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The global Stevia market has been analyzed with respect to different parameters such as demand, supply, end-users and providers of stevia based products. The Stevia market has been categorized based on key ingredients (active compounds), type of extract and end-use application. On the basis of Ingredient the report is segmented into Reb A and Stevioside, by type of extracts it is segmented into Liquid, Powder and leaves. End-use application of Stevia market mentioned in the report are table top, dressing and surface foods, confectionery, beverages, dairy foods, bakery, dietary supplements, snacks, and packaged goods. The overall market is also presented from the perspective of different geographic regions and the key countries in each region. The market has been segmented into four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-pacific and Rest of the World. Major markets for stevia are analyzed for each region with market share analysis and regulations.

Few key player profiled in the report are
PureCircle (U.S.),
Cargill Inc. (U.S.),
GLG LifeTech (Canada),
Tate & Lyle (U.S.)
SunwinStevia (China),

All of these companies together held a major market share in 2014.These companies have strong tie ups with food and beverage manufacturers as well as considerable brand image among the consumers. Other major players in the market include Stevia Corp (U.S.) and Ingredion Inc. (U.S.) with its brand ENLITEN.

Table Of Contents

Stevia Ingredient and Retail Products Market by Ingredient (Rebaudioside A, Stevioside); by Extract (Liquid, Powder, Leaves); by End-use (Confectionery, Beverages, Snacks, Dietary Supplements, Dairy) - Forecast (2015-2020)
1. Global Stevia Market-Overview.
1.1. Overview.
1.2. Classification.
1.2.1. Classification-By Key Ingredient.
1.2.2. Classification-By Type of Extract.
1.2.3. Classification- By End-Use.
1.2.4. Classification-By Region.
1.3. Stakeholders.
2. Global Stevia Market- Executive Summary.
3. Global Stevia Market- Market Landscape.
3.1. Market Share Analysis.
3.2. Financial Analysis of Top Five Players.
3.3. Product Benchmarking.
3.4. End-User Profiling.
3.5. Patent Analysis.
3.6. Government Regulations and Quality Standards.
4. Global Stevia Market - Market Forces.
4.1. Market Drivers.
4.1.1. Increasing Obesity Concern.
4.1.2. Instability Over Sugar Prices.
4.1.3. Global Regulatory Approval.
4.2. Market Constraints.
4.2.1. Presence of A Bitter Aftertaste When Consumed.
4.2.2. Possible Side Effects on The Reproductive, Renal and Cardio-Vascular Systems.
4.2.3. Cannot Be Used as A Sugar Substitute In Certain Types of Food.
4.3. Market Challenges.
4.3.1. High Cost Compared to Volume Produced.
4.3.2. High Levels of Adulteration Among Stevia Products.
4.4. Market Attractiveness.
4.4.1. Power of Suppliers.
4.4.2. Power of Customers.
4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants.
4.4.4. Threat of Substitution.
4.4.5. Degree of Competition.
5. Global Stevia Market- Strategic Analysis.
5.1. Value Chain Analysis.
5.1.1. RandD.
5.1.2. Seedlings.
5.1.3. Plantation.
5.1.4. Harvest.
5.1.5. Drying.
5.1.6. Extraction.
5.1.7. Purification and Blending.
5.1.8. Product.
5.1.9. End-Users.
5.2. Industry Life Cycle Analysis.
5.3. Opportunity Analysis.
5.4. Exports and Imports Analysis.
6. Global Sugar Substitues Market.
6.1. High Intensity Sweeteners.
6.2. Low Intensity Sweeteners.
6.3. High Fructose Corn Syrup.
7. Global Stevia Market- By Type.
7.1. By Keyfunctional/Sweeteningingredient.
7.1.1. Rebaudiosidea(Rebiana).
7.1.2. Stevioside.
7.2. By Type of Extracts.
7.2.1. Liquid Extracts. Clear. Dark.
