US Oilfield Chemicals Market

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  • Freedonia
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US demand to remain strong through 2017

US demand for oilfield chemicals is expected to remain strong through 2017 following double digit annual growth in recent years. Newer technologies such as multistage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have allowed development of shale gas and tight oil plays, resulting in a significant improvement in the country’s oil and gas outlook. Following decades of declines, oil production has begun to increase again.

Natural gas is abundant and prices are low, spurring changes across the entire US manufacturing sector. However, rapid growth has also led to problems with product shortages, rising material costs, and concerns about water use. In addition, other environmental concerns remain, and the oilfield chemical industry will be called upon to provide high performance products with an increasing level of environmental friendliness.

Demand high for chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing

Chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing have become the largest segment of the US market. The boom in fracturing activity is expected to persist, with both the number of fractured wells and the average volume of fluids per well continuing to increase. Of the chemicals used in fracturing, guar gum has presented unique challenges to the industry due to a severe price shock in 2012. Helping to offset the oilfield chemical industry’s reliance on this commodity will be the rising use of slickwater fracturing as well as efforts to find alternative polymers that can match guar’s performance. Growth is expected to be above average for “green” fracturing products. This will benefit new formulations that use advanced, biodegradable chemicals in place of conventional high volume products such as biocides and surfactants.

Drilling activity to fuel US demand

Drilling activity is expected to remain elevated in the US through coming years, driving healthy demand for drilling and completion fluids and the chemicals they contain. The ability to increase drilling efficiency and reduce rig time, improve well productivity through reduction of formation damage, and better the environmental profile and disposal requirements of these fluids will all be of significant concern. As the performance of water-based drilling fluids continues to improve, they will see increasing use even in difficult drilling conditions such as the Haynesville Shale, where oil-based muds have been the preferred choice.

However, demand for oil-based muds will remain healthy for the foreseeable future. Offshore drilling, which is expected to rebound going forward, will support strong demand for both synthetic drilling fluids and high density completion brines.

Other chemicals important in oilfield applications -- such as cementing chemicals, production chemicals, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) products -- will also see healthy growth. Field production of oil and gas in the US is expected to continue climbing, while the amount of water and other undesirable contaminants rises as well. Both factors will necessitate greater use of production chemicals including biocides, demulsifiers, and corrosion and scale inhibitors. The mature nature of most large oilfields in the US and continued high oil prices will support the use of EOR practices.

Additionally, interest is increasing in the use of carbon dioxide EOR as a method of carbon sequestration.

Study coverage

Details on these and other key findings are contained in the upcoming Freedonia industry study, Oilfield Chemicals, priced at $5100. It presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012), plus forecasts (2017, 2022) by product and application, as well as for formulated fluids. This study also assesses market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles more than 35 US industry competitors.

Table Of Contents





General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 6
Petroleum and Natural Gas Outlook 9
Natural Gas 12
Exploration and Reserves 15
Production 18
Drilling 19
Pricing 21
Petroleum 23
Exploration and Reserves 26
Production 29
Drilling 32
Pricing 34
Unconventional Resources 36
Shale Formations 37
Tight Formations 39
Coalbed Methane 39
Oilfield Services Outlook 40
Enhanced Oil Recovery 43
Historical Market Trends 45
Pricing Trends 49
Formulated Fluids 49
Oilfield Chemicals 51
Environmental and Regulatory Considerations 53
Foreign Trade 57
World Oilfield Chemicals Outlook 58


General 61
Drilling Technologies 62
Directional Drilling 64
Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling 65
Dual-Gradient Drilling 67
Other Drilling Technologies 68
Well Stimulation Technologies 69
Hydraulic Fracturing 70
Gas Fracturing 73
Multistage Fracturing 74
Acidizing 75
Other Well Stimulation Technologies 75
Enhanced Oil Recovery 76
Thermal Recovery 77
Gas Recovery 78
Chemical Recovery 78
Other EOR Methods 79


