US Bioplastics Market

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US demand to reach 550 million pounds in 2016

US demand for bioplastics will expand strongly through 2016, when it is expected to reach 550 million pounds, valued at nearly $700 million. Although bioplastics have begun to achieve a considerable degree of commercial success, the industry remains in an early stage of development, representing only a small niche within the overall plastics industry. Going forward, technical innovations and increased production capacity will combine to enhance the properties of bioplastics, boost their availability, and lower their price, thus making them more competitive with conventional polymers. In addition, many bio-based polymers benefit from relative price stability when compared with their petroleum-based counterparts. Moreover, the desire to decrease dependence on foreign oil will further fuel the expansion of bio-based resins, as will efforts by US manufacturers to enhance sustainability and improve the corporate image they project to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.

Non-biodegradable bioresins to gain market share

Although biodegradable materials accounted for the vast majority of bioplastics volume in 2011, the emergence of non-biodegradable bioresins will dramatically alter the market landscape. By 2021, these materials will represent more than two-fifths of volume demand. Growth will be fueled by large-volume production of bio-based polyethylene, as well as the eventual commercialization of bio-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, as well as polyethylene furanoate. Since such resins are chemically identical to their conventional counterparts, market acceptance is forecast to occur at a rapid rate. PET is projected to offer significant growth potential over the longer term, particularly as large corporations -- especially those in the soft drink industry -- are investing heavily in the development of this material.

PLA to remain most commonly used bioplastic

Although demand for biodegradable products will continue to be impacted by issues such as their inability to decompose in landfills and their potential to contaminate the recycling stream, polylactic acid (PLA) is expected to remain the most extensively used resin in the bioplastics market through the forecast period. Advances will be promoted by a widening composting network and greater processor familiarity. Furthermore, PLA is being blended with other resins and additives to create new grades that offer improved product performance, allowing for expanded use in an extended range of applications.

Bio-based polyethylene to offer best opportunities

Bio-based polyethylene -- which entered the market in 2010 -- is expected to offer the best opportunities for growth through 2016, increasing rapidly from a small base. The exceptionally strong gains are predicated on the expansion of production capacity, which will reduce prices and enable bio-based polyethylene to compete more effectively with its petroleum-based counterpart. Although bio-based polyethylene will continue to command a price premium that will restrict demand in price-sensitive nonconsumer markets through 2016, the fact that bio-based polyethylene is chemically identical to, and can serve as a drop-in replacement for, conventional polyethylene will remain a key factor driving its adoption.

Study coverage

This upcoming study, Bioplastics, presents historical demand data (2001, 2006, 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by resin, product, and market. The study also assesses key market environment factors, evaluates company market share, and profiles 44 industry competitors.

Table Of Contents





General 4
Macroeconomic Overview 5
Consumer Spending 8
Demographic Trends 11
Manufacturing Outlook 15
Packaging Industry Outlook 18
Plastic Resin Outlook 21
Historical Market Trends 23
Pricing Trends 26
Solid Waste Management 29
Recycling 30
Incineration 32
Composting 33
Landfills and Other 34
Degradability and Bio-Based Standards 36
Regulatory and Legislative Environment 39
Raw Materials 41
Foreign Trade 42
International Activity 44


General 47
Types 50
Polylactic Acid 53
Products 55
Markets 58
Producers 62
Starch-Based Plastics 63
Products 65
Markets 66
Producers 69
Cellulose Films 71
Bio-Based Polyethylene 74
Products 75
Markets 76
Producers 78
Bio-Based Polyamides 78
Degradable Polyesters 81
Products 81
Markets 84
Producers 86
Other Bioplastics 88
Polyhydroxyalkanoates 89
Bio-Based PET 92
All Other 94


General 95
Products 96
Film 98
Molded Goods 101
Other 103
Markets 105
Packaging 106
Containers 109
Plastic Container Outlook 110
Bioplastics Demand 111
Packaging Film 115
Plastic Film Outlook 115
Bioplastics Demand 117
Loose-Fill 119
Loose-Fill Packaging Outlook 120
Bioplastics Demand 121
Other Packaging 123
Nonpackaging 125
Nonwovens and Textiles 127
Consumer Nonwovens and Textiles Outlook 127
Bioplastics Demand 129
Foodservice Disposables 130
Plastic Foodservice Disposables Outlook 131
Bioplastics Demand 134
Bags 137
Agriculture Products 140
Agricultural Outlook 141
Bioplastics Demand 142
Other Nonpackaging 144


