World Leisure Boat Industry Overview Report

  • April 2014
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  • Koncept Analytics
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  • 59 pages

With the increasing wealth, coupled with the rising intention of spending on the leisure items, in order to have a break from the normal busy schedules, the demand of the leisure boats had undergone significant increase till 2007. Along with this, certain other factors contributing to this growth were the growth of professionals, rise in HNWI population and HNWI wealth, increasing families with working couple, and people strongly in favor of leisure activities.

After 2007, as the overall global economy suffered due to the negative impacts of the US sub-prime crisis, the consumer confidence dwindled, the income of the people dropped, and the unemployment increased. All these factors forced people to cut down their spending on discretionary items, including all the leisure activities, which in turn affected the leisure boat industry .

Broadly, the leisure boats are classified in two categories, sail boats, which are powered by sails; and the motorboats, powered by an engine. Motor boats account for more than three-fourth of the industry value of leisure boats worldwide. The US and Europe are the major leisure boat industry s worldwide, and together hold a lion’s share in the global leisure boat industry .

The major challenges faced by the market include the negative impacts of the leisure boats on the environment, impacts of the adverse weather conditions, like floods, drought, unreasonably hot or cold weather, and stiff competition from all other leisure activities. Apart from these, one major challenge for the leisure boat market is to reduce the number of casualties or accidents occurring from the use of recreational boats.

The present report analyzes the leisure boat industry worldwide. The report also analyzes some of the major regional leisure boat industries, including the US, Italy, the UK, Germany and Spain. The report entitled “” delves into the factors impacting the market as a whole, including the major growth drivers and key issues impacting the market . The three major industry players operating in the global leisure boats market include: Beneteau SA, Brunswick Corporation, and Marine Products Corporation. These three players are being profiled in the report.

Table Of Contents

I. Leisure Boats

I. 1 Introduction
I. 2 Value Chain Analysis

II. Global Leisure Boat Industry Data

II. 1 Ships, Boats and Floating Structures

Imports and Exports
Top Exporting Countries
Top Importing Countries

II. 2 Leisure Boats or Pleasure Crafts Industry

Market Value
Market Segments
Breakdown by Region

III. Leisure Boats - Regional Overview

III. 1 The United States

Retail Expenditure
Participation Rates
Recreational Boats Statistics

III. 2 Italy

Market Value
Production Statistics
Product Segments
Exports and Imports

III. 3 The United Kingdom

Market Value
Market Segments
Participation Rates

III. 4 Germany

Exports by Value and Volume

III. 5 Spain

Market Segments
Exports and Imports
Top Producers

IV. Market Drivers

IV. 1 Increasing HNWI Population
IV. 2 Improving Worldwide Economic Conditions
IV. 3 Increasing Cruise tourism
IV. 4 Employment Growth

V. Key Issues and Challenges

V. 1 Negative Impacts on the Environment
V. 2 Impact of Adverse Weather Conditions
V. 3 Stiff Competitive Landscape from Other Source of Leisure Activities
V. 4 Level of Casualties in Recreational Boating Market

VI. Industry Player s

VI. 1 Beneteau SA

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Focus on Innovation and Competitiveness
Launching New Models

VI. 2 Brunswick Corporation

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Distribution Strategy
Worldwide Presence
Attract and Retain Talent

VI. 3 Marine Products Corporation

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Operating Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Expansion through Acquisitions

VII. Industry Projection

List of Charts

Leisure Boats Market - Value Chain
Worldwide Imports/Exports of Ships, Boats and Floating Structures (from 2002 to 2009 )
Global Leisure Boats Industry (2007-2010)
Global Leisure Boats Industry - Value Share by Types (2010)
Worldwide Motorboat Industry -Geographical Breakdown (2009)
Worldwide Sailing Boat Industry - Geographical Breakdown (2009)
US Recreational Marine Retail Expenditures and New Boats Sold (from 2001 to 2010 )
Adult Leisure Boat Participation in the US (from 2001 to 2010 )
Number of Recreational Boats Used in the US (from 2001 to 2010 E)
Italian Pleasure Boat Market Revenue (2005-2010)
Pleasure Boats Exports from Italy - Share by Destination (2010)
Pleasure Boats Imports to Italy - Regional Share by Source (2010)
UK Leisure, Super-yacht and Small Commercial Marine Revenue (FY06-FY10)
UK Leisure, Super-yacht and Small Commercial Marine Revenue by Segment (2009-10)
Participation Rate for any Boating Activity in the UK (from 2002 to 2010 )
Germany Water Sports Market Revenue (2008-2009)
Exports of Leisure Boats from Germany - by Value and Volume (2005-2008)
Registrations of Privately Owned Leisure Boats in Spain - Share by Type (2009)
Leisure Boats Exported from Spain by Value and Volume by Destinations (2009)
Value of Imported Leisure Boats to Spain (2008-2009)
HNWI Population Worldwide (from 2002 to 2010 )
Worldwide Gross Domestic Product (2005-2012E)
Global Cruise Passengers Carried (2003-2010)
Global Cruise Industry -Revenue (2008-2010)
Global Employment (from 2001 to 2010 )
Deaths, Injuries, and Accidents in the US Recreational Boating (from 2002 to 2010 )
US Recreational Boating Fatality Rates (from 2002 to 2010 )
Beneteau SA Revenue (FY05-FY10)
Beneteau Revenue - Share by Segments (FY10)
Brunswick Corporation Revenue (2006-2010)
Brunswick Corporation Revenue - Share by Segments (2010)
Brunswick Revenue - Share by Region (2010)
Marine Product Corporation Revenue (2006-2010)
Global Leisure Boat Industry (2010-2015E)
Leisure Boat Industry Revenue - Value Share by Type (2015E)

List of Tables

Top 15 Exporting Countries of Ships, Boats and Floating Structures (2009)
Top 15 Importing Countries of Ships, Boats and Floating Structures (2009)
Recreational Boats in Use in the US - by Type (from 2001 to 2010 E)
Pleasure Boating Production Statistics in Italy (2005-2010)
Composition of Pleasure Boat Production - by Type of Boats (2010)
Participation Rate in the UK - by Type of Boating Activity (2009-2010)
Top 10 Spanish Leisure Boat Producers (2010)
Percentage Depreciation of Leisure Boats Prices with Years of Use - by Type
Marine Product Corporation product Line

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