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Cancer treatments - here's your guide to R&D and sales potentials

Do you want to assess the future of cancer medicines? Visiongain's updated report gives you revenue predictions there from 2013, helping you stay ahead. You find financial data, R&D trends, opportunities, and outlooks.

In that work you see forecasted sales to 2023 at overall world market, submarket, product, and national level. You also assess emerging trends, technologies, and expected drugs.

You see what shapes that industry and find its revenue prospects

Discover, then, what the future holds for anti-cancer products. Read on to explore that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts to 2023 and other analyses show you commercial potentials

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, you find historical data, growth rates, and market shares. You assess quantitative and qualitative analysis, business news, outlooks, and developments (R&D). You also gain 114 tables, 47 charts, and three interviews.

Is finding data for cancer treatment a challenge? Our work lets you investigate the most promising and lucrative parts of applied oncology, helping you stay ahead in knowledge. That way, you reduce your risk of missing out. Finding data you need has just got easier.

Many opportunities remain for cancer-treating drugs. Now see how you can benefit your research, analyses, and decisions there.

The following sections show, then, how you benefit from our new investigation and analysis.

Discover outlooks for the world market and submarkets

Along with prediction of overall world market value to 2023, our report shows you revenue forecasting of four submarkets at world level:
• Immunotherapies
• Targeted therapies
• Hormone-based agents
• Chemotherapies.

Also our study discusses what stimulates and restrains business. That analysis helps you identify potential and find ways for your business to develop. Assess leading brands too.

See forecasts for the leading 25 cancer-treating drugs

How will leading drugs perform to 2023 at world level? Our study forecasts individual revenues of the top 25 anti-cancer agents, including these products:
• Rituxan
• Herceptin
• Avastin
• Gleevec
• Revlimid
• Alimta
• Velcade.

There you discover how high sales can go, to 2023, finding drugs and years with highest predicted growth and revenues. You see what's happening, then, understanding trends, competition, challenges, and opportunities. Also, assess drugs approved from 2012 to 2013.

You find geographical revenue predictions too.

Leading national markets - where lie highest revenues and growth?

Developments worldwide expand the cancer drugs market, especially rising demand for medicines in emerging countries. China, India, Russia, and Brazil underpin revenue growth.

In developed and developing countries, opportunities for pharma companies will occur from 2013. See where and how.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for 11 national markets:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)
• Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC).

You find potential. Our analyses show growth will occur in established pharma markets and in developing countries. In particular, drug launches from 2013 to 2023 will change medical prescribing and the commercial landscape.

Research and development - assess innovation, trends, and possibilities

What's happening in oncological R&D? You see trends for treating these cancers:
• Bladder
• Brain
• Breast
• Cervix
• Gut
• Kidney
• Leukaemia
• Liver
• Lung.

Our study also discusses products in development for these cancers:
• Lymphoma
• Multiple myeloma
• Ovary
• Pancreas
• Prostate
• Sarcoma and

Table Of Contents

Leading Anti-Cancer Drugs and Associated Market 2013-2023
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Overview of Findings
1.2 Chapter Breakdown
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods
1.4 Scope of the Report

2. Introduction to Cancer Treatment
2.1 The Physiology of Cancer - Causes and Effects
2.1.1 Uncontrolled Growth
2.1.2 Dedifferentiation
2.1.3 Invasiveness and Metastasis
2.1.4 Causes of Cancer
2.2 The Incidence and Prevalence of Cancer - Rapid Global Growth
2.2.1 Incidence
2.2.2 Mortality
2.2.3 Survival - Improving Odds The Developed World The Developing World - More Must Be Done
2.3 Treating Tumours - How Can We Fight Back?
2.3.1 Chemotherapy - The Traditional Treatment
2.3.2 Hormone Therapies
2.3.3 Immunotherapy - A Magic Bullet Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) Cancer Vaccines Non-Specific Immunotherapies
2.3.4 Targeted Therapies
2.3.5 Differentiating Agents

