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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly important for militaries worldwide. UAVs are expected to perform key roles in current and future forces, thus providing robust demand over the next decade. UAVs are taking on a range of battlefield tasks, and have proven critical to intelligence gathering, targeting, and situational awareness; while armed UAVs are being used in attack missions where a persistent presence is required, or where manned aircraft operations are deemed unsuitable. There is also an emerging market for civil or non-military UAVs, that has received significant impetus from the US plan to integrate UAVs into national airspace. Visiongain has determined that the value of the global UAV market in 2012 will reach $7.26bn.

Visiongain expects UAV procurement and development to obtain priority funding. However, the cancellation of some high-profile UAV programmes has reinforced the notion that there are few defence areas that remain immune to current defence spending cuts by Western countries. 

The definitive report contains 270 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the UAV market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (US$) and number of units for the global UAV market, as well as for five global submarkets: high-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAVs; medium-altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs; unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs); tactical UAVs; and small UAVs. Two separate segments that straddle these submarkets are also reviewed: naval UAVs and civil UAVs. In addition, 20 national UAV markets are forecast and analysed by Visiongain over the period 2012-2022, including the total UAV market and the five submarkets for each leading national market in terms of value (US$) and number of units. The report also provides profiles of 30 leading companies operating within the market, and includes an exclusive interview with a principal UAV company, providing expert insight alongside Visiongain analysis.

Unique Selling Points

• Comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the UAV market from 2012-2022
• Analysis and forecasting informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders. You will be able to read the full transcript of an interview from a leading company involved within the UAV market: AeroVironment
• 270 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the UAV market between 2012-2022
• Forecasts and analysis in terms of value (US$) and number of units for the global UAV market between 2012-2022
• Forecasts and analysis in terms of value (US$) and number of units for five global UAV submarkets from 2012-2022:
- High-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAVs,
- Medium-altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs
- Unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs)
- Tactical UAVs
- Small UAVs
• Forecasts and analysis in terms of value (US$) and number of units for two global UAV segments that straddle the submarkets from 2012-2022:
- Naval UAVs
- Civil UAVs
• Forecasts and analysis in terms of value (US$) and number of units, for 20 leading national UAV markets, as well as rest of the world figures, for the period 2012-2022 including total projected UAV sales.
• You will find a submarket breakdown and forecasts from 2012-2022 for each of the five UAV submarkets in each of the 20 national markets in terms of value (US$) and number of units.
• Review and analysis of significant UAV programmes, including recent developments and their direction, that are being undertaken in 20 leading national UAV markets as well as in the rest of the world
• Analysis of the forces that influence and characterise the UAV market
• Profiles of 30 leading companies operating within the UAV market


This report has been compiled by combining information obtained from

Table Of Contents

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market 2012-2022: Technologies for ISR and Counter Insurgency
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Key Drivers and Restraints
1.2 Highlights of the Report
1.3 Structure of the Report
1.4 Methods
1.5 The Global UAV Market 2012-2022
1.6 UAV Submarkets 2012-2022
1.7 Leading National UAV Markets 2012-2022

2. Introduction to the UAV Market
2.1 UAVs Now a Key Part of Military Operations and Formations
2.2 New Missions for UAVs in the Future
2.3 Types of UAVs
2.3.1 High Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) UAVs
2.3.2 Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs
2.3.3 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs)
2.3.4 Tactical UAVs
2.3.5 Small UAVs 

3. The Global UAV Market 2012-2022
3.1 Global UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
3.2 Leading National UAV Markets

4. UAV Submarket Forecasts 2012-2022
4.1 MALE UAV Submarket
4.1.1 MALE UAV Submarket Forecast 2012-2022
4.2 HALE UAV Submarket
4.2.1 HALE UAV Submarket Forecast 2012-2022
4.3 Tactical UAV Submarket
4.3.1 Tactical UAV Submarket Forecast 2012-2022
4.4 Small UAV Submarket
4.4.1 Small UAV Submarket Forecast 2012-2022
4.5 UCAV Submarket
4.5.1 UCAV Submarket Forecast 2012-2022
4.6 Specialised UAV Segments
4.6.1 Naval UAV Segment Naval UAV Segment Forecast 2012-2022
4.6.2 Civil UAV Segment Civil UAV Segment Forecast 2012-2022

