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How to find trends and revenue predictions for epigenetics

What does the future hold for epigenetic applications? Visiongain's new report gives you revenue predictions to 2023 for those therapies, technologies and diagnostic products. There you find sales data, R&D trends, opportunities and commercial prospects.

That analysis lets you assess forecasted sales at overall world market, submarket, product, regional and national level. You discover the potential of the industry and market for epigenetics, seeing where that field is heading.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you find the best opportunities

In our study you find revenue forecasting to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. Also, you see qualitative analysis (SWOT and STEP), business news, outlooks and developmental trends (R&D). You gain 70 tables, 47 charts and two research interviews.

Our work lets you investigate the most lucrative areas in that industry and market. Those technologies hold great promise.

The following sections show what you see in our updated report.

You discover prospects for the world market and submarkets

Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you see individual forecasts for three epigenetic submarkets to 2023:
• Therapies
• Technologies
• Diagnostics.

You can gain advantages by understanding trends, opportunities and challenges for epigenetics. Our investigation shows what will stimulate and restrain business.

Also, how will existing and expected products - Vidaza, Dacogen, Zolinza, Istodax, Belinostat and Faridak - perform at world level to 2023? You see forecasts and discussions for those drugs.

Our work also breaks the overall world forecast into leading geographical markets.

What prospects for leading regions and countries?

Developments worldwide will influence the market from 2013. There are many opportunities for healthcare companies large and small.

You discover individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for eight national markets and two regional blocks. Find relevant overall sales:
• US
• Canada
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain (EU5 countries)
• Europe
• Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC nations, grouped analysis).

You find potential. High sales growth will occur in established pharma markets and in developing countries, our analyses show. In particular, drug launches will change the commercial landscape to 2023.

Research and development - see trends and possibilities

What's happening in epigenetic R&D? You see trends and outlooks there:
• HDAC inhibitors
• DNMT inhibitors
• Treatments targeting other enzymes
• MiRNA therapy
• Diagnostics pipeline.

Our study also discusses these technologies, among others:
• New drug targets
• Biomarkers
• Bioinformatics
• Next generation sequencing.

Discover progress. You assess innovations affecting the industry's future - hear about developments and find their significance. Our work explains, exploring many issues.

What affects the application of epigenetics?

Our report discusses issues and events affecting that science, industry and market from 2013 onwards:
• Cancer research and treatment
• DNA hypomethylation in autoimmune diseases
• Neurodegenerative diseases
• Neurological disorders
• Understanding of epigenetic markers and mechanisms.

Also, you find coverage of these aspects of the field:
• Genomics, proteomics and metabolomics
• Translational research
• Licensing, outsourcing and academic collaborations
• Developments with stem cells
• Orphan indications and patient subpopulations
• Companion diagnostics and stratified medicine.

See what the future holds. You investigate technological, commercial, economic and politica

Table Of Contents

Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies: World Market Prospects 2013-2023
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies: World Market Review
1.2 Report Contents
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. An Introduction to Epigenetics
2.1 How is Epigenetics Defined?
2.1.1 Epigenetic Mechanisms
2.1.2 A Brief History of Epigenetic Research
2.2 The Links between Epigenetics and Disease
2.2.1 The Role of Lifestyle in Epigenetics
2.2.2 Epigenetics and Cancer
2.2.3 Epigenetics in Inherited Disorders
2.2.4 Epigenetics in Neurological Diseases
2.3 Epigenetics for Disease Diagnosis
2.3.1 Diagnosing for Breast Cancer
2.3.2 Colorectal Cancer: The Importance of Early Diagnosis
2.3.3 Diagnostics for Lung Cancer: Difficulty in Accessing Samples
2.3.4 Diagnostics for Prostate Cancer
2.4 The Use of Epigenetics in Treating Disease
2.4.1 DNA Methyltransferase (DNMT) Inhibitors Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)
2.4.2 Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitors Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma (PTCL)
2.5 Drug Discovery and Development Tools Using Epigenetics
2.5.1 Bisulphite Screening for DNA Methylation
2.5.2 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) for Histone Modification

3. The Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies Market 2013-2023
3.1 The Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies Market 2011-2012
3.1.1 Leading Sectors of the Market 2011-2012
3.2 The Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies Market 2013-2023
3.2.1 The Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies Market: Overall Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.2 What Will Drive Revenue Growth for Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies?
3.2.3 Rising Importance for Diagnostics Revenue 2013-2023
3.3 Epigenetic Therapies Submarket 2013-2023
3.3.1 Epigenetic Therapies Submarket: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.3.2 Factors Influencing Epigenetic Therapy Uptake and Revenues 2013-2023
3.4 Epigenetic Technologies Submarket 2013-2023
3.4.1 Epigenetic Technologies Submarket: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.4.2 Epigenetic Technologies Submarket: Drivers and Restraints 2013-2023
3.5 Epigenetic Diagnostics Submarket 2013-2023
3.5.1 Epigenetic Diagnostics Submarket: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.5.2 New Product Launches to Drive Growth 2013-2023

4. Leading National Epigenetic Therapy and Technology Markets 2013-2023
4.1 Leading National Markets for Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies 2011-2012
4.2 Leading National Markets: Revenue Forecasts 2013-2023
4.2.1 The Continued Dominance of Western Markets 2013-2023
4.3 The North American Market 2013-2023
4.3.1 The US: The World's Largest Market for Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies 2013-2023
4.3.2 Canada: Revenues 2013-2023
4.4 The European Market 2011-2012
4.4.1 Leading National Markets in Europe: Revenue Forecasts 2013-2023
4.4.2 Germany: Revenues 2013-2023
4.4.3 The UK: A Leading Market for Epigenetics Research
4.5 Japan: Recent Entry of the Epigenetic Therapies Market
4.6 Epigenetics in Emerging Markets
4.6.1 BRIC Nations: Rising Importance for Epigenetic Therapies and Technologies 2013-2023

5. Epigenetic Therapies Market 2013-2023
5.1 Changes to the Epigenetic Therapies Market 2013-2023
5.2 Vidaza: The First Epigenetic Therapy Approved
5.2.1 Vidaza: Strong Revenue Growth 2004-2011
5.2.2 Development as a Combination Therapy to Drive Growth
5.2.3 Vidaza: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
5.3 Dacogen
5.3.1 Revenue Performance 2004-2011
5.3.2 Approval in the EU in 2012 to Drive Revenue Growth
5.3.3 Dacogen: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
5.4 Zolinza
5.4.1 Zolinza as a Potential Treatment for Multiple Myeloma
5.4.2 Zolinza: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
5.5 Istodax
5.5.1 US PTCL Approval
5.5.2 Istodax: Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
5.6 Rich Pipeline for HDAC Inhibitors in 2012
5.6.1 Belinostat: A Selective HDAC Inhibitor for PT

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