Sharing Business Models 47
Transfer to a Separate Entity 48
Table 7: Joint Control of Tower 49
Commercial Imperatives for Sharing 49
Benefits of Infrastructure Sharing 50
Possible Negative Impact 50
Global SWOT of Telecoms Towers Industry 51
Global Telecoms Towers Industry Outlook 52
Table 8: Global Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 52
Figure 8: Global Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 52
Drivers and Restraints of the Global Telecoms Towers Market 55
Drivers of the Telecoms Towers Market 55
Market Entry 55
Network Maturity 55
Commercial Drivers 55
Expanding Geographic Coverage on MNOs 55
Outsourcing Tower Infrastructure 56
Restraints of the Telecoms Towers Market 56
Zoning Restrictions 56
Capital Expenditure to build new sites 56
Reliable Power Supply 57
Raising Capital for Towerco Deals 57
Regional Telecoms Towers Market Outlook 58
Table 9: Regional Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 58
Figure 9: Regional Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 58
North America Telecoms Towers Market For 60
Table 10: North America Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 60
Figure 10: North America Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 60
Table 11: North America Telecoms Towers SWOT 61
Cell Tower Construction to show Strong Growth in U.S. 61
Small Cell Sites gaining momentum 61
Figure 11: Carrier Wireless Capex Forecasts 2015 62
ATandT To Decrease Cap Ex Slightly 62
Verizon To Keep The Course 63
Sprint Holding Fairly Steady 63
T-Mobile Slightly Increasing Their Budget 64
FCC hopes to raise $10B from AWS-3 auction 64
Key risk factors include: 64
European Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 65
Table 12: European Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 65
Figure12: European Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 65
Table 13: European Telecoms Towers SWOT 66
Table 14: Notable Asia-Pacific Tower Deals 66
Figure 13: Estimated tower numbers across Europe (macro structures only) 67
Strategic Partnerships 67
Tower Sales On The Way 68
Spain's Abertis shines spotlight on potential of European towers market 68
Table 15: Spain: Numbers Of Mobile Base Stations By Air Interface, 2008-2013 69
The Italian Tower Market 69
Telecoms Italia Turnaround Due to Towers Listing 70
Figure 14: Operating Expenses By Type (EUR), H113 vs H114 71
Asia-Pacific Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 73
Table 16: Asia-Pacific Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 73
Figure 15: Asia-Pacific Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 73
Table 17: Asia Pacific Telecoms Towers SWOT 74
Figure 16: Estimated Asian tower count comparisons 75
India Telecoms Towers Market 75
Investment into Indian Telecoms Market 76
Government Initiatives 77
Regulatory Changes Boost India's Tower Market 78
Table 18: Viom Networks: Key Consolidated Financial Indicators (INRmn) 78
India's Infratel tempts operators with towers buyout 79
Figure 17: Bharti Infratel Key Indicators, 2013-2014 80
Reliance Infratel Sale Stirs India's Towers Market 81
Figure 18: Comparison Of Indian And International Tower Companies, 2014 82
Telecom Consolidation Raises Worries for Tower Firms 83
Bangladesh's Tower Market Restructuring 84
Sri Lanka Telecoms Taxes: Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain 85
Figure 19: Sri-Lanka Mobile Subscription Market Shares, Q414 85
Tower Transfers 87
Table 19: Notable Asia-Pacific Tower Deals 87
CIS Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 88
Table 20: CIS Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 88
Figure 20: CIS Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 88
Table 21: CIS Telecoms Towers SWOT 89
Strategic Options For CEE Operators Includes Tower Sales 89
Network Sharing A Popular Option 89
Ukraine Tower Market Outlook 90
Latin America Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 91
Table 22: Latin America Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 91
Figure21: Latin America Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 91
Table 23: Latin America Telecoms Towers SWOT 92
Mexico Marching on 92
Regulatory Regime Hinders Chilean Tower Market 92
Macro-Economic Turbulence and Government Policy Stagnating Argentina's Tower Market 93
Figure 22: Telecom Operators Market Share (%), 2011-2014 93
Figure 23: Latin America 3G/4G Penetration 2012-2018 94
Positive Developments in the Brazilian Telecoms Tower Market 96
Figure 24: Brazil Mobile Broadband Connections ('000) 97
Telecoms Tower Market in Peru to Expand Rapidly 98
Figure 25: Peru Mobile Market Data 2013-2019 99
Figure 26: Latin America Rural Populations (%), 2010-2020 100
New Regulations to Boost Telecoms Competition and Capacity 101
Figure 27: Peru Telecoms Market Share (%), 2011-2014 101
Table 24: Notable Latin America Tower Deals 103
Africa Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 104
Table 25: African Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 104