General 147
Market Share 149
Manufacturing Requirements 154
Research and Development 156
Marketing Strategies 158
Channels of Distribution 160
Competitive Strategies 161
Cooperative Agreements 162
Company Profiles 167
Accutech Films, see Clondalkin Group Holdings
Akzo Nobel NV 168
AmberWorks, see Cargill
American Excelsior Company 171
AMYLEX Corporation 173
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company 174
Arkema SA 176
BioBag International AS 181
Braskem SA 183
Cargill Incorporated 185
Celanese Corporation 187
Cereplast Incorporated 189
Clarifoil, see Celanese
Clondalkin Group Holdings BV 191
Corn Products International, see Ingredion
Cortec Corporation 192
Cryovac, see Sealed Air
CSM NV 194
DandW Fine Pack LLC 196
DaniMer Scientific LLC 197
Dispoz-o Products, see DandW Fine Pack
Dow Chemical Company 199
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 200
DURECT Corporation 202
Eastman Chemical Company 203
Ecospan LLC 204
Fortune Plastics, see Clondalkin Group Holdings
Frito-Lay North America, see PepsiCo
Ingredion Incorporated 206
Innovia Films Limited 207
KTM Industries Incorporated 209
Kuraray Company Limited 211
Metabolix Incorporated 213
Micromidas Incorporated 215
National Starch, see Ingredion
NatureWorks, see Cargill
Ningbo Tianan Biologic Material Company Limited 216
Northern Technologies International Corporation 217
Novamont SpA 219
Novomer Incorporated 221
Pactiv, see Reynolds Group Holdings
PepsiCo Incorporated 222
Perstorp AB 223
Plantic Technologies Limited 224
PolyFerm Canada Incorporated 225
PolyOne Corporation 226
Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 228
Rodenburg Biopolymers BV 230
Sealed Air Corporation 231
Sekisui Chemical Company Limited 233
Solae, see DuPont (EI) de Nemours
Solanyl Biopolymers, see Rodenburg Biopolymers
StarchTech Incorporated 234
Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH 236
Toyota Motor Corporation 237
Wilkinson Industries, see DandW Fine Pack
Other Companies Mentioned in the Study 239



Summary Table 3


1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8
2 Personal Consumption Expenditures 11
3 Population and Households 15
4 Manufacturers’ Shipments 18
5 Packaging Supply and Demand 20
6 Plastic Resin Supply and Demand 23
7 Bioplastics Market, 2001-2011 25
8 Bioplastics Pricing 29
9 Municipal Solid Waste Management by Process 30
10 Bioplastics Supply and Demand 44


1 Bioplastics Demand by Resin 49
2 Bioplastics Demand by Type 53
3 Polylactic Acid Demand by Product 58
4 Polylactic Acid Demand by Market 61
5 Starch-Based Plastics Demand by Product 66
6 Starch-Based Plastics Demand by Market 68
7 Cellulose Film Demand 74
8 Bio-Based Polyethylene Demand by Product 76
9 Bio-Based Polyethylene Demand by Market 77
10 Bio-Based Polyamides Demand 80
11 Degradable Polyesters Demand by Product 83
12 Degradable Polyesters Demand by Market 86
13 Other Bioplastics Demand by Resin 89


1 Bioplastics Demand by Product 97
2 Bioplastic Film Demand by Product and Resin 100
3 Bioplastic Molded Goods Demand by Product and Resin 103
4 Other Bioplastic Products Demand by Format and Resin 104
5 Bioplastics Demand by Market 106
6 Packaging Market for Bioplastics by Product 108
7 Plastic Container Demand 111
8 Container Demand for Bioplastics 115
9 Plastic Film Demand 116
10 Packaging Film Demand for Bioplastics by Resin 119
11 Loose-Fill Packaging Demand 121
12 Bioplastic Loose-Fill Packaging Demand 123
13 Other Packaging Demand for Bioplastics 125
14 Nonpackaging Markets for Bioplastics by Product 126
15 Consumer Nonwovens and Textiles Indicators 129
16 Nonwovens and Textiles Demand for Bioplastics 130
17 Plastic Demand in Foodservice Disposables 134
18 Foodservice Disposables Demand for Bioplastics
by Resin and Product 137
19 Bioplastic Nonpackaging Bag Demand by Resin 140
20 Agricultural Indicators 142
21 Agriculture Products Demand for Bioplastics 143
22 Other Nonpackaging Markets for Bioplastics by Resin and Use 146


1 Bioplastics Sales by Company, 2011 148
2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 164


1 Bioplastics Market, 2001-2011 26
2 World Demand for Bioplastics, 2011 46
1 Bioplastics Demand by Resin, 2011 50
2 Polylactic Acid Demand by Market, 2011 62
3 Starch-Based Plastics Demand by Market, 2011 69
1 Bioplastics Demand by Product, 2011 98
2 Packaging Market for Bioplastics by Product, 2011 109
3 Nonpackaging Markets for Bioplastics by Product, 2011 127
1 Bioplastics Market Share, 2011 149

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