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Identity and access management (IAM) is a security framework which ensures secure access to end users across multiple applications. At present, integration of IAM with cloud is gaining pace owing to its low cost and enhanced security. Cloud identity and access management (IAM) is an approach to revamp the traditional IT security environment by offering IAM solutions over the cloud. Cloud IAM helps large as well as small organizations to secure their IT infrastructure and patents & intellectual properties (IP) in a cost-effective manner. Cloud IAM offers various services such as user provisioning, access management, multi-factor authentication, directory services, single sign-on (SSO), governance & compliance management and password management. Several organizations have adopted cloud IAM to improve customer engagement, acquisition and retention. A well-designed cloud IAM system reduces the cost incurred due to cyber-attacks by enabling better information sharing and enhanced data privacy. In addition, cloud IAM services reduce cyber-attacks and data breaches by implementing various IAM services, such as single sign-on (SSO) and user provisioning and others.Renowned market players have adopted acquisition as their key strategy to strengthen their technical expertise and to enhance their market foothold. For instance, in 2015, EMC Corporation acquired Virtustream, a cloud computing management software provider, to manage its cloud service business and to enhance its hybrid cloud product portfolio. In 2014, IBM acquired two IAM firms, Lighthouse Security Group and CrossIdeas, to expand and enhance its identity and access management (IAM) offerings.The cost effectiveness of the cloud IAM service compared to the traditional IAM services is one of the major factors driving the adoption of cloud IAM. Enterprises are adopting cloud applications at a large scale owing to the fast dropping rates of bandwidth and storage. It has been estimated that an organization can save more than 35% of the annual cost by adopting cloud IAM services.The accruing costs on organizations due to increasing complexities of cyber-attacks and the costs involved in detection and recovery of losses have fostered the adoption of cloud IAM across various organizations. In addition, the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and various mobility trends in organizations have augmented the end user device authentication security. Therefore, increasing number and complexity of cyber-attacks, BYOD policies adopted by various organizations, increasing adoption of cloud services, centralized security and management and government compliances, are the key factors driving the growth of cloud IAM market.The cloud IAM market is segmented based on deployment type, services, industry verticals and geography. The services segment is categorized into user provisioning, access management, multi factor authentication, single sign-on, directory services, password management, and governance & compliance management. User provisioning was the most widely adopted cloud IAM service, which accounted for a share of around 40% in 2014.The cloud IAM is segmented based on different industry verticals such as BFSI, IT and telecommunication, healthcare, media & entertainment, retail, education and others. BFSI, IT & telecom and retail witnessed highest adoption of cloud IAM services over the forecast period (2015 - 2020). Based on the deployment type, the market is further categorized into private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Of the three, private cloud dominated the overall cloud IAM market owing to the enhanced security risks compared to public cloud and hybrid cloud.  