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Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Payments and Banking is a report and interactive PartnerBASE dataset that provides a detailed worldwide overview of the fast-growing involvement of mobile operator brands and groups across payment and banking services. For 286 brands spread across 92 countries, it outlines their activity and strategic partnerships for the following payment and banking product and service categories:

- payments: payments via linked bank card / account, payments via direct carrier billing, payments via network account, talktime / credit transfer;

- banking: mobile banking (bank current accounts); credit cards (non-virtual); prepaid cards (non-virtual); consumer finance / micro-credits.

Across all 286 brands researched, Finaccord identified a total of over 800 distinct product initiatives and partnerships involving close to 400 banking institutions, payment companies and technology firms including well-known organisations such as American Express, Bango, Boku, Citibank, Fortumo, Gemalto, MasterCard, Monitise, UnionPay, Visa and Western Union.

Moreover, within a separate analysis, Finaccord summarises the main strategic moves made in payments and banking by the leading 60 mobile telecoms groups worldwide.

Table Of Contents

Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Payments and Banking

Finaccord's research covers 60 major mobile telecoms groups and 286 country-specific operator brands 2
At a strategic level, leading telecoms groups are most active in the field of mobile payments. 2
. with many also having made mobile banking an important focus for development 2
North America hosts the highest proportion of mobile payment schemes with contactless functionality. 2
. and Africa and the Middle East the lowest 4
Mobile wallets (such as the M-PESA platform) are typically run by the mobile operators themselves 4
Co-branded credit card programs remain more widespread than their prepaid equivalents 4
Mobile telecoms groups and brands are likely to up their game in financial services for several reasons 4
The current worldwide structure of mobile financial services is both complex and fragmented… 4
…with OTT services liable to cause a significant change in the mobile payment landscape in particular 5
In future, leading mobile telecoms groups are likely to work with a smaller number of large providers 5
What is this report about? 6
This study analyses the involvement of mobile operators in payments and banking. 6
. covering over 800 distinct product initiatives and deals 6
Rationale 6
Mobile operators can be key affinity distribution partners in payments and banking 6
Methodology 7
Primary research 7
The research covers 60 mobile operator groups and 286 brands across 92 countries 7
External sources 7
Definitions 7
Payment and banking products and services 7
Other terms 8
Operating models 10
Unweighted and weighted share of partnerships 10
Interactive PartnerBASE 10
Finaccord 11
Introduction 12
Summary of groups researched 12
By total number of subscribers, China Mobile is by far the largest of the 60 groups investigated 12
The global market for mobile payments 12
The worldwide market for mobile payments has increased exponentially in recent years 12
Group strategic approaches to mobile payments and banking 14
Most leading telecoms groups are pursuing mobile payments as a strategic opportunity. 14
. although some have devolved strategy formulation to national mobile operator brands 14
In the developing world, mobile payments have become a feature of daily life for many consumers 14
The 'low-tech' model will continue to be relevant… 14
…while 'high-tech' options have yet to live up to perennial expectations 16
The rise of biometric security features provides a possible solution to mobile payment security issues 17
Apple's iPay and Google Wallet are competing head to head 17
Direct carrier billing has become an important worldwide payment method for digital goods. 17
