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Mobile Billing Evolution 2012-2017

  • May 2012
  • -
  • Visiongain
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  • 124 pages

Report Details

Operators are faced with the growing complexity and cost of networks, as well as the ongoing challenge of meeting 21st century customer demands. A recent shift in focus towards customer experience has also brought about new paradigms in the telecoms industry. Constantly looking for ways to simplify internal processes and monetise their services more efficiently, next-generation mobile billing systems appear to address a number of today's concerns. Visiongain expects the global mobile billing systems market to reach revenues of $6.13 billion in 2012.

The global mobile billing systems market has been steadily expanding over the past decade, but is about to enter into a stronger growth phase. Bolstered by ubiquitous migration to next-generation networks, this market - under the broader OSS/BSS umbrella - will be a salient issue in the telecoms industry over the 2012-2017 forecast period.

In the Mobile Billing Evolution 2012-2017 report, visiongain offers expert analysis of trends and opportunities in this surging market, supplemented by expert opinion from two market-leading companies. Visiongain's forecasts of the industry span global, regional, and national markets, providing insight and in-depth analysis at every step.

Throughout the report, visiongain also examines tangential fields such as m-payments and m-commerce, mobile broadband, OSS/BSS, and IMS, all of which are critically intertwined with mobile billing. 

All of visiongain's findings are clearly and neatly illustrated through 85 charts, tables, and figures spanning the report's 10 chapters.

Drawing on a great diversity of primary and secondary sources, visiongain presents analysis and forecasts the mobile billing systems market in a straightforward manner. This report is a thorough overview of forces driving contemporary mobile billing, describing its cause and effect relationships with diverse elements of an ever-expanding next-generation ecosystem.

Unique Selling Points

• Comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the global mobile billing systems market from 2012-2017.
• Analysis and forecasting informed by expert consultation with industry leaders. You will be able to read transcripts of interviews with product and marketing managers from two leading companies involved in different regions.
• 84 unique tables, charts, graphs, and figures that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the mobile billing systems market between 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for the global mobile billing systems market between 2012-2017.
• Forecasts and analysis for 5 regional markets (American Continent, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Rest of the World).
• Forecasts and analysis for the US market, a forerunner in the mobile billing sphere.
• A wide range of further supporting forecasts from 2012-2017 that underpin our projections for the mobile billing systems market.
• Analysis of the forces that influence and characterise the mobile billing systems market.
• Analysis of the overlapping areas of mobile billing systems and BSS, contextualised by their relationship to CRM, SDP, and the overarching global trend towards a multi play LTE + IMS environment.
• Analysis of 7 leading companies in the mobile billing systems market. The report studies their products, strategies, partnerships, and overall approach to a changing market.
• Vendor lists featuring a range of innovative companies operating at all levels of the mobile billing systems market.


Visiongain telecommunications reports are compiled using a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary information to produce an overall industry outlook. In order to provide our clients with the best product possible product, we do not rely on any one single source of information. Visiongain analysts not only interview market-leading vend

Table Of Contents

Mobile Billing Evolution 2012-2017
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E1. Next-Generation Billing and the Monetisation of Services
E2. The Positive Yield of Next-Generation Support Software
E3. Unprecedented Market Growth Over the Forecast Period
E4. Defining the Markets
E5. Key Findings of this Report

1. Introduction to Mobile Telecoms Billing Structures and Systems
1.1 Defining Mobile Billing
1.1.1 Complexity of Mobile Billing Introduction of 3G and Data Services
1.1.2 Designing a Billing Architecture Key Software Characteristics Billing Cycles Bill Distribution Payment Collection Billing Inquiry Support System
1.2 The Role of Mobile Billing
1.3 The Purview of Mobile Billing
1.4 The Process of Mobile Billing
1.5 The Progression of Mobile Billing: A Customer-Centric Approach
1.5.1 Defining Customer Experience
1.6 Relationship with OSS and BSS
1.6.1 Defining OSS and BSS What is OSS? What is BSS? Changing Relationship between OSS and BSS
1.7 A Shift towards IMS Infrastructure and Multi Play
1.7.1 The Value Proposition of Billing in Bundled Services
1.8 The Importance of Next-Generation Billing
1.9 What is the OSS Market?
1.10 Aim of this Report
1.11 Scope of this Report
1.12 Target Audience
1.13 Questions Answered by this Report
1.14 Methodology

2. Changes and Future Avenues of Mobile Billing
2.1 Developments in the Global Mobile Billing Systems Market
2.2 Global Mobile Billing Systems Market Forecast 2012-2017
2.3 The Expansion and Contraction of the Global Support Software Market
2.3.1 Conjoining of OSS/BSS and LTE Transformation
2.3.2 The Transformational vs. SaaS Cleavage
2.4 Mobile Billing Systems Placing Emphasis on Prepaid
2.5 Importance of the App Market

3. Regional Mobile Billing Markets Forecasts 2012-2017
3.1 Market Competition Stirred by LTE Enhancements
3.2 Mobile Billing in the Americas 2012-2017
3.2.1 21st Century Challenges and Billing Solutions
3.2.2 Dominating the Global Mobile Billing Systems Market
3.2.3 American Continent Mobile Billing Systems Market Revenues 2012-2017 The US Mobile Billing Systems Market 2012-2017 Drivers and Restraints in the US Mobile Billing Systems Market
3.2.4 South American Market Insights Alepo: Case Study in South American/US Ties
3.3 European Mobile Billing Systems Market 2012-2017
3.3.1 Customer-Centric Focus
3.4 Asia-Pacific Mobile Billing Systems Market 2012-2017
3.4.1 Futures for Asian Telecoms
3.5 The Middle-East and North African Mobile Billing Systems Market 2012-2017
3.6 The Rest of the World Mobile Billing Systems Market 2012-2017
3.6.1 African Mobile Billing Systems Market Analysis Growth and Maturity of a Region Billing System Remains a Critical Choice for African Operators

4. Drivers and Restraints for the Mobile Billing Market 2012-2017
4.1 Drivers for the Mobile Billing Market 2012-2017
4.1.1 The Growth of Mobile Broadband
4.1.2 Customer Experience and Pre-Paid Real-Time Billing Data Usage on Prepaid Plans Bill Shock Prevention
4.1.3 Move towards All IP Platforms
4.1.4 Prevalence of Smart Devices
4.1.5 M-Billing and M-Commerce M-Billing and its Relationship to Mobile Billing Systems
4.2 Dealing with Increasing Product Complexity
4.3. Restraints for the Mobile Billing Market 2012-2017
4.3.1 Initial Capital Expenditures
4.3.2 Complexity of a Transformation Project
4.3.3 Training and Adaptation Process
4.3.4 Need for Integration with OSS, CRM, and SDP

5. Billing System Interaction with Other Network Elements
5.1 New Performance Expectations of the Billing System
5.1.1 Converged Charging Integral to Next-Generation BSS Benefits of Converged Infrastructure
5.2 The Growth and Importance of

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