Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Market Report, 2007

  • February 2008
  • -
  • Research In China
  • -
  • 70 pages

This report provides a detailed study of MCU market in 2007, covering following detailed information.

1. MCU structure, MCU function and MCU applications & classification

2. Providing related information of MCU downstream application markets, covering small household appliances market like microwave ovens and electric rice cookers, large household appliances market like refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, daily-use meters market like water meter, watt-hour meter and gas meter, remote control market, auto market, USB devices market, smart cards market and entertainment electronics market.

3. Introduction of some MCU manufacturers' operations, products and technology

Microcontroller (MCU or µC for short), also called "Single Chip Microcontroller", refers to a single chip that integrates ROM, RAM, CPU and I/O, and achieve various combined control in different applications. MCU has made great progress during the past several years with products ranging from 4-bit MCU to 8-bit MCU, 16-bit MCU, 32-bit MCU and even 64-bit MCU. It is really unprecedented in aspects of product maturity, number of MCU manufacturers and applications scope. Presently, overseas big MCU producers take the leading position in technology due to earlier development and more variety of products, while local manufacturers mainly seize market share by products with multifunction. Needless to say, the price war among local manufacturers is a key challenge to overseas manufacturers.

The market demand for microwave ovens worldwide is about 55-60 million units. In China, the total production capacity of Galanz, LG and Midea has already reached nearly 50 million units, while the domestic market capacity of microwave ovens in 2006 and 2007 was only 7-8 million units. Therefore, China's microwave oven industry was an export-oriented industry at the beginning. In 2006, the export of China's microwave ovens reached 46.4 million units, amounting to over 85% of the total production. At present, China ranks the first in the world in terms of both production and export of microwave oven. Presently, a microwave oven normally has one MCU, which means the market demand for MCU in China's microwave oven market reaches 50 million units.

In 2007, global output of home air conditioners amounted to 89.77 million units. As a global air conditioner manufacturing center, China's output of air conditioners accounted for 70% of the world's total in the year. At present, an air conditioner usually adopts one to two MCU, so the sales of MCU in China's air conditioner market are approximately 85 million units.

Global production of home air conditioners is mainly concentrated in Asia, where its output accounts for 94% of the global total. Nevertheless, 95% of Asian production is mainly concentrated in China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Additionally, the emerging air conditioner markets in Vietnam and India are growing year by year.

China's auto MCU suppliers mainly include Freescale, Fujitsu, ST, Renesas Technology, Infineon, Microchip, Toshiba, NEC, Cypress and AMIS, etc.

Table Of Contents

1. MCU Profile
1.1 MCU Structure
1.2 Parts of MCU
1.3 MCU Applications
1.3.1 Classification by Type
1.3.2 Classification by Control Type

2. MCU Downstream Application Markets
2.1 Small Household Appliances
2.1.1 Application Examples for Microwave Ovens
2.1.2 Microwave Ovens
2.1.3 Electric Rice Cookers
2.2 Large Household Appliances (Refrigerators, Air Conditioner and Washing Machine)
2.3 Daily-use Meters
2.4 Remote Control
2.5 Automotive
2.6 USB Equipment
2.7 Smart Cards
2.8 Entertainment Electronic Products

3. MCU Suppliers
3.1 Renesas
3.2 Microchip
3.4 Toshiba
3.5 ST
3.7 Sunplus

Block Diagram of MCU Structure
Types of Program Memory MCU Classification by Type
MCU Applications
Framework of Microwave Oven System
Working Principle of HT46X23 Microwave Oven
Output and Export of China Microwave Ovens, 2003-2009
Working Principle of Intelligent Electric Rice Cookers
Output of China Electric Rice Cookers, 2003-2009
Working Principle of Refrigerators
Output of China Home Refrigerators, 1990-2005
MCU Application in Air Conditioners
Output of China Air Conditioners, 1990-2006
Working Principle of Washing Machines
Output of China Washing Machines, 1990-2005
MCU Application in Watt-hour Meter
Auto MCU Application Fields
Consumption Structure of China Auto MCU, 2005-2012
Market Share of Global Auto MCU, 2005
Growth of Consumer MCU Products in China, 2006
Output of China Color Televisions, 1995-2006
Output of China Video Cassette Recorder, 1996-2006
Output of China Laser Video Disc
Market Share of Renesas MCU in Various Application Fields
Renesas ACC Technology Solutions
Renesas Technology Trends and Solutions
Renesas SuperH Family Roadmap
Renesas SuperH Program Model
Microchip's Embedded MCU
Revenues of Microchip by Region, 2005-2007
Revenue Proportion of Microchip by Region, 2005-2007
Revenues of Microchip by Product, 2005-2007
Revenue Proportion of Microchip by Product, 2005-2007
Market Share of Atmel in Smart Card Market
Revenues of Atmel by Department
Growth of Atmel Target Market
Growth of MCU Market, 2005-2009
Growth of AVR MCU
AVR MCU Applications
Revenues of Atmel by Region, 2006
Toshiba MCU Applications
Performance of ST MCU Products
ST MCU Applications
Major Applications of ST MCU
Development Direction of ST 8-bit MCU
Core Structure of ST MCU
Holtek Revenues and Growth
Holtek MCU Product Series
Main Applications of Holteck 8-bit MCU
Production and Sales of Sunplus, 2005-2006
Revenues of Zilog by Region
Revenues of Zilog by Product
Framework of Zilog 8-bit MCU
Operations of SONIX, Q1 2007
Operations of SONIX, 2003-2006
Product Structure of SONIX

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