. benefitting competitors such as Bango, Boku and Fortumo 17
Talktime and call credit transfer remain the simplest means of transferring funds worldwide 18
Telecoms groups are less likely to enter into tied agreements for mobile banking than for mobile payments 18
User authentication may prove a valuable service for mobile operators to provide for banks. 18
. as developed by Avea and Turkcell in Turkey and the BankID initiative in Norway 18
Banking product initiatives are usually arranged by mobile operators at a country-specific level 20
Group ownership and partnership strategies in mobile payments and banking 21
The creation of captive and joint venture companies is an option for mobile telecoms groups. 21
. with outright or partial ownership almost inevitably the outcome of centralised decisions 21
Captives in payments and banking 21
26 captives owned by the telecoms groups themselves are involved in payments and / or banking 21
PayBox Bank is primarily a mobile payment provider although also holds a banking license 21
Telenor operates a fully licensed captive bank in Serbia following its acquisition of KBC Bank 22
Swisscom allows customers of rival customers to utilise its Tapit mobile payment product 23
SK Group's Syrup aims to integrate loyalty and discount functions with a mobile payment scheme 23
Joint ventures in payments and banking 23
Almost 30 formal joint ventures are active, with most focusing on mobile payments. 23
. and some have been configured among two or more mobile telecoms groups. 23
. with banks and / or technology companies also participating 23
Taiwan Mobile Payment involves over 30 banks, other agencies, payment networks and mobile operators 24
Japan's KDDI is co-owner of a joint venture retail bank in the shape of Jibun Bank 24
Some established and proposed joint ventures (such as Wanda) have failed to work out 24
In the UK, Apple's iPay and the planned launch of Zapp have affected the market 24
Softcard's app is being withdrawn by major mobile operators in the US 24
Strategic partnerships with banks 26
Wirecard works as a strategic partner with both SFR and Vodafone 26
Prepaid mobile operator cards are often linked to bank-driven payment schemes 26
Strategic partnerships with payment and payment-related technology companies 27
Gemalto is used as a strategic partner by several groups and at a local level by numerous operators 27
Several other technology companies provide support for mobile payments, especially via NFC 27
Monitise and Wirecard are significant competitors in the mobile operator payments sector 27
MasterCard and Visa have become two of the most important payment partners for mobile payments. 27
. with American Express, PayPal and Western Union also competing in this space 27
Introduction 29
Summary of brands researched 30
Over 50% of mobile phone subscribers are concentrated in one geographical region 30
Vodafone is the owner (or co-owner) of 23 of the mobile operator brands researched 31
Provision of payment and banking products 33
Overall provision rates 33
Globally, the most common type of mobile payment product is direct carrier billing… 33
…while co-branded credit cards are more widespread than co-branded prepaid cards 33
Linked bank cards or bank accounts 35
Several large European and North American brands offer payments via linked bank card / account 35
In Latin America, the payment type is restricted to leading brands in a smaller number of countries 35
China's UnionPay holds the highest weighted share of issuer partnerships in this field. 37
…and also claims the highest share of payment network partnerships 38
Direct carrier billing 39
Almost all mobile subscribers have access to direct carrier billing in four out of seven regions 39
Fortumo takes the highest share of direct carrier billing partnerships by a substantial margin 40
An expansion of Zong's services to other areas would make it a major competitor in this sphere 40
Network accounts 41
Payments via network accounts are most prominent in Africa and the Middle East. 41
