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Stem Cell Technologies: World Market Outlook 2013-2023

  • August 2013
  • -
  • Visiongain
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  • 151 pages

Report Details

Stem cells: why that market can expand - you discover its sales potential

What are the commercial prospects for stem cells? Visiongain's updated report predicts revenues to 2023. There you find the best places for sales growth, also understanding trends, technologies, therapies, and opportunities.

That study gives you revenue forecasts to 2023 for the overall world market and its submarkets. See what's happening for those cellular technologies, finding how you can gain.

Read on to explore that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts 2013-2023 and other analyses - find the best opportunities

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, our new work shows recent results, growth rates, and market shares. There you find original analysis. See research and development (R&D) too. You also get 40 tables, 22 charts, and three interviews with organisations in the field.

Now make your search for data on stem cells easier. You can stay ahead in knowledge, then, benefiting your research, analysis, and decisions. Also save time.

Our new study lets you investigate the most promising and lucrative parts of that field - assess technologies and their applications. You hear what's going on and see where the money lies. Try our new report, then, getting feel for the stem cell industry's potential.

The following sections show how you benefit from that investigation.

Prospects from 2013 for the world market and submarkets

What are the secrets of that industry's progress? Along with our prediction of the overall world market for stem cells, our work shows you individual revenue forecasting of five submarkets to 2023 at world level:
• Cancer (oncology)
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Central nervous system (CNS) disorders
• Other therapeutic applications
• Non-therapeutic uses.

See how and why those segments can prosper. That analysis helps you identify potential for stem cell products and services. Assess how tools and systems can make money.

There you also explore challenges and strengths of that industry and market, helping you compete and gain advantages. You see prospects for established and emerging technology. That market will grow through the approval and launch of many products. Our study explains, discussing issues to help your work.

Developments, challenges, and opportunities affecting stem cells

The report lets you assess trends and outlooks for stem cells. There, looking ahead, you find discussions of issues and developments:

• Efforts and outlooks in the US, Japan, Europe, South Korea, China, and Israel
• Regulations and ethics for stem cell research and uses in medicine
• Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent adult cells (IPSCs)
• Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
• Uses for umbilical cord blood and related technologies
• Supply, storage (banking) and processing of the cellular material.

That investigation discusses other aspects of stem cell technology too, including these:

• Activities of Osiris Therapeutics, Gamida Cell, Novartis, Baxter, NeoStem, and others
• Approvals of therapies and other products to expand and progress the sector
• Orphan diseases and other under-treated conditions
• Metabolic applications - diabetes and liver treatments
• Agents for osteogenesis and treating autoimmune disorders
• Cell-based assays - uses in diagnostic tests and devices.

There you explore political, economic, social, and technological questions, assessing advances and outlooks for business. You also gain regulatory insights. See, then, what stimulates and restrains organisations in that industry.

For example, the author of the report said: "Companies are targeting ischaemic disorders of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, in 2012 the biggest causes of death worldwid

Table Of Contents

Stem Cell Technologies: World Market Outlook 2013-2023
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Overview of Findings
1.2 Chapters in the Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Overview of the Stem Cells Market, 2013-2023

2.1 Strong Market Performance Expected 2013-2023
2.2 Cancer Segment Represents Bulk of Stem Cell Therapy Revenues, 2013
2.2.1 Other Therapeutic Areas to Gain Ground by 2023
2.2.2 Market Breakdown Focuses on Key Therapeutic Areas
2.3 Which Types of Stem Cells Matter for the Market?
2.3.1 The Discovery of Stem Cells
2.3.2 Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) Enter the Picture
2.3.3 Only ESCs and Induced Pluripotent Adult Cells (IPSCs) Have Pluripotency
2.3.4 MSCs Prominent in Clinical Trials
2.3.5 Autologous and Allogeneic Properties
2.3.6 Different Cell Advantages and Disadvantages
2.4 The Global Regulatory Environment for Stem Cells
2.4.1 US: No Morality Clause, Much Venture Capital ESC Controversy Now Settled? FDA Vs Regenerative Sciences
2.4.2 Japan: Liberal on hESCs First-in-Human iPSC Trial Announced in 2013
2.4.3 Europe: No Consistent Position Across the Continent The Brüstle Ruling: Dead and Buried? The UK Leads in European Stem Cells RandD
2.4.4 Rest of the World South Korea: Leading the Way in MSC Approvals China: Liberal Laws on Stem Cell Research Israel - Long-Term Research Activity 'Stem Cell Tourism'

3. Stem Cell Cancer Therapeutics Segment 2013-2023

3.1 HSCT Will Underpin the Growth of the Cancer Segment in the 2013-2023 Period
3.2 Stem Cells: 45 Years as a Major Part of Blood Cancer Treatment
3.2.1 Autologous HSCT Operations Still Dominate Segment
3.2.2 Allogeneic HSCT: More Rejections, Fewer Relapses
3.2.3 GvHD: The Major Issue for HSCT
3.2.4 Peripheral Blood: More Anti-Tumour Effect, More GvHD Risk
3.2.5 The Rise of Umbilical Cord Blood
3.2.6 Around 60,000 HSCT Operations Performed Worldwide in 2012
3.2.7 HSCT Costly, Medicare Coverage Selective
3.2.8 Haematological Malignancies the Major Indication for HSCT
3.2.9 HSCT Addresses Cancers Representing a $20bn+ Market
3.2.10 From Successful Procedure to Successful Products? The Next Stage for the HSCT Sector
3.3 Pipeline Maturing, with First Approval in 2012
3.3.1 Osiris Therapeutics - Prochymal Finally Makes it to Market Osiris Leads the Pack in Stem Cell Therapeutics Using MSCs for Immunosuppression Positive Results in Acute Paediatric GvHD An Important Role to Play in the Future of HSCT
3.3.2 The Clinical-Stage Pipeline: Two More Candidates in Phase 3
3.3.3 Gamida Cell - StemEx: The Next Stem Cell Product to Market? Survival at 100 Days Improved by StemEx in Latest Trial FDA Remains Unconvinced NiCord Heads Up a Pipeline of New Cell Therapy Products NiCord Promising So Far
3.3.4 Mesoblast - Using Mesenchymal Precursors to Enrich Cord Blood Phase 3 Trial Measuring 100-Day Survival Rates and Engraftment Efficiency A Competitor for Gamida Cell?
3.3.5 Novartis Pharmaceuticals - Cord Blood Transplant Candidate Swiss Giant with Multiple Stem Cell Interests
3.3.6 Medipost - Promostem Uses Cord Blood MSCs to Prevent GvHD
3.3.7 CytoMedix - Improving Engraftment
3.3.8 Lentigen - LG631-CD34 for Chemoprotection
3.3.9 Athersys - MultiStem Trialled in Blood Cancers
3.3.10 HomeoTherapy - MSCs for GvHD
3.3.11 Pluristem Soon to Join the Hunt?
3.3.12 Other Stem Cell Oncology Prospects
3.3.13 Ancillary Products for the HSCT Setting
3.3.14 Targeting Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)
3.3.15 Immunovative Therapies - Building on HSCT for a Cellular Anticancer Therapy
3.4 How Much Growth Potential Do Stem Cells Have in Cancer Indications?

4. Stem Cell Cardiovascular Therapeutics Segment, 2013-2023

4.1 Segment Set for 40%+ CAGR i

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