7.2.2. Powder Extracts. Stevia Blend. Sweet Glycosides (40-50%). Sweet Glycosides (80-95%).
7.2.3. Stevia Leaves. Dried Leaves. Ground Leaves. Fresh Leaves. Tea Cut Leaves.
8. Global Stevia Market- By End Use.
8.1. Confectionery.
8.2. Bakery.
8.3. Snacks.
8.4. Packaged Food.
8.5. Beverage.
8.6. Table Top Sweeteners and Dressing Food.
8.7. Dairy.
8.8. Dietary Supplements.
8.9. Others.
9. Global Stevia Market- By Geography.
9.1. North America.
9.1.1. U.S.
9.1.2. Canada.
9.1.3. Mexico.
9.2. Asia-Pacific.
9.2.1. China.
9.2.2. India.
9.2.3. Japan.
9.2.4. Australia and New Zealand.
9.2.5. Rest of APAC.
9.3. Europe.
9.3.1. France.
9.3.2. Switzerland.
9.3.3. U.K..
9.3.4. Germany
9.3.5. Netherlands.
9.3.6. Sweden.
9.3.7. Rest of Europe.
9.4. Row.
9.4.1. South America.
9.4.2. Middle East.
9.4.3. Africa.
10. Global Stevia Market- Market Entropy.
10.1. New Product Launches.
10.2. MandA's, Agreements, Parnerships, Expansions
11. Global Stevia Market - Company Profiles.
11.1. Cargill Inc..
11.1.1. Business Overview.
11.1.2. Financials.
11.1.3. Products.
11.1.4. Strategy.
11.1.5. Developments.
11.1.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Geographical Presence. Research and Development Initiatives. Diversified Business Portfolio. Weaknesses. Litigations and Lawsuits. Product Recalls. Opportunities. Rising Demand For Bioethanol. Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships. New Products. Expansion Initiatives. Threats. Stringent Government Regulations. Disease Related to Cattle and Poultry. International and Political Risk.
11.2. Cumberland Packing Corp..
11.2.1. Business Overview.
11.2.2. Financials.
11.2.3. Products.
11.2.4. Strategy.
11.2.5. Developments.
11.3. EVOLVA Holding Sa.
11.3.1. Business Overview.
11.3.2. Financials.
11.3.3. Products.
11.3.4. Strategy.
11.3.5. Developments.
11.3.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Unique Technology Platform Business Collaborations. Opportunities Product Pipeline Prostate Cancer. Growth In Emerging Markets. Threats. Increasing Competitive Pressures Stringent Regulations. Uncertain RandD Outcomes.
11.4. Groupe Danone.
11.4.1. Business Overview.
11.4.2. Financials.
11.4.3. Products.
11.4.4. Strategy.
11.4.5. Developments.
11.5. Ingredion Inc..
11.5.1. Business Overview.
11.5.2. Financials.
11.5.3. Products.
11.5.4. Strategy.
11.5.5. Developments.
11.5.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Robust Manufacturing Facilities. Product Portfolio. Sound Profitability Indicators. Weaknesses. Substantial Debt Burden. Opportunities. New Business Initiatives Emerging Markets. Competitive Landscape. Changing Consumer Demands
11.6. Odwalla Inc.
11.6.1. Business Overview.
11.6.2. Products.
11.6.3. Financials
11.6.4. Strategy.
11.6.5. Developments.
11.7. Pepsi Co..
11.7.1. Business Overview
11.7.2. Financials.
11.7.3. Products.
11.7.4. Strategy.
11.7.5. Developments.
11.8. Pure Circle Ltd.
11.8.1. Business Overview.
11.8.2. Financials.
11.8.3. Products.
11.8.4. Strategy.
11.8.5. Developments.
11.8.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Strong Global Footprint. Strong RandD Activities. Strong Customer Base. Weaknesses. Declining Liquidity Position. Opportunities. New Product Launches. Positive Outlook For European Food and Beverages Industry Global Demand For Sweeteners Threats. Rising Labor Costs in the U.S.. Stringent Regulations For Stevia Components. Threat of Substitutes.
11.9. Stevia Corp.
11.9.1. Business Overview.
11.9.2. Financials.
11.9.3. Products.
11.9.4. Strategy.
11.9.5. Developments.
11.10. Sunwin Stevia International Inc.
11.10.1. Business Overview.
11.10.2. Financials
