Dermatological Drugs: World Market Prospects 2013-2023

  • March 2013
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  • Visiongain
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  • 200 pages

Report Details

Your guide to revenue prospects for the treatment of skin diseases

What's the commercial outlook for treating skin disorders? Visiongain's updated report gives you forecasted revenues to 2023 and also explains R&D trends, outlooks and opportunities.

Our study lets you assess sales data for the world market, therapeutic submarkets, products and national markets. It shows you that industry's most promising and lucrative segments.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you stay ahead in knowledge

The report gives you revenue forecasts to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. Also, it lets you see qualitative analysis (SWOT and STEP), business outlooks and developmental trends (R&D). You gain 99 tables, 61 charts and two research interviews.

Is finding commercial details a challenge? Our report helps you get ahead in knowledge, benefiting your research, analyses and decisions. Find trends, innovations and opportunities. You see what's happening.

There's rising demand for dermal medicines. Discover areas of the market that will prosper, reducing the risk of your being left behind.

The following sections show how you benefit from our new study.

Discover sales predictions for the world market and submarkets

Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you see forecasts to 2023 for these five submarkets:
• Infectious skin disease
• Psoriasis
• Dermatitis
• Acne
• Other treatments.

Our investigation discusses what stimulates and restrains business. You find dynamics of the industry and assess its potential sales, seeing agents likely to achieve the most success.

See revenue forecasts for products

How will leading drugs perform to 2023 at world level? Our study forecasts sales of 23 products, including these brands:
• Cubicin
• Zyvox
• Humira
• Enbrel
• Stelara
• Claravis
• Epiduo
• Protopic.

Discover how high revenues can go. You see what's happening, understanding trends, challenges and opportunities.

Our analysis also breaks the main world forecast into geographical markets.

What prospects for leading countries?

Developments worldwide will influence the market, especially rising demand in emerging countries, especially China and India. Our report shows outlooks for the industry.

You see individual forecasts to 2023 for eleven national markets, finding overall revenues:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain (EU5)
• Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

Discover progress and outlooks. You assess the industry's future - hear about developments and find their significance.

Our analyses show growth will occur in established pharma markets and in developing countries. In particular, drug launches from 2013 to 2023 will change the world market.

Research and development - assess innovation, trends and possibilities

What about R&D - the pipeline for new drugs? You see trends for these areas:
• Skin infections
• Dermatitis
• Acne
• Other progress in dermatology.

Our study also discusses these agents and technologies, among others:
• Drug delivery
• Oral drug candidates
• TNF antagonism and calcineurin inhibition
• Novel small molecules
• Photodynamic therapy.

Dermatology holds strong, promising R&D. Novel compounds and new formulations with high safety, efficacy and affordability are in great demand. Our work explains, discussing many issues.

What affects that industry and market?

Our report discusses issues and events affecting dermatological medicine from 2013:
• Reformulations and combination therapies
• Generic competition and new drug classes
• Needs for antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal treatments
• Patient compliance
• Rx-to-OTC switchi

Table Of Contents

Dermatological Drugs: World Market Prospects 2013-2023
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 World Dermatological Drug Market: Overview of Findings
1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Introduction to Dermatological Disorders and Their Treatments
2.1 An Introduction to Dermatology
2.1.1 The Structure of the Skin, Hair and Nails
2.1.2 Sweat and Sebaceous Glands
2.2 Functions of the Skin
2.3 Common Skin Diseases
2.4 An Introduction to Acne Vulgaris
2.4.1 Causes of Acne
2.5 An Introduction to Dermatitis - Inflammation of the Skin
2.5.1 Atopic Dermatitis
2.5.2 Contact Dermatitis
2.5.3 Seborrheic Dermatitis
2.5.4 Nummular Dermatitis
2.5.5 Perioral Dermatitis
2.6 An Introduction to Psoriasis - A Complex Multifactorial Disease
2.7 An Introduction to Rosacea - Vascular Instability
2.8 An Introduction to Alopecia - The Excessive Shedding of Hair
2.9 An Introduction to Infectious Diseases of the Skin - A Serious Healthcare Threat
2.9.1 Bacterial Skin Infections
2.9.2 Fungal Skin Infections
2.9.3 Viral Skin Infections
2.10 Common Skin Treatments
2.10.1 Creams and Semisolid Emulsions
2.10.2 Ointments
2.10.3 Lotions
2.10.4 Solutions
2.10.5 Occlusive Therapy
2.10.6 Cleansing Agents
2.10.7 Powders and Hydrophilic Polymer
2.10.8 Anti-Infective Agents
2.10.9 Anti-Inflammatory Agents