. partly because mobile phones are seen as a key method of promoting financial inclusion 41
Network account providers from China, India and Indonesia lead the weighted rankings… 43
…although Vodafone's M-PESA product is potentially the most popular worldwide 43
A majority of network accounts run on private networks 44
Contactless payment is more common for linked bank cards and accounts than for network accounts 45
Smartphone apps are most commonly a feature of payments in North America and parts of Europe 46
Talktime / call credit transfer 47
Talktime / call credit transfer is an important peer-to-peer payment method in several regions 47
Mobile banking (bank current accounts) 48
Qualifying mobile banking schemes are especially visible in India. 48
. albeit China Merchants Bank is the mobile banking partner with the largest potential audience 50
Credit cards (non-virtual) 51
Co-branded (non-virtual) credit cards developed with mobile operators are most visible in Latin America 51
Citibank works with a number of substantial mobile operators for co-branded credit cards. 52
. as does Itáu 52
MasterCard's share of network partnerships is somewhat higher than that of Visa in this arena 53
Prepaid cards (non-virtual) 54
Co-branded non-virtual prepaid cards developed by mobile operators are in evidence in all seven regions. 54
. most notably in North America 54
Partnerships with mobile operators for prepaid cards are spread across a wide range of providers 56
. albeit MasterCard and Visa again dominate as payment networks 57
International payments / remittances 58
A minority of mobile operators promote international payment or remittance services 58
Unistream is the most prominent provider thanks to partnerships with three Russian mobile operators 59
Consumer finance and micro-credits 60
Consumer finance or micro-credit options are available in six of the seven regions surveyed 60
Japan's DCMX and Nigeria's Diamond Bank have major mobile operator partnerships in this sphere 62
Miscellaneous payment and banking products 63
A handful of mobile operators offer other types of payment or banking product 63
These include an investment account offered through China Telecom by Bestpay and a local bank 64
Operating models for payment and banking products 65
The split of operating models varies greatly by type of payment or banking service 65
Profiles in the interactive PartnerBASE file 67
2degrees (New Zealand) 68
3 (Austria) 69
3 (Hong Kong) 70
3 (Indonesia) 71
3 (Ireland) 72
3 (Italy) 73
3 (Sweden) 74
3 (UK) 75
A1 (Austria) 76
Aircel (India) 77
airtel (Ghana) 78
airtel (India) 79
airtel (Kenya) 80
airtel (Nigeria) 81
airtel (Tanzania) 82
airtel (Uganda) 83
AIS (Thailand) 84
Antel (Uruguay) 85
APT - Asia Pacific Telecom (Taiwan) 86
ATandT Mobillity (US) 87
au (Japan) 88
Avea (Turkey) 89
Bakrie Telecom (Indonesia) 90
BASE (Belgium) 91
Beeline (Kazakhstan) 92
Beeline (Russia) 93
Bell Mobility (Canada) 94
BH Mobile (Bosnia Herzegovina) 95
Bouygues Telecom (France) 96
BSNL (India) 97
Cable and Wireless (Panama) 98
Celcom (Malaysia) 99
Cell C (South Africa) 100
Cellcom (Israel) 101
Ceria Mobile (Indonesia) 102
China Mobile (China) 103
China Telecom (China) 104
China Unicom (China) 105
Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) 106
Claro (Argentina) 107
Claro (Brazil) 108
Claro (Chile) 109
Claro (Colombia) 110
Claro (Dominican Republic) 111
Claro (Ecuador) 112
Claro (El Salvador) 113
Claro (Guatemala) 114
Claro (Honduras) 115
Claro (Nicaragua) 116
Claro (Peru) 117
COSMOTE (Greece) 118
csl (Hong Kong) 119
DiGi (Malaysia) 120
Digi.Mobil (Romania) 121
Digicel (Haiti) 122
Digicel (Jamaica) 123
Digitel GSM (Venezuela) 124
Djezzy (Algeria) 125
DNA (Finland) 126
DTAC (Thailand) 127
du (UAE) 128
EE (UK) 129
Elisa (Finland) 130
Entel (Bolivia) 131
Entel (Chile) 132
Entel (Peru) 133
E-Plus (Germany) 134
Etisalat (Egypt) 135
Etisalat (Nigeria) 136
Etisalat (UAE) 137
Expresso (Senegal) 138
Far EasTone (Taiwan) 139
FITEL (Taiwan) 140
Free (France) 141
Geocell (Georgia) 142
Glo (Ghana) 143
