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Global Digital and Sharing Economy - Transforming Governments, Consumers and Business

  • November 2015
  • -
  • Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
  • -
  • 123 pages

The Sharing and Networking Economy demonstrate the growing trust in online services

The quick acceptance of the Sharing Economy movement demonstrates the enormous trust and confidence consumers, businesses and government alike now place in online services generally. While social media was quickly accepted and became a huge worldwide phenomenon - the uptake and acceptance of services such as online and mobile shopping, B2B networks, government portals and so on was slow and met with distrust. It appears that now however, as a collective society, we are beginning to embrace the digital tools and services at out fingertips and finally use them to our advantage.

Based on the huge number of internet and mobile users worldwide - it is hardly any wonder that e-commerce and m-commerce are now thriving. The Asia Pacific region, in particular, is considered a key area for future growth and the large populations of the Middle East will also offer future opportunities. New communication and software developments are making it increasingly possible for retailers to offer a seamless shopping experience using all the available shopping channels – mobile devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, radio, direct mail, catalogues, and so on.

In our existing climate of digital interaction, the concept of a ‘Sharing Economy’ is gaining momentum. New developments are following in the footsteps of those entrepreneurs who created sites where people share their houses and car spaces. While the sharing economy initially gained traction amongst citizens it is now governments and businesses which are exploring the opportunities the Sharing Economy offers.

M-commerce is one of the hottest topics globally and the market is growing at a staggering rate. While this boom will eventually taper off; m-commerce will remain one of the leading growth areas for some years driven by the younger generation and its mobile-centric lifestyle. Consumers are relying more and more on their Smartphone’s when conducting day-to-day communication and transactions and this will lead m-commerce to account for an ever-increasing proportion of the e-commerce market.

Underpinning many popular online and mobile services is the entertainment industry and in particular the vast array of mobile apps we have access to. This highly competitive industry is flourishing on the back of improved mobile and broadband infrastructure and consumers continue to embrace being entertained by gaming, social media, video streaming, VoD and digital music. Advertising models are expanding in order to capture revenue from an industry where direct revenue-generating business models are not well received by the broader public.

Key developments:

The Sharing Economy and E-commerce sectors will benefit from any advancement in telecoms infrastructure and the continuing uptake of fixed broadband and mobile broadband.
It is only a matter of time before disruptive sharing developments take place in other industries as well – the electricity industry is a good example.
The sharing and networking economy is opening up a whole new range of business opportunities for personal and personalised services.
South Korea and China are two of the leading countries e-commerce markets in Asia Pacific.
In 2015 the number of apps available from the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores reached around 3 million.
The revenue derived from global digital music sales today has finally equalled the amount derived from physical formats.
While Nintendo long resisted joining the mobile gaming market it has finally bowed to competitive pressure and announced in 2015 that it would begin publishing and offering mobile games.
North America is the largest market for digital ad spending.