The market has been analyzed on the basis of regions, which include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.Some of the key players operating in the market include IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, SailPoint Technologies, Inc., EMC Corporation, CA Technologies, Oracle Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Dell, Inc., and Intel Corporation.POTENTIAL BENEFITS FOR STAKEHOLDERS:Comprehensive analysis of current and future market trends in the global cloud IAM market is outlined in the reportThe report provides an in-depth analysis of cloud IAM market to identify lucrative investment pockets in the marketThe report identifies key drivers, opportunities and restraints that shape the market and provide an impact analysis of these factors over the forecast periodPorter’s Five Forces analysis highlights the potency of buyers and suppliers participating in this market. This would offer a competitive advantage to stakeholders to make profit-oriented business decisions and help strengthen their supplier and buyer network.SWOT analysis of key market players highlight the essential strengths and potential opportunities in the marketCLOUD IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT (IAM) MARKET SEGMENTATIONThe market is segmented on the basis of deployment type, services, industry vertical, and geography.MARKET BY SERVICESUser ProvisioningAccess ManagementMulti Factor Authentication Single Sign-onDirectory ServicesPassword ManagementGovernance & Compliance Management​MARKET BY INDUSTRY VERTICALSBFSIIT & TelecommunicationHealthcareMedia & Entertainment EducationRetailOthers (Energy, Oil and Gas, Public Sector and Utilities)​MARKET BY DEPLOYMENT TYPEPrivate CloudPublic Cloud Hybrid CloudMARKET

 North AmericaEuropeAsia-PacificLAMEAKEY PLAYERSIBM CorporationMicrosoft CorporationSailPoint Technologies, Inc.EMC CorporationCA Technologies Intel CorporationDell, Inc.Oracle Corporation Hewlett-Packard Company

Table Of Contents

World Cloud Identity Access Management (IAM) Market - Opportunities and Forecast, 2014 - 2020
Table of ContentsCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 Report description1.2 Reasons for doing the studyandnbsp;1.3 Key benefitsandnbsp;1.4 Key market segmentationandnbsp;1.5 Key audience1.6 Research methodology1.6.1 Secondary research1.6.2 Primary researchandnbsp;1.6.3 Analyst tools and modelsandnbsp;CHAPTER 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYandnbsp;2.1 CXO perspectiveCHAPTER 3 MARKET OVERVIEW3.1 Market definition and scope3.2 Key findings3.2.1 Top factors impacting the cloud IAM market3.2.2 Top winning strategies of cloud IAM market3.2.3 Top investment pockets of cloud IAM market3.3 Porterandrsquo;s five forces3.3.1 Moderate bargaining power of the supplier due to low brand loyalty, well-educated buyers and customized servicesandnbsp;3.3.2 Low switching cost increases the bargaining power of buyers3.3.3 Undifferentiated service leads to high competitive rivalry3.3.4 Liberal government policy leads to high threat of new entrants3.3.5 No feasible substitutes lead to low threat of substituteandnbsp;3.4 Value chain analysis3.5 Market share analysis, 20143.6 Market dynamics3.6.1 Drivers3.6.1.1 Increasing adoption of cloud services3.6.1.2 Government compliances3.6.1.3 Increasing cyber attacksandnbsp; Centralized security and management3.6.1.5 Increasing trend of BYOD and other mobility trendsandnbsp;3.6.2 Restraints3.6.2.1 Security in cloud based environment3.6.2.2 Lack of trust in cloud IAM providerandnbsp; Lack of awarenessandnbsp;3.6.3 Opportunitiesandnbsp; Technological advancement on encryption chipandnbsp;CHAPTER 4 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE4.1 Introduction4.1.1 Market size and forecast4.2 User provisioningandnbsp;4.2.1 Key market trends4.2.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.2.3 Market size and forecast4.3 Single sign-on4.3.1 Key market trends4.3.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.3.3 Market size and forecast4.4 Access management4.4.1 Key market trends4.4.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.4.3 Market size and forecast4.5 Multi factor authentication4.5.1 Key market trends4.5.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.5.3 Market size and forecast4.6 Password managementandnbsp;4.6.1 Key market trends4.6.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.6.3 Market size and forecast4.7 Directory services4.7.1 Key market trends4.7.