3. World Anti-Cancer Drug Market, 2013-2023
3.1 Immunotherapies' Market Domination in 2012
3.2 Global Anti-Cancer Drugs Market Forecast, 2013-2023
3.3 Immunotherapy Market Forecast, 2013-2023 -The Fastest Growing Anti-Cancer Segment
3.4 Targeted Therapy Market Forecast, 2013-2023 - Another Robust Driver of Growth
3.5 Hormone Therapy Forecast, 2013-2023 - Dependably Solid
3.6 Chemotherapy Market Forecast, 2013-2023 - A Major Contributor

4. Leading National Markets, 2013-2023
4.1 Anti-Cancer Drugs - Leading National Markets, 2012
4.2 The US Anti-Cancer Drug Market, 2013-2023 - Continued Leadership or Terminal Decline?
4.3 The Japanese Anti-Cancer Drug Market, 2013-2023
4.4 The Leading Five Anti-Cancer Drug Markets in the EU (EU5), 2013-2023 - Serious Competitors to the US Market?
4.5 Anti-Cancer Drug Markets in BRIC Countries, 2013-2023 - Awakening Sleeping Giants?
4.5.1 Brazil, 2013-2023- BRIC's Smallest Market
4.5.2 Russia, 2013-2023 - Rising Cancer Rates Drive Growth
4.5.3 India, 2013-2023 - Lucrative Opportunity for Growth
4.5.4 China, 2013-2023 - Can This Market Fulfil Vast Potential?

5. Top 25 Anti-Cancer Drugs: Market Prospects, 2013-2023
5.1 Rituxan/MabThera (Roche) - The World's Leader
5.1.1 Rituxan Sales, 2012
5.1.2 Competition Facing Rituxan - David vs. Goliath
5.1.3 Rituxan Sales Forecast, 2013-2023
5.2 Herceptin (Roche)
5.2.1 Herceptin Sales, 2012
5.2.2 Competition Facing Herceptin - A Tough Act to Follow
5.2.3 Rituxan Sales Forecast, 2013-2023
5.3 Avastin (Roche) - Slowing Growth
5.3.1 Avastin Sales, 2012
5.3.2 Competition Facing Avastin - Many Newer Options
5.3.3 Avastin Sales Forecast, 2013-2023
5.4 Gleevec (Novartis)
5.4.1 Gleevec Sales, 2012
5.4.2 Competition Facing Gleevec - Looming Generic Challengers
5.4.3 Gleevec Sales Forecast, 2013-2023
5.5 Revlimid (Celgene) - Celgene's Main Revenue Generator
5.5.1 Revlimid Sales, 2012
5.5.2 Competition Facing Revlimid - A Crowded Market
5.5.3 Revlimid Sales Forecast, 2013-2023 - A Long-Term Leader?
5.6 Alimta (Eli Lilly)
5.6.1 Alimta Sales, 2012
5.6.2 Competition Facing Alimta - Strong Challengers Await
5.6.3 Alimta Sales Forecast, 2013-2023 - Revenue Erosion Looming
5.7 Velcade (Takeda/JandJ)
5.7.1 Velcade Sales, 2012
5.7.2 Competition Facing Velcade - A New Product to Worry About
5.7.3 Velcade Sales Forecast, 2013-2023 - A Dependable Revenue Generator
5.8 Gardasil (Merck and Co.) - One Vaccine to Dominate?
5.8.1 Gardasil Sales, 2012
5.8.2 Competition Facing Gardasil - Only One Challenger That Matters
5.8.3 Gardasil Sales Forecast, 2013-2023 - Merck's Revenue Generator
5.9 Xeloda (Roche)
5.9.1 Xeloda Sales, 2012
5.9.2 Competition Facing Xeloda - Is It Up To The Challenge?
5.9.3 Xeloda Sales Forecast, 2013-2023
5.10 Tarceva (Roche)
5.10.1Tarceva Sales, 2012
5.10.2 Competition Facing Tarceva - A Number of Other Options
5.10.3 Tarceva

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