Table Of Contents

Global Digital and Sharing Economy - Transforming Governments, Consumers and Business
1. The sharing and networking economy
1.1 Robots vs the sharing economy
1.2 Computer transactions, not people, are driving the need for all-fibre networks
1.3 Collaborative consumption
1.3.1 Opportunities
1.3.2 Inhibitors
1.4 Sharing economy published statistics
1.5 Examples of sharing economy services
1.5.1 Concierge services
1.5.2 Vacant parking spaces on the internet
1.5.3 YouTube for authors
1.5.4 Currency Exchange
1.6 Transport a key area for the sharing economy
1.7 Crowdsourced WiFi
2. The digital environment is transforming Government
2.1 Governments under pressure
2.1.1 Governments are a key driver to the digital economy
2.2 E-government
2.2.1 E-government leaders
2.2.2 E-government investment
2.2.3 Benefits of e-government
2.2.4 Barriers to e-government
2.2.5 Telecoms infrastructure is key to e-government
2.3 M-government
2.3.1 Case study: m-government in South Korea
2.4 Cloud computing and governments
2.4.1 Governments around the world adopting cloud services (g-clouds)
2.5 The sharing economy and governments
2.5.1 Broadband the catalyst for change
3. Global e-commerce, e-payments and m-commerce trends
3.1 Global e-commerce market
3.1.1 Underlying trends
3.1.2 The digital commerce evolution
3.2 Market leaders
3.2.1 E-payments
3.3 Key e-commerce trends
3.3.1 Omni-channel retailing
3.3.2 The changing face of Foursquare
3.3.3 Carrier billing for emerging markets
3.3.4 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
3.3.5 Cloud computing and e-commerce
3.3.6 Security concerns
3.4 Global e-commerce market statistics
3.5 Global m-commerce market
3.5.1 Market analysis
3.5.2 M-payments
3.5.3 Key m-commerce trends
3.5.4 Global m-commerce market statistics
3.6 Internet banking (E-banking and m-banking)
3.6.1 The changing face of e-banking
3.6.2 M-banking
3.6.3 Mobile advertising
4. Global digital and mobile apps trends
4.1 Portals or Apps?
4.1.1 Global mobile entertainment revenues
4.2 Mobile app insights
4.2.1 Global mobile app statistics
4.2.2 Leading free and paid apps
4.2.3 Machine learning and apps
4.3 Social networks
4.3.1 The fickle nature of social networks Twitters turn to feel the heat
4.4 Adult services
4.5 Online and mobile dating
4.6 Mobile photo-messaging
4.6.1 Instagram
4.7 Online and mobile gaming
4.7.1 Gamification
4.8 Online and mobile gambling
4.9 Online and mobile music
5. Global online and mobile advertising trends
5.1 Market summary
5.2 Market insights
5.2.1 Changes in internet advertising
5.2.2 The effect of big data on the advertising industry
5.2.3 Online advertising does not improve the overall result for advertisers
5.2.4 Mobile advertising
5.2.5 Mobile Location-Based Advertising (Geo-marketing)
5.2.6 TV advertising
5.2.7 Digital ad exchanges
5.2.8 A multi-screen approach gains attention
5.3 Is advertising the price we have to pay for free services?
5.4 Key online advertising categories
5.4.1 In-game advertising
5.4.2 Social network advertising
5.4.3 Online video advertising
5.4.4 Search engine advertising
5.5 Internet media companies selected insights
5.5.1 Overview
5.5.2 Google advertising revenues continue to grow
5.5.3 Yahoo digital display ad revenues slump
5.5.4 Hulu an unusual dual revenue model
5.5.5 Facebook prepared to operate in different markets
5.5.6 Amazon's rising threat
5.6 Consumers in focus
5.6.1 Consumers will lead the way
5.6.2 Consumers react to privacy misuse by Internet companies
5.6.3 Consumers are the serfs of the feudal internet companies
6. Selected country case studies
6.1 USA
6.1.1 E-commerce
6.1.2 M-commerce
6.2 Canada
6.2.1 Overview
6.2.2 M-payments
6.3 Latin America
6.3.1 Overview
6.3.2 Mexico
6.3.3 Argentina
6.3.4 Brazil
6.4 Europe
6.4.1 Overview
6.4.2 M-payments
6.4.3 UK m-payment case study
6.5 Africa
6.5.1 Overview
6.5.2 Kenya
6.5.3 Nigeria
6.5.4 South Africa
6.5.5 Rwanda
6.5.6 Tanzania
6.5.7 Uganda
6.5.8 Case study Tanzania
6.6 Middle East
6.6.1 Kuwait
6.6.2 United Arab Emirates
6.6.3 Saudi Arabia
6.7 Asia
6.7.1 China
6.7.2 Hong Kong
6.7.3 South Korea
6.7.4 Indonesia
6.7.5 Vietnam
6.8 Pacific Region
6.8.1 Australia
6.8.2 New Zealand

