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Electronic Chemicals and Materials: The Global Market

BCC Research
  • Publication date: January 2011
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Table of Contents


Information about the global markets for chemicals and materials for the electronics industry
Analysis of global market trends, with data from 2009, estimates for 2010, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2015
An overview of the market by end-use products (semiconductors and printed circuit boards in the electronics industry) and also major types of chemicals and materials used in the electronics industry
Discussion of emerging trends in these industries and technological developments, including some of the recent patents in the field
The important regulatory roles governing the industry


Electronic chemicals and materials are solid, liquid, and gaseous substances used in the fabrication of semiconductors and printed circuit boards (PCBs).  Global demand for electronic chemicals and materials, particularly in developed countries, is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6% through 2015.  

The increase in demand for electronic chemicals and materials is related to overall growth in the production of electronic devices, as well as technological innovation that will create opportunities for new materials.  New materials such as low-k dielectrics and advanced photoresists will see growth rates well above average, and opportunities will also emerge in existing technologies as chemical compositions are improved to attain better compatibility and lower costs. 


In such a dynamic environment there is a need for current, comprehensive reports on electronic chemicals and materials covering aspects of technology, demand trends, project opportunities, and investment levels.  This report is an updated version of a report published by BCC Research in September 2006.  

The goal of this report is to provide a detailed analysis of recent trends in the chemicals and other materials that go into products manufactured in the global electronics industry. It examines technological developments, future trends, and emerging opportunities for every major segment and subsegment of the global market. This information will be useful for strategic planning, marketing, sales, and research and development. 

The major objectives of this study are as follows:

To assess technological developments in electronic chemicals and determine their current and future impact on the overall market.
To identify the factors driving demand.
To make available the most current and reliable information on the consumption of chemicals and other materials in the global electronics industry.
To estimate the global supply and demand scenario by application and global region.
To estimate the growth rate in demand.
To estimate the projected supply and demand scenario through 2015.


This report is intended for suppliers of electronics chemicals and materials.  Other readers who may find it particularly useful include entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, and other readers who need to know where the electronic chemicals and materials market is headed over the next 5 years.  

The report should also be of interest to users of electronic chemicals and materials such as semiconductor manufacturers. Finally, members of technical and professional organizations such as the Semiconductor Industry Association should find the report useful.


The findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from industry sources, including manufacturers and users of electronic chemicals and materials.   Interview data were combined with information gathered through an extensive review of secondary sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and online databases to produce the market projections contained in this report.  

The base year for analysis and projection is 2009.  With 2009 as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2010–2015.  These projections are based on a combination of the consensus among the primary contacts along with our understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are described in greater detail in the section on Global Electronic Chemical and Material Markets.

All dollar projections presented in this report are in 2009 constant dollars unless otherwise noted.


The report addresses the global market for electronic chemicals and materials during the period from 2009 through 2015. It covers the entire range of chemicals and materials that are used in the fabrication of ICs and PCBs, including: 

CMP slurries
Photoresist chemicals
Wet chemicals and solvents
Miscellaneous chemicals and solvents

The report format includes the following major elements:

Executive summary
Technology trends
Products and manufacturers
Key patents and patent analysis
Major applications in which electronic chemicals and materials are used (e.g., semiconductor, LCD display fabrication)
Market drivers
Global trends in the market for electronic chemicals and materials   by technology, product type, application, and geographical region for the time period 2009–2015
Electronic chemical and material manufacturer market shares

BCC Research
  • Publication date: January 2011
  • Report price: $ 6 650

Get this report today!

$ 6 650 - 1 User License

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