11.10.3. Products.
11.10.4. Strategy.
11.10.5. Developments.
11.10.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Strong Product Portfolio. Vertically Integrated Operations. Increasing Global Acceptance. Weaknesses. History of Losses. Declining Liquidity Reserves. Opportunities. Market Potential: Obesity and Diabetes. Growth In Emerging Markets. Market Potential: Chinese Pharmaceutical Market Potential Market: Stevioside. Threats. Uncertain RandD Outcomes Stringent Government Regulations Intense Competition
11.11. Sweet Green Fields Llc.
11.11.1. Business Overview.
11.11.2. Financials.
11.11.3. Products.
11.11.4. Strategy.
11.11.5. Developments.
11.12. Tate and Lyle Plc.
11.12.1. Business Overview.
11.12.2. Financials.
11.12.3. Products.
11.12.4. Strategy.
11.12.5. Developments.
11.12.6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Significant RandD Activities. Wide Geographical Presence. Extensive Product Range Operational Efficiency Weaknesses Legal Entanglements Opportunities. Strategic Agreements And Business Initiatives Growing Health Consciousness. Positive Trends: Food and Beverage Industry. Threats. Country Risk. Rising Demand for Substitute Products. Growing Competition.
11.13. Xinghua Green Biological Preparation Co. Ltd..
11.13.1. Business Overview.
11.13.2. Financials.
11.13.3. Products.
11.13.4. Developments.
11.14. GLG Life Tech Corporation.
11.14.1. Business Overview.
11.14.2. Financials.
11.14.3. Products.
11.14.4. Developments.
11.14.5. SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Vertically Integrated Operations. Strong Relationship With Chinese Authorities. Patent of Core Technology. Weaknesses. Legal Proceedings. Opportunities. Strategic Business Initiatives. Strong Growth Prospects: Sweetener Industry Market Potential: Chinese Pharmaceutical Market. Threats. Uncertain RandD Outcomes. Stringent Government Regulations. Intense Competitive Pressures.
11.15. Stevia First Corporation.
11.15.1. Business Overview.
11.15.2. Financials.
11.15.3. Products.
11.15.4. Developments.
11.16. Zhucheng Haotian Pharm. Co., Ltd.
11.16.1. Business Overview.
11.16.2. Financials.
11.16.3. Products.
11.16.4. Developments.
11.17. Jining Aoxing Stevia Products Co., Ltd.
11.17.1. Business Overview.
11.17.2. Financials.
11.17.3. Products.
11.17.4. Developments.
11.18. Steviasugar Corporation (M) SDN BHD.
11.18.1. Business Overview
11.18.2. Financials.
11.18.3. Products.
11.18.4. Developments.
11.19. Ganzhou Julong High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.
11.19.1. Business Overview.
11.19.2. Financials.
11.19.3. Products.
11.19.4. Developments.
11.20. Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
11.20.1. Business Overview.
11.20.2. Financials.
11.20.3. Products.
11.20.4. Developments.
11.21. Daepyung Co., Ltd.
11.21.1. Business Overview.
11.21.2. Financials.
11.21.3. Products.
11.21.4. Developments.
11.22. Australian Stevia Mills Pty Ltd.
11.22.1. Business Overview.
11.22.2. Financials.
11.22.3. Products.
11.22.4. Developments.
11.23. Zibo Inchcape Industry Inc..
11.23.1. Business Overview.
11.23.2. Financials.
11.23.3. Products.
11.23.4. Developments.
11.24. Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp.
11.24.1. Business Overview.
11.24.2. Financials.
11.24.3. Products.
11.24.4. Developments.
*More than 40 Companies are profiled in this Research Report, Complete List available on Request*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
12. Appendix
12.1. List of Abbreviations.
12.2. Sources.
12.3. Research Methodology.
12.4. Expert Insights.
12.5. Disclaimer.

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