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.7.3 Market size and forecast4.8 Governance and compliance managementandnbsp;4.8.1 Key market trends4.8.2 Key growth factors and opportunities4.8.3 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 5 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY INDUSTRY VERTICALSandnbsp;5.1 Introduction5.1.1 Market size and forecast5.1.2 BFSI5.1.2.1 Market size and forecast5.1.3 IT and telecommunication5.1.3.1 Market size and forecast5.1.4 Healthcareandnbsp; Market size and forecast5.1.5 Retailandnbsp; Market size and forecast5.1.6 Educationandnbsp; Market size and forecast5.1.7 Media andamp; entertainmentandnbsp; Market size and forecast5.1.8 Others (energy, oil and gas, public sector and utilities)andnbsp; Market size and forecastCHAPTER 6 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY DEPLOYMENT TYPEandnbsp;6.1 Introduction6.1.1 Market size and forecast6.2 Public cloudandnbsp;6.2.1 Market size and forecast6.3 Private cloudandnbsp;6.3.1 Market size and forecastandnbsp;6.4 Hybrid cloudandnbsp;6.4.1 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 7 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY7.1 Introduction7.2 North America7.2.1 Key market trends7.2.2 Competitive scenario7.2.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.2.4 Market size and forecast7.3 Europeandnbsp;7.3.1 Key market trends7.3.2 Competitive scenario7.3.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.3.4 Market size and forecast7.4 Asia-Pacific7.4.1 Key market trends7.4.2 Competitive scenario7.4.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.4.4 Market size and forecast7.5 LAMEAandnbsp;7.5.1 Key market trends7.5.2 Competitive scenario7.5.3 Key growth factors and opportunitiesandnbsp;7.5.4 Market size and forecastCHAPTER 8 COMPANY PROFILESandnbsp;8.1 International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)andnbsp;8.1.1 Company overview8.1.2 Company snapshot8.1.3 Business performanceandnbsp;8.1.4 Strategic moves and developments8.1.5 SWOT analysis andamp; strategic conclusions8.2 Microsoft Corporationandnbsp;8.2.1 Company overview8.2.2 Company snapshot8.2.3 Strategic moves and developments8.2.4 SWOT analysis andamp; strategic conclusions8.3 CA, Inc.8.3.1 Company overview8.3.2 Company snapshot8.3.3 Strategic moves and developments8.3.4 SWOT analysis andamp; strategic conclusions8.4 Dell SecureWorks Inc.andnbsp;8.3.1 Company overview8.3.2 Company snapshot8.3.3 Strategic moves and developments8.4.4 SWOT analysis andamp; strategic conclusions8.5 Oracle Corporationandnbsp;8.5.1 Company overview8.5.2 Company snapshot8.5.3 Business performance8.5.4 Strategic moves and developments8.5.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion8.6 Intel Corporationandnbsp;8.6.1 Company overview8.6.2 Company snapshot8.6.3 Business performance8.6.4 Strategic moves and developments8.6.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion8.7 EMC Corporationandnbsp;8.7.1 Company overview8.7.2 Company snapshot8.7.3 Business performance8.7.4 Strategic moves and developments8.7.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion8.8 Hewlett Packard Companyandnbsp;8.8.1 Company overview8.8.2 Company snapshot8.8.3 Business performance8.8.4 Strategic moves and developments8.8.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusion8.9 Sailpoint Technologies, Inc.andnbsp;8.9.1 Company overview8.9.2 Company snapshot8.9.3 Business performance8.9.4 Strategic moves and developments8.9.5 SWOT analysis and strategic conclusionList of TablesTABLE 1 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 2 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 3 WORLD USER PROVISION MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 4 WORLD MULTI FACTOR AUTHENTICATION MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 5 WORLD SINGLE SIGN-ON MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 6 WORLD DIRECTORY SERVICES MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 7 WORLD PASSWORD MANAGEMENT MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 8 WORLD GOVERNMENCE AND COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 9 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY APPLICATION, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 