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Biomarkers - how to find R&D trends and potential sales

What's the outlook for biomarkers? Visiongain's updated report predicts revenues to 2023. There you find the best places for sales growth, also understanding trends and opportunities.

That study gives you revenue forecasts to 2023 at overall world market, submarket, and national level. See what's happening for those technologies, finding how you can gain.

Read on, then, to explore that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts 2013-2023 and other analyses show you commercial prospects

Besides revenue forecasting, our work shows recent results, growth rates, and market shares. You discover original quantitative and qualitative analysis, seeing business outlooks and developments (R&D). You also get 65 tables, 60 charts, and two interviews.

Is your searching for data on biomarkers a challenging task? Now make it easier. You can stay ahead in knowledge, benefiting your research, analyses, and decisions. Also save time.

Our new study lets you investigate the most promising and lucrative parts of that field - assess technologies and their applications. You hear what's happening and see where the money lies. Try our new report, then, getting a feel for that industry's potential.

The following sections show how you benefit from our investigation.

Prospects for the world biomarkers market and its submarkets

Our new report shows revenue to 2023 for the overall world market. It also shows you individual forecasts of 11 biomarker submarkets to 2023, starting with main divisions:
• Discovery
• Diagnostics
• Services.

You see, too, world revenues to 2023 divided into technological disciplines:
• Genomics
• Proteomics
• Bioinformatics
• Other applications.

You also find world revenue predictions to 2023 by therapeutic field:
• Cancers
• Cardiovascular diseases
• CNS disorders
• Other illnesses.

How will those markets for biomarkers expand? Which applications will generate most money? You investigate that industry, finding the most promising places for investments and sales.

The study also breaks its overall forecast into geographical regions.

National markets - what outlooks for biomarker demand?

Worldwide progress in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics expand use of biomarkers. Hear about the best revenue prospects for those medical tools.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for 11 national markets:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)
• Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC).

There you discover countries with highest revenues and potential sales growth. Our work explains. You assess that technology's future, seeing progress and finding what it means.

Developments and opportunities affecting biomarkers

Our report shows you issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013, including these:
• Biomarkers for efficacy and safety of drugs
• Companion diagnostics and personalised medicines
• Imaging biomarkers in clinical trials
• Pharmacogenomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

That study discusses other aspects of the technology too, including these:
• Funding for biomarker discovery and research
• Validation of biomarkers in oncology
• Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
• Alliances, partnerships, collaborations, and licensing
• Interest from pharma companies, inc. Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, Sanofi, and Roche.

There you explore political, economic, social, and technological questions, assessing outlooks for business. See, then, what restrains and what helps the biomarkers industry.

You investigate R&D too, finding possibilities for technological and commercial advances. See there what the future holds.

Companies and

Table Of Contents

Biomarkers: Technological and Commercial Outlook 2013-2023
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Biomarkers: World Market Overview
1.2 Chapter Breakdown
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods
1.4 Market Definition, 2013

2. An Introduction to Biomarkers
2.1 Definition of a Biomarker
2.1.1 A Brief History of Biomarkers
2.1.2 The Importance of Biomarkers
2.2 Biomarker Discovery and Validation
2.3 Uses of Biomarkers
2.3.1 Assessing Drug Efficacy
2.3.2 Assessing Drug Safety
2.3.3 Companion Diagnostics CLIA vs. FDA Approval
2.3.4 Therapeutic Importance of Biomarkers
2.3.5 Imaging Biomarkers Imaging Biomarkers in Clinical Trials
2.4 Biomarkers and Personalised Medicine
2.5 Biomarker Discovery
2.5.1 Genomics Pharmacogenomics
2.5.2 Proteomics
2.5.3 Metabolomics

3. The World Biomarkers Market, 2013-2023
3.1 The World Biomarkers Market, 2012
3.1.1 The World Biomarkers Market by Sector, 2012
3.1.2 The World Biomarkers Market by Discipline, 2012
3.2 The World Biomarkers Market: Overall Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
3.2.1 Lack of Investment and Reimbursement Issues May Restrain Market
3.3 The World Biomarker Discovery Submarket, 2012
3.3.1 The World Biomarker Discovery Submarket: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.4 The World Biomarker Diagnostics Submarket, 2012
3.4.1 The World Biomarker Diagnostics Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
3.5 The World Biomarker Services Submarket, 2012
3.5.1 The World Biomarker Services Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
3.6 The World Biomarkers Market: Overall Revenue Forecast by Discipline, 2013-2023
3.6.1 The Genomics Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023 Next Generation Sequencing to Drive Growth Increased Focus on Genomic Research in China Application in Cardiovascular Disease
3.6.2 The Proteomics Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023 Advances in Detection Technology Will Drive Market
3.6.3 The Bioinformatics Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023 Market to Gather Pace with New Tools and Software in Pipeline
3.7 Growth in Key Biomarker Disciplines, 2013-2023

4. Leading Indications for Biomarker Discovery and Development, 2013-2023
4.1 The World Biomarkers Market by Indication, 2012
4.2 The World Biomarkers Market: Overall Revenue Forecast by Indication, 2013-2023
4.3 Cancer Biomarker Submarket, 2012
4.3.1 A Brief History of Cancer Biomarker Research
4.3.2 The Current State of Cancer Biomarker Research Cancer Genome Atlas
4.3.3 Many Cancer Diagnostics Are Reaching the Market
4.3.4 Opportunities and Challenges for Cancer Biomarkers Prostate Cancer: The Search for Urine Biomarkers Lung Cancer: High Biomarker Owing to Disease Prevalence
4.3.5 Cancer Biomarker Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
4.4 Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Submarket, 2012
4.4.1 A Brief History of Cardiovascular Biomarker Research
4.4.2 The Current State of Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Research
4.4.3 Cardiovascular Disease Diagnostics
4.4.4 The Future of Cardiovascular Biomarker Research
4.4.5 Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
4.5 CNS Diseases Biomarker Submarket, 2012
4.5.1 The Current State of CNS Disease Biomarker Research
4.5.2 Biomarker-Based Diagnostics for CNS Diseases DiaGenic: Targeting Neurodegenerative Diseases
4.5.3 Neuroimaging Biomarkers: Limitations in Sensitivity May Restrict Market
4.5.4 CSF Biomarkers: Biochemical Composition of CSF Offers Potential
4.5.5 Alzheimer's Disease: Beyond Amyloid Beta
4.5.6 Multiple Sclerosis: Search for Disease Biomarker
4.5.7 Parkinson's Disease: Effective Biomarker Yet to be Discovered Fluid-Based Biomarker Discovery
4.5.8 CNS Diseases Biomarker Submarket: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2023
4.6 Growth in Key Biomarker Indications,

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