3. The World Dermatological Drug Market 2013-2023
3.1 The World Dermatological Drug Market 2011
3.1.1 The Infectious Skin Disease Market Dominates
3.2 The World Dermatological Drug Market: Forecasts 2012-2023
3.2.1 Market Shares for Leading Segments - Psoriasis Market Grows
3.2.2 Biologic Agents for the Treatment of Psoriasis Are the Leading Drugs in the Dermatologics Market
3.3 The Future of the Dermatological Drug Market
3.3.1 Opportunities for Blockbuster Sales

4. The Infectious Skin Diseases Drug Market 2013-2023
4.1 The Infectious Skin Diseases Drug Market 2011
4.1.1 Antibacterial Products Led the Dermatological Infectious Skin Diseases Market in 2011
4.2 World Infectious Skin Diseases Drug Market Forecast 2012-2023
4.3 Cubicin (Daptomycin, Cubist Pharmaceuticals)
4.3.1 Cubicin: Revenue Forecast 2012-2023
4.4 Zyvox (Linezolid, Pfizer)
4.4.1 Zyvox: Revenue Forecast 2012-2023 Zyvox: Patent Expiry and Generic Competition
4.5 Valtrex (Valacyclovir, GSK)
4.5.1 Patent Expiry and the End of Blockbuster Revenues
4.5.2 Valtrex Sales Continue to Decline - Increased Generic Competition
4.6 Zovirax (Acyclovir, Valeant/GSK)
4.6.1 Zovirax Sales Forecast 2012-2023
4.7 Bactroban (Mupirocin, GSK)
4.7.1 Bactroban Sales Forecast 2012-2023
4.8 Lamisil (Terbinafine, Novartis)
4.8.1 Lamisil Sales Forecast 2012-2023 - Growth in Emerging Markets
4.9 Aldara (Imiquimod, Valeant/Meda AB)
4.9.1 Reformulation and Zyclara Development
4.9.2 Aldara Sales Forecast, 2012-2023
4.10 The Infectious Skin Diseases Market - Summary

5. The Psoriasis Drug Market 2013-2023
5.1 The Psoriasis Drug Market in 2011 - Biologic Drugs Led
5.1.1 Side-Effects of Biologics
5.2 World Psoriasis Drug Market Forecast 2012-2023
5.2.1 Growth Driven by Increasing Use of Biologics
5.3 Humira (Adalimumab, Abbott)
5.3.1 Humira Market Analysis and Forecast 2012-2023
5.3.2 Humira Sales Continue to Grow
5.3.3 Long-Term Prospects for Humira
5.4 Enbrel (Etanercept, Amgen/Pfizer/Takeda)
5.4.1 Enbrel Sales, 2011
5.4.2 Enbrel Sales Will Show an Initial Increase
5.4.3 Study Eases Fears of TNF Blocker Cancer Risk
5.4.4 New Enbrel Delivery System
5.4.5 Sales of Enbrel will Eventually Decline
5.4.6 Enbrel Faces Competition from Several Other Biotech Drugs
5.4.7 Biosimilar and Pipeline Competition
5.5 Stelara (Ustekinumab, Johnson and Johnson)
5.5.1 Stelara Advantages Promote Sales Growth
5.6 Remicade (Infliximab, Johnson and J

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