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  • Publication date: May 2013
  • Report size: 1137 pages
Keywords : resistor, Electronic Component, printed wiring board, transformer, electrolytic capacitor, Coaxial connector, power transformer, fixed capacitor, passive component, variable capacitor, ceramic capacitor, variable resistor, Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, metal-oxide film, PCB, screw terminal, Polymer capacitor, Rotary switch, sensor, push-button switch, Trimmer

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Electronic Components in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Resistors (Semi-Fixed Variable, Carbon Variable, Other Variable, Carbon Film Fixed, Metal Film Fixed, Metal Oxide Film Fixed, Wire Wound Fixed, Network Resistors, Chip Resistors, & Other Fixed), Capacitors (Variable, Aluminum Electrolytic Fix, Tantalum Electrolytic Fixed, Ceramic Fixed, Organic Film Fixed, Metallized Organic Film...

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Electronic Component And Semiconductor Industry in Japan : Latest Reports

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Electronic Component And Semiconductor Industry in Japan : Latest Downloads

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