Figure 28: African Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 104
Table 26: African Tower Industry Tower Count 105
Table 27: African Telecoms Towers SWOT 105
Table 28: Notable African Tower Sharing Deals 106
Figure 29: African Towerco Footprints 107
Airtel Africa Offloads Towers 108
Figure 30: Approximate Number Of Sites Under Management, September 2014 108
Figure 31: Count differentiating towers that are owned from those that are managed and marketed by towercos 109
Nigerian MTN-IHS Deal Confirms Take-Off Of Tower Outsourcing Services In Country 110
Figure 32: Nigeria Mobile Market Growth 110
South Africa Tower Market Still Lucrative 111
Figure 33: Estimated macro tower count in South Africa 112
Looking East 113
Promising Market Opportunity in North Africa 113
Middle East Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 115
Table 29: Middle East Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, AGR%) 115
Figure 34: Middle East Telecoms Towers Market Forecast 2014-2026, ($m, %) 115
Table 30: Middle East Telecoms Towers SWOT 116
Saudi Arabia Market Outlook 116
Kuwait Outlook 117
Regulatory Developments 118
Table 31: Select Regulation Surrounding Site-Sharing 118
Table 32: Site-Sharing Regulation 118
Industry Trends And Developments 123
Airtel Divests its Telecoms Tower Assets in DRC to Helios Towers Africa 123
Helios Towers Tanzania Plans Expansion 123
Yoma Keeps Stake in Telecoms Tower Firm 123
IGT Raises US$122 million for Telecoms Tower Expansion 124
Zain Saudi Reviews Options for 7,500 Telecom Towers 124
OCK Group Signs Agreement with King Royal Technologies 124
Axiata Sells Bond for Towers Company 125
Apollo Towers Raises US$ 30 Million 125
Shenandoah Telecoms Completes Acquisition of NTELOS Holdings 125
Positive Growth Expected to Telecoms Towerco's in India and Indonesia 125
IHS to Buy Nigerian Rival 126
Telecom Italia Values Tower Unit at Up to US$2.6 Billion in IPO 126
IHS Holding to tap capital market for US$800m to expand African operations 126
Indonesia's XL Axiata to Sell More Telecom Towers 127
IHS secures Africa's largest tower transaction to date 127
IHS Claims US$3.5 Billion Investment in Nigeria 127
Cell C Expansion Drive 127
Reliance Jio Infocomm Signs Lease Agreement With Bharti Infratel Towers 127
Reliance Communications Enters into Agreement with Aircel 128
Bharti Infratel Inks Agreement with Omnigrid Micropower 128
Zimbabwe Tower Sharing Row 128
Eaton Towers acquires Airtel towers in 6 countries. 128
Eaton Towers plans US$350m expansion 129
IHS Holdings Acquires 1,100 towers in Zambia and Rwanda from Airtel 129
Indus Towers converts 4,300 sites into green, solar hybrid sites in West Bengal 129
American Tower Corp plans to acquire India's Viom Networks 130
Indus Towers to convert 3,000 street lamps in New Delhi into telecom towers 130
CAT Telecom to complete the formation of Telecom Tower Company 130
GTL to sell off Assets 130
Solusi Tunas Pratama to divest 131
China Tower Co to take ownership of towers 131
EI Towers' interest in RaiWay continues 131
Tele2 Croatia and Huawei sign 3G roll out contract 131
Market Overview 132
Competitive Landscape 132
Figure 35: Leading Towerco Companies by Tower Count 132
Company Profiles 133
Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A. 133
American Tower Corporation (AMT) 133
Arqiva Ltd 135
Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd 135
Apollo Towers Myanmar Ltd 136
Aster Pvt Ltd 136
Axiata Group Berhad 137
Bharti Infratel Limited 137
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd 138
Brazil Tower Company (BTC) 139
China Tower Company 139
Crown Castle International Corp. 140
Digital Multimedia Technologies, S.p.a. 141
Deutsche Funkturm GmbH 142
Eaton Towers 142
edotco Group 143
EI Towers S.p.A. 143
FPS Towers SAS 144
Frontier Tower Solutions 144
GTL Infrastructure Ltd 146
Global Tower LLC 146
Grupo TorreSur 147
Helios Towers Africa LLP 147
HIS Towers Plc 148
Inti Bangun Sejahtera Tbk (IBST) 148
Indus Towers Ltd 149
Inti Bangun Sejahtera Tbk (IBST) 149
KGI Wireless 150
KIN Towers 151
Konsortium Jaringan Selangor (KJS) 151
Mitratel (PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi) 152
Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (MBNL) 152
Mobilitie LLC 153
Protelindo (PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia) 153
Quippo Telecom Infrastructure, Ltd. 154
Reliance Infratel Limited 154
Retower Asia 155
Russian Towers LLC 155
SBA Communications Corporation 155
Shared Access, LLC 158
Tata Teleservices Limited 160
Telediffusion de France S.A. (TDF) 160
Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk 162
TowerCo LLC 162
TowerCom Ltd 163
Tower Vision India Private Limited 163
Viom Networks 164
Wireless Infrastructure Group Ltd 165
Glossary Of Terms 166
Methodology 169
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 169
Disclaimer 169
Appendix A 170
Appendix B 171

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