10 WORLD BFSI CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 11 WORLD IT andamp; TELECOM CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 12 WORLD HEALTHCARE CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 13 WORLD RETAIL CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 14 WORLD EDUCATION CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 15 WORLD MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 16 WORLD OTHERS (ENERGY, OIL AND GAS, PUBLIC SECTOR AND UTILITIES) CLOUD IAM MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 17 WORLD CLOUD IAM MARKET BY DEPLOYMENT TYPE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 18 WORLD PUBLIC CLOUD MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 19 WORLD PRIVATE CLOUD MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 20 WORLD HYBRID CLOUD MARKET BY GEOGRAPHY, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 21 NORTH AMERICA CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 22 EUROPE CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)TABLE 23 ASIA-PACIFIC CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 24 LAMEA CLOUD IAM MARKET BY SERVICE, 2014-2020 ($MILLION)andnbsp;TABLE 25 IBM CORPORATION SNAPSHOTTABLE 26 MICROSOFT CORPORATION SNAPSHOTTABLE 27 CA, INC. SNAPSHOTTABLE 28 DELL SECUREWORKS SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 29 ORACLE CORPORATION SNAPSHOTTABLE 30 INTEL CORPORATION SNAPSHOTTABLE 31 EMC CORPORATION SNAPSHOTandnbsp;TABLE 32 HEWLETT PACKARD SNAPSHOTTABLE 33 SAILPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. SNAPSHOTList of FiguresFIG. 1 TOP IMPACTING FACTORSFIG. 2 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES IN THE CLOUD IAM MARKET (2013-2015)FIG. 3 TOP WINNING STRATEGIES (PERCENTAGE COMPARISON) (2013-2015)andnbsp;FIG. 4 TOP INVESTMENT POCKETSFIG. 5 MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS OF CLOUD IAM MARKET, 2014FIG. 6 DIGITAL BUYER PENETRATION, 2014 (%)FIG. 7 CLOUD IAM MARKET REVENUE BY GEOGRAPHY (PERCENTAGE COMPARISION), 2014FIG. 8 REVENUE OF IBM CORP. (2012anddash;2014, $MILLION)FIG. 9 REVENUE OF IBM CORP. BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 10 REVENUE OF IBM CORP. BY REGION (%), 2014FIG. 11 SWOT ANALYSIS OF IBM CORP.FIG. 12 REVENUE OF MICROSOFT CORPORATION, 2013-2015 ($MILLION)FIG. 13 REVENUE OF MICROSOFT CORPORATION, BY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (%), 2015FIG. 14 REVENUE OF MICROSOFT CORPORATION, BY REGION (%), 2015FIG. 15 SWOT ANALYSIS OF MICROSOFT CORPORATIONandnbsp;FIG. 16 REVENUE OF CA, INC., 2013-2015 ($MILLION)FIG. 17 REVENUE OF CA, INC., BY REGION (%), 2014FIG. 18 SWOT ANALYSIS OF CA, INC.FIG. 19 SWOT ANALYSIS OF DELL SECUREWORKSFIG. 20 REVENUE OF ORACLE CORPORATION COMPANY (2013-2015, $MILLION)FIG. 21 REVENUE OF ORACLE CORPORATION BY REGIONS (%), 2015FIG. 22 REVENUE OF ORACLE CORPORATION BY OPERATIONS (%), 2015FIG. 23 REVENUE OF ORACLE CORPORATION BY SOFTWARE AND CLOUD REVENUES (%), 2015FIG. 24 REVENUE OF ORACLE CORPORATION BY HARDWARE SYSTEMS (%), 2015andnbsp;FIG. 25 SWOT ANALYSIS OF ORACLE CORPORATIONandnbsp;FIG. 26 REVENUE OF INTEL CORPORATION, 2012-2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 27 REVENUE OF INTEL CORPORATION, BY SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 28 REVENUE OF INTEL CORPORATION, BY REGION (%), 2014FIG. 29 REVENUE OF EMC CORPORATION, 2012-2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 30 REVENUE OF EMC CORPORATION BY SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 31 REVENUE OF EMC CORPORATION BY REGION (%), 2014andnbsp;FIG. 32 SWOT ANALYSIS OF EMC CORPORATIONFIG. 33 REVENUE OF HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY 2012-2014 ($MILLION)FIG. 34 REVENUE OF HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY BY GEOGRAPHY (%), 2014FIG. 35 REVENUE OF HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY BY BUSINESS SEGMENT (%), 2014FIG. 36 SWOT ANALYSIS OF HEWLETT PACKARD COMPANYFIG. 37 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SAILPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

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