General 81
Stimulation Fluids 84
Crosslinked and Linear Gels 86
Slickwater Fracturing Fluids 88
Other Stimulation Fluids 90
Gas Fracturing Fluids 91
Acidizing 92
All Other Stimulation Fluids 92
Drilling Fluids 93
Oil-Based Drilling Fluids 98
Water-Based Drilling Fluids 99
Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids 101
Demand by Location 103
Market Share 106
Completion and Workover Fluids 108
Product Characteristics 110
Market Share 111
Cement Slurries 113


General 116
Stimulation Fluid Additives 118
Gelling Agents 120
Biocides 123
Breakers 125
Crosslinking Agents 126
Other Stimulation Fluid Additives 128
Drilling Fluid Additives 130
Weighting Materials 132
Viscosifiers 134
Shale Inhibitors 136
Other Additives 138
Production Chemicals 140
Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors 143
Demulsifiers 144
Asphaltene and Paraffin Inhibitors 146
Other Production Chemicals 148
Cement Additives 151
Fluid Loss Control Additives 153
Accelerators and Retarders 155
Extenders 157
Other Additives 159
Completion and Workover Fluid Additives 161
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Products 163


General 167
Polymers 170
Natural and Synthetic Gums 172
Guar Gum 174
Xanthan Gum 175
Other Gums 175
Cellulose and Starch Polymers 176
Polyacrylamides 178
Other Polymers 179
Specialty Chemicals 180
Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors 183
Biocides 185
Demulsifiers 187
Other Specialty Chemicals 189
Commodity Chemicals 191
Barite 194
Acids 196
Clays 198
Other Commodity Chemicals 200
Gases 202
Carbon Dioxide 205
Nitrogen 208


General 211
Market Share 214
Competitive Strategies 218
Marketing and Distribution 221
Research and Development 224
Company Profiles 226
Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated 227
Akzo Nobel NV 229
Albemarle Corporation 231
AMCOL International Corporation 233
American Colloid, see AMCOL International
Ashland Incorporated 235
Baker Hughes Incorporated 237
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated 243
Capitol Aggregates Limited 244
Champion Technologies, see Ecolab
Chemtura Corporation 245
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC 246
Clariant International Limited 248
CorsiTech, see Ecolab
Croda International plc 250
Dow Chemical Company 253
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 255
Ecolab Incorporated 257
Elementis plc 261
Emery Oleochemicals Group 263
Enerchem International Incorporated 264
GEO Drilling Fluids Incorporated 265
Halliburton Company 267
Hi-Mar Specialty Chemicals, see Elementis
INVISTA, see Koch Industries
Israel Chemicals Limited 271
Jordan Bromine, see Albemarle
Kemira Oyj 273
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP 275
Koch Industries Incorporated 277
Lafarge SA 278
Lubrizol, see Berkshire Hathaway
Messina Incorporated 280
M-I SWACO, see Schlumberger
Multi-Chem Group, see Halliburton
Nalco Energy Services, see Ecolab
National Oilwell Varco Incorporated 282
Newpark Resources Incorporated 283
Nexeo Solutions LLC 286
NOV FluidControl, see National Oilwell Varco
Occidental Petroleum Corporation 287
OxyChem, see Occidental Petroleum
Praxair Incorporated 289
Rhodia Novecare, see Solvay
Roemex Limited 290
Schlumberger Limited 291
Solvay SA 295
TETRA Technologies Incorporated 297
TIORCO, see Ecolab
Weatherford International Limited 299
Other Companies Mentioned in Study 302



Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 9
2 US Oil and Natural Gas Field Production 12
3 US Natural Gas Supply and Demand 14
4 Natural Gas Drilling Indicators 20
5 US Petroleum Supply and Demand 25
6 Petroleum Drilling Indicators 33
7 Oilfield Services Indicators 42
8 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 45
9 Oilfield Chemical Market, 2002-2012 47
10 Selected Oilfield Chemical Product Prices 53


1 Formulated Fluid Demand by Type 83
2 Stimulation Fluid Demand 86
3 Crosslinked and Linear Gel Fracturing Fluid Demand 88
4 Slickwater Fracturing Fluid Demand 90
5 Other Stimulation Fluid Demand 91
6 Drilling Fluid Demand by Type 96
7 Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Demand 99
8 Water-Based Drilling Fluid Demand 101
9 Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluid Demand 103
10 Drilling Fluid Demand by Location 105
11 Completion and Workover Fluid Demand 110
12 Oilfield Cement Slurry Demand 115