5. Leading National UAV Markets 2012-2022
5.1 US UAV Market
5.1.1 US UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
5.2 Significant US UAV Programmes
5.2.1 RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30 
5.2.2 RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 40
5.2.3 EQ-4B Global Hawk Block 20 with BACN
5.2.4 MQ-4C Global Hawk BAMS
5.2.5 NATO AGS Global Hawk Programme
5.2.6 RQ-170 Sentinel
5.2.7 Zephyr
5.2.8 Global Observer
5.2.9 Orion HALL
5.2.10 Boeing Phantom Eye
5.2.11 MQ-9 Reaper
5.2.12 MQ-1C Grey Eagle
5.2.13 MQ-1 Predator
5.2.14 MQ-X
5.2.15 Predator B for Customs and Coast Guard
5.2.16 N-UCAS and X-47B Pegasus UCAS-D
5.2.17 UCLASS
5.2.18 RQ-7 Shadow
5.2.19 MQ-8B/C Fire Scout
5.2.20 MRUAS
5.2.21 Integrator STUAS
5.2.22 ScanEagle
5.2.23 UAS ISR Contract
5.2.24 MRMUAS
5.2.25 Cargo UAS
5.2.26 A160T Hummingbird
5.2.27 SOCOM Expeditionary UAS
5.2.28 Aerosonde for SOCOM
5.2.29 RQ-11B Raven
5.2.30 Puma AE
5.2.31 Wasp III
5.2.32 Micro UAV Projects
5.3 Chinese UAV Market
5.3.1 Chinese UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
5.4 Significant Chinese UAV Programmes
5.4.1 Xianglong HALE UAV
5.4.2 Pterodactyl MALE UAV
5.4.3 Y-Long MALE UAV
5.4.4 Anjian UCAV
5.4.5 WJ-600 UCAV
5.4.6 ASN-229 MALE UAV
5.4.7 ASN-209 Tactical UAV
5.4.8 Use of Maritime UAVs
5.4.9 CH-3 Tactical UAV
5.4.10 CH-803 Tactical UAV
5.4.11 SH-1 Small Tactical UAV
5.4.12 Night Eagle Small Tactical UAV
5.4.13 W-50
5.4.14 V-750 VTOL UAV
5.4.15 U8E VTOL UAV
5.4.16 ASN-15 Small UAV
5.4.17 Whirlwind Scout VTOL Small UAV
5.5 UK UAV Market
5.5.1 UK UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
5.6 Significant UK UAV Programmes
5.6.1 Zephyr
5.6.2 Reaper
5.6.3 Mantis-Based Telemos Project with France
5.6.4 Taranis UCAV
5.6.5 Watchkeeper WK450
5.6.6 Leased Hermes 450
5.6.7 Nano UAS Tender
5.6.8 T-Hawk
5.7 Indian UAV Market
5.7.1 Indian UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
5.8 Significant Indian UAV Programmes
5.8.1 Interest in Global Hawk BAMS
5.8.2 Solar-Powered HALE UAV Project
5.8.3 Heron 1 MALE UAVs
5.8.4 Armed MALE UAV
5.8.5 Rustom-H MALE UAV
5.8.6 Research on Aura UCAV
5.8.7 Nishant and Gagan Tactical UAVs
5.8.8 Rustom-1 and -2 Tactical UAVs
5.8.9 Searcher Tactical UAVs
5.8.10 Pawan Tactical UAV
5.8.11 VTOL Small UAVs
5.8.12 Small UAVs
5.9 French UAV Market
5.9.1 French UAV Market Forecast 2012-2022
5.10 Significant French UAV Programmes
5.10.1 Heron TP MALE UAV
5.10.2 Telemos Project with the UK
5.10.3 EADS Halts Work on Talarion
5.10.4 Harfang 
5.10.5 Neuron

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