Glo (Nigeria) 144
Globe Telecom (Philippines) 145
Gmobile (Vietnam) 146
IAM (Morocco) 147
Idea Cellular (India) 148
Indosat (Indonesia) 149
inwi (Morocco) 150
Kcell (Kazakhstan) 151
Kölbi (Costa Rica) 152
KPN (Netherlands) 153
KT (South Korea) 154
Kyivstar (Ukraine) 155
LG U+ (South Korea) 156
life:) (Ukraine) 157
LIME (Jamaica) 158
LMT (Latvia) 159
Loop Mobile (India) 160
Iusacell (Mexico) 161
m:tel (Bosnia Herzegovina) 162
M1 (Singapore) 163
MagtiCom (Georgia) 164
Magyar Telekom (Hungary) 165
Maxis (Malaysia) 166
Meditel (Morocco) 167
MegaFon (Russia) 168
MEO (Portugal) 169
Meteor (Ireland) 170
MobiFone (Vietnam) 171
Mobilis (Algeria) 172
Mobily (Saudi Arabia) 173
Mobinil (Egypt) 174
Mobistar (Belgium) 175
Movicel (Angola) 176
Movilnet (Venezuela) 177
Movistar (Argentina) 178
Movistar (Chile) 179
Movistar (Colombia) 180
Movistar (Ecuador) 181
Movistar (Guatemala) 182
Movistar (Mexico) 183
Movistar (Nicaragua) 184
Movistar (Peru) 185
Movistar (Spain) 186
Movistar (Uruguay) 187
Movistar (Venezuela) 188
MPT (Myanmar) 189
mt:s (Serbia) 190
M-Tel (Bulgaria) 191
MTN (Cameroon) 192
MTN (Ghana) 193
MTN (Nigeria) 194
MTN (South Africa) 195
MTN (Sudan) 196
MTN (Uganda) 197
MTN (Yemen) 198
MTNL (India) 199
MTS (India) 200
MTS (Russia) 201
MTS (Ukraine) 202
Ncell (Nepal) 203
Nepal Telecom (Nepal) 204
NetCom (Norway) 205
NEXTEL (Argentina) 206
NEXTEL (Brazil) 207
NEXTEL (Mexico) 208
NOS (Portugal) 209
NTT DOCOMO (Japan) 210
O2 (Czech Republic) 211
O2 (Germany) 212
O2 (Ireland) 213
O2 (Slovakia) 214
O2 (UK) 215
Oi (Brazil) 216
Oman Mobile (Oman) 217
Omnitel (Lithuania) 218
Ooredoo (Algeria) 219
Ooredoo (Kuwait) 220
Ooredoo (Oman) 221
Ooredoo (Qatar) 222
Ooredoo (Tunisia) 223
Optus Mobile (Australia) 224
Orange (Cameroon) 225
Orange (Dominican Republic) 226
Orange (France) 227
Orange (Israel) 228
Orange (Kenya) 229
Orange (Poland) 230
Orange (Romania) 231
Orange (Senegal) 232
Orange (Slovakia) 233
Orange (Spain) 234
Orange (Switzerland) 235
Orange (Tunisia) 236
Pelephone (Israel) 237
Personal (Argentina) 238
Personal (Paraguay) 239
Play (Poland) 240
Plus (Poland) 241
Proximus (Belgium) 242
Reliance Communications (India) 243
Rogers Wireless (Canada) 244
Sabafon (Yemen) 245
Safaricom (Kenya) 246
SFR (France) 247
Si.mobil (Slovenia) 248
Singtel Mobile (Singapore) 249
SK Telecom (South Korea) 250
Smart Communications (Philippines) 251
Smartfren (Indonesia) 252
SmarTone (Hong Kong) 253
SoftBank Mobile (Japan) 254
Sonera (Finland) 255
Spark (New Zealand) 256
Sprint Nextel (US) 257
StarHub Mobile (Singapore) 258
STC (Saudi Arabia) 259
Sunrise (Switzerland) 260
Swisscom (Switzerland) 261
Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) 262
Tata DOCOMO (India) 263
TDC (Denmark) 264
Telcel (Mexico) 265
Tele2 (Latvia) 266
Tele2 (Lithuania) 267
Tele2 (Norway) 268
Tele2 (Russia) 269
Tele2 (Sweden) 270
Telekom (Germany) 271
Telekom (Romania) 272
Telekom (Slovakia) 273
Telekom Slovenije (Slovenia) 274
Telenor (Bulgaria) 275
Telenor (Denmark) 276
Telenor (Hungary) 277
Telenor (Norway) 278
Telenor (Serbia) 279
Telenor (Sweden) 280
Telia (Denmark) 281
Telia (Sweden) 282
Telkom (South Africa) 283
Telkomsel (Indonesia) 284
Telstra (Australia) 285
Telus Mobility (Canada) 286
T-Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia) 287
Tigo (Bolivia) 288
Tigo (Colombia) 289
Tigo (El Salvador) 290
Tigo (Ghana) 291
Tigo (Guatemala) 292
Tigo (Honduras) 293
Tigo (Paraguay) 294
Tigo (Senegal) 295
Tigo (Tanzania) 296
TIM (Brazil) 297
TIM (Italy) 298
T-Mobile (Austria) 299
T-Mobile (Czech Republic) 300
T-Mobile (Netherlands) 301
T-Mobile (Poland) 302
T-Mobile (US) 303
True Move (Thailand) 304
Tunisie Telecom (Tunisia) 305
Turkcell (Turkey) 306
U.S. Cellular (US) 307
Unefon (Mexico) 308
Uninor (India) 309
Unitel (Angola) 310
Verizon Wireless (US) 311
VIBO (Taiwan) 312
Videocon (India) 313
Vietnamobile (Vietnam) 314
Viettel Mobile (Vietnam) 315
Vinaphone (Vietnam) 316
VIP (Croatia) 317
VIP (Serbia) 318
Visafone (Nigeria) 319
VIVA (Kuwait) 320
Vivacom (Bulgaria) 321
Vivo (Brazil) 322
Vodacom (