1 Oilfield Chemical Product Demand by Application 118
2 Stimulation Fluid Additive Demand 120
3 Gelling Agent Demand 123
4 Biocide Demand 124
5 Breaker Demand 126
6 Crosslinking Agent Demand 128
7 Other Stimulation Fluid Additive Demand 130
8 Drilling Fluid Additive Demand 132
9 Drilling Fluid Weighting Material Demand 134
10 Drilling Fluid Viscosifier Demand 136
11 Shale Inhibitor Demand 138
12 Other Drilling Fluid Additive Demand 140
13 Oilfield Production Chemical Demand 142
14 Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Demand in Oilfield Production 144
15 Demulsifier Demand in Oilfield Production 146
16 Asphaltene and Paraffin Inhibitor Demand in Oilfield
Production 148
17 Other Production Chemical Demand 151
18 Cement Additive Demand 153
19 Cement Fluid Loss Control Additive Demand 155
20 Cement Accelerator and Retarder Demand 157
21 Cement Extender Demand 159
22 Other Cement Additive Demand 161
23 Completion and Workover Fluid Additive Demand 163
24 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Product Demand 166


1 Oilfield Chemical Product Demand by Type 169
2 Polymer Demand in Oilfield Applications 171
3 Natural and Synthetic Gum Demand in Oilfield Applications 173
4 Starch and Cellulose Polymer Demand in Oilfield Applications 177
5 Polyacrylamide Demand in Oilfield Applications 179
6 Other Polymer Demand in Oilfield Applications 180
7 Specialty Chemical Demand in Oilfield Applications 182
8 Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Demand in Oilfield Applications 185
9 Biocide Demand in Oilfield Applications 187
10 Demulsifier and Related Product Demand in Oilfield
Applications 189
11 Other Specialty Chemical Demand in Oilfield Applications 191
12 Commodity Chemical Product Demand in Oilfield
Applications 193
13 Barite Demand in Oilfield Applications 196
14 Acid Demand in Oilfield Applications 198
15 Clay Demand in Oilfield Applications 200
16 Other Commodity Chemical Demand in Oilfield Applications 202
17 Gas Demand in Oilfield Applications 204
18 Merchant Carbon Dioxide Demand in Oilfield Applications 207
19 Nitrogen Demand in Oilfield Applications 210


1 US Oilfield Chemical Sales by Company, 2012 213
2 Research and Development Expenditures for Selected Oilfield
Chemical Firms, 2008-2012 225



1 US Natural Gas Production by Type, 2002-2022 15
2 US Natural Gas Reserves, 2002-2012 17
3 US Natural Gas Reserves by State, 2012 17
4 US Natural Gas Production, 2002-2012 19
5 Natural Gas Drilling Indicators, 2002-2012 21
6 Natural Gas Wellhead Prices, 2002-2012 23
7 US Crude Oil Imports by Source, 2012 26
8 US Petroleum Reserves, 2002-2012 28
9 US Crude Oil Reserves by State, 2012 28
10 US Petroleum Production, 2002-2012 30
11 Crude Oil Producing States, 2012 31
12 Petroleum Drilling Indicators, 2002-2012 34
13 Petroleum Prices, 2002-2012 36
14 Oilfield Chemical Market, 2002-2012: Oilfield Chemical
Demand and Oil and Gas Production 48
15 Oilfield Chemical Market, 2002-2012: Oilfield Chemical
Demand, Oil Prices, and Active Rig Count 48


1 Formulated Fluid Demand by Type, 2012 83
2 Drilling Fluid Demand by Type, 2012: Value and Volume 97
3 Drilling Fluid Market Share, 2012 108
4 Completion Fluid Market Share, 2012 113


1 Oilfield Chemical Product Demand by Type, 2012 169
2 Polymer Demand, 2012 172
3 Specialty Chemical Demand, 2012 183
4 Commodity Chemical Demand, 2012 194


1 US Oilfield Chemical Market Share, 2012 215

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