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The Rare Earths Market 2012-2022

  • June 2012
  • -
  • Visiongain
  • -
  • 265 pages

Report Details

Rare earths are also known as technology metal, because without the use of rare earths it would not be possible to make the latest digital technology products. Although rare earths are used in small quantities, their role is pivotal. Unlike other elements, the rare earths industry is dominated by China, which accounted for 95.3% of the total global production. However, the global market for rare earths is expected to be $18.3bn in 2012.

It is expected that the global rare earths market value will decline during the forecast period due to falling prices of rare earths. The recent downward spiral in the rare earths prices will continue during the forecast period. 

Having said that, Visiongain understands that in case of any increase in the Chinese rare earths' export quota or delays in production from the planned rare earths projects, this will send the prices of rare earths upward, and so the market value. 

The report contains 304 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the rare earths market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (US$) and tonnages for the global rare earths market, as well as for eight end-use sectors (catalysts, glass, polishing, metal alloys, magnets, phosphors, ceramics, others) of the rare earths market. In addition, 12 leading national markets are forecasted and analysed by Visiongain over the period 2012-2022. The report also provides profiles of 16 leading companies in the rare earths market, and includes five exclusive interviews with principal rare earths companies, providing expert insight alongside Visiongain analysis.

Unique Selling Points

• Comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the rare earths market from 2012-2022.
• Analysis and forecasting informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders.
• You will be able to read full transcripts of interviews from five leading companies involved within the aluminium market.
• 304 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the rare earths market between 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis of the global rare earths market between 2012-2022.
• Production forecasts for 18 rare earths projects between 2012-2022
• Forecasts and analysis 13 rare earths prices for the period 2012-2022.
• Comprehensive analysis of the world (ex-china) rare earths market from 2012-2022.
• Comprehensive analysis of the Chinese rare earths market from 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis for eight rare earths end-use sectors from 2012-2022.
• Forecasts and analysis for 12 leading national rare earths markets for the period 2012-2022.
• Analysis of the forces that influence and dynamics of the rare earths market.
• SWOT analysis that examine the rare earths market from 2012-2022.
• Profiles of 16 leading companies operating within the rare earths market.
• Historical data of production, consumption and prices.


This report has been compiled by combining information obtained from a wide and rich mixture of primary and secondary research sources, producing a broad industry overview. The forecast data was produced by Visiongain's proprietary quantitative model encompassing all major rare earths producer and consumer countries. Visiongain sought opinions from leading figures in the rare earths market to underpin the analysis of market drivers and restraints.

The study draws on a diverse range of official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and expert opinion as a basis for discussing and predicting developments in the rare earths market between 2012 and 2022.

Visiongain considers that this methodology results in an accurate, objective mixture of analyses and forecasts.

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Table Of Contents

The Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Trends in the Global Rare Earths Market 
1.2 Major Drivers and Restraints in the Global Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
1.3 Benefits of This Report 
1.4 Market Value and Prices of Rare Earths
1.5 Demand and Supply Situation in the Rare Earths Market
1.6 An Overview of the Rare Earths' End-Use Sectors 

2. Introduction to the Rare Earths Market
2.1 What are the Rare Earth Elements?
2.2 Common Properties of the Rare Earths
2.3 Description, Application and Basic Characteristics of the Rare Earth Elements
2.3.1 Europium
2.3.2 Gadolinium
2.3.3 Terbium
2.3.4 Dysprosium
2.3.5 Holmium
2.3.6 Erbium
2.3.7 Thulium 
2.3.8 Ytterbium
2.3.9 Lutetium
2.3.10 Yttrium
2.3.11 Cerium
2.3.12 Lanthanum
2.3.13 Neodymium
2.3.14 Praseodymium
2.3.15 Promethium
2.3.16 Samarium
2.3.17 Scandium
2.4 Mineralogy, Ore and Processing
2.5 End-Use Sectors of Rare Earths
2.5.1 Catalysts
2.5.2 Ceramics
2.5.3 Glass
2.5.4 Magnets
2.5.5 Metal Alloys
2.5.6 Phosphors
2.5.7 Polishing
2.5.8 Others
2.6 Assumption and Explanation
2.7 HS Codes of Rare Earths

3. The Global Market Forecast of Rare Earths 2012-2022
3.1 Global Market Forecast of Rare Earths 2012-2022
3.2 Rare Earth Production and Consumption 2012-2022

4. Leading National Rare Earths Markets 2012-2022
4.1 Chinese Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.1.1 Chinese Rare Earths Market Forecast Summary 
4.1.2 Chinese Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.1.3 Chinese Rare Earths Supply and Demand 2012-2022
4.1.4 Chinese Rare Earths Future Strategy
4.1.5 Chinese Rare Earths Trade and Export Quota
4.2 Japanese Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.3 The US Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.4 Russian Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.5 French Rare Earths Market 2012-2022 
4.6 German Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.7 South Korean Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.8 Italian Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.9 Netherland Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.10 Austrian Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.11 Indian Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
4.12 Thailand Rare Earths Market 2012-2022

5. Rare Earths End Use Market Analysis 2012-2022
5.1 Magnets
5.2 Phosphors
5.3 Catalyst
5.4 Metal Alloys
5.5 Polishing
5.6 Glass
5.7 Ceramics
5.8 Others

6. Price Forecast of Rare Earths 2012-2022
6.1 Assumptions for the Rare Earths Price Forecasts
6.2 Price Forecasts of Selected Rare Earths

7. Highlights of Selected Rare Earths Projects 2012-2022
7.1 Risks for the New Rare Earths Projects
7.1.1 Market Performance 
7.1.2 Price Changes
7.1.3 Development and Processing
7.1.4 Project Funding
7.1.5 Regulation
7.1.6 Resource Super Profit Taxes
7.1.7 Supply Response
7.1.8 Foreign Exchange Risk
7.2 Analysis of Rear Earth Elements by Selected Projects
7.2.1 Mountain Pass Project
7.2.2 Bear Lodge Project
7.2.3 Bokan Mountain Project
7.2.4 Dong Pao Project
7.2.5 Mount Weld Project
7.2.6 Nolans Bore Project
7.2.7 Dubbo Project
7.2.8 Brown Range Project
7.2.9 Stromberg Project
7.2.10 Kutessay II Project
7.2.11 Thor Lake Project
7.2.12 Hoidas Lake Project
7.2.13 Strange Lake Project 
7.2.14 Kipawa Project 
7.2.15 Steenkampskraal Project
7.2.16 Zandkopsdrift Project
7.2.17 Kvanefjeld Project
7.2.18 Norra Karr Project

8. SWOT Analysis of the Rare Earths Market 2012-2022
8.1 Strengths 
8.1.1 Usage in High-Tech Products
8.1.2 Emerging Countries will Drive the Growth
8.1.3 Inelastic Demand in Most End-Use Sectors 
8.1.4 Contribution to the Environment
8.1.5 Unique Dynamics in Some End-Use Sectors
8.1.6 Essential Role in the Defence Industry
8.2 Weaknesses
8.2.1 Dependence on China
8.2.2 High Cost of Production
8.2.3 Low REEs Prices
8.2.4 Recycling to Some Extent is Uneconomical
8.2.5 HREEs a

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