List of Tables

Table 1 Global homespots by the major providers 2014
Table 2 Australia - estimated government recurrent expenditure 2012 - 2013
Table 3 Global investment in e-government 2010 - 2016
Table 4 Top 10 web properties worldwide 2015
Table 5 Global e-commerce spending 2011 - 2016
Table 6 Global m-commerce sales 2012 - 2018
Table 7 Global m-commerce sales by region 2013; 2017
Table 8 US m-commerce sales 2011 - 2017
Table 9 Global app store revenue 2011 - 2016
Table 10 Global - mobile entertainment revenues 2011 - 2017
Table 11 Global - leading app store competitors by number of apps 2011 - 2014
Table 12 Global top 5 fastest growing app categories - 2014
Table 13 Global largest social networks by user numbers 2014
Table 14 Global subscribers to digital music services 2010 - 2014
Table 15 Global - digital music revenue 2007 - 2014
Table 16 Global media ad spending and annual change 2011 - 2016
Table 17 Global digital ad spending and annual change 2011 2016
Table 18 Global mobile internet ad spending and annual change 2011 2016
Table 19 Ad spending by major countries total media, digital, mobile internet 2014 - 2015
Table 20 Top ten countries by ad spending per person and per digital Internet user 2014
Table 21 Market share of mobile internet advertising revenue major companies 2012 - 2014
Table 22 Social network advertising revenue by region 2013 - 2015
Table 23 Global search engine advertising revenue major companies 2013 - 2015
Table 24 Google advertising revenue (total and mobile) 2006 - 2014
Table 25 Facebook advertising revenue (total and mobile) 2011 - 2014
Table 26 - Online retail sales - USA 2003 2018
Table 27 - Online m-commerce retail sales USA - 2012 2018
Table 28 Retail e-commerce sales Canada 2010 2019
Table 29 Europe - top B2C e-commerce growth by country 2014
Table 30 Western Europe e-commerce sales by country 2010 - 2015
Table 31 UAE mobile broadband subscribers and penetration 2010 - 2015
Table 32 Hong Kong - total number of online shoppers 2004 - 2014
Table 33 Hong Kong - amount spent by online shoppers 2014
Table 34 Hong Kong - items purchased by online shoppers - 2014
Table 35 South Korea - m-commerce transaction value 2012 - 2015
Table 36 South Korea - payment Gateway transaction value 2012 - 2015
Table 37 South Korea - mobile banking service subscribers 2003 2010
Table 38 Vietnam - Internet users and penetration 2006 - 2015
Table 39 Vietnam - Internet users by age 2014
Table 40 Vietnam B2C e-commerce sales indicators 2013; 2015
Table 41 Vietnam -e-commerce sales popularity of product categories 2013
Table 42 Vietnam - top 10 most popular websites for online shopping 2013
Table 43 Business internet income and annual change - Australia 2002; 2007 - 2014
Table 44 Australia - Selling over the internet 2009 - 2014
Table 45 Australia - Selling over the internet by industry sector 2014
Table 46 Estimated New Zealand population shopping online 2008 - 2014

List of Charts

Chart 1 Global investment in e-government 2010 - 2016
Chart 2 Global m-commerce growth (projected) 2013 - 2018
Chart 3 M-commerce regional sales 2013; 2017
Chart 4 Major countries overall, digital, and mobile ad spending 2014
Chart 5 Overview of business internet income and annual change - Australia 2002; 2007 - 2014

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1 Definition: E-Government
Exhibit 2 Examples of Web 2.0 tools available to governments
Exhibit 3 Examples of common web based e-government applications
Exhibit 4 Open Government Partnership (OGP)
Exhibit 5 Examples of key cloud models
Exhibit 6 Examples of government cloud projects
Exhibit 7 Digital economy key developments
Exhibit 8 Popular online activities
Exhibit 9 A different approach to employment
Exhibit 10 Examples of popular online retail websites around the world
Exhibit 11 Walmart versus Amazon
Exhibit 12 The rise of PayPal
Exhibit 13 Mobile apps examples across various sectors
Exhibit 14 M-payments in Japan
Exhibit 15 Mobile apps examples
Exhibit 16 Top 5 free leading apps App Store and Google Play Q1 2014
Exhibit 17 Top 5 paid leading apps App Store and Google Play Q1 2014
Exhibit 18 Mobile video chat and conferencing a key growth area
Exhibit 19 Digital advertising cost considerations
Exhibit 20 Middle East offers online advertising potential
Exhibit 21 Top industries spending on mobile advertising 2014
Exhibit 22 - Statistics shows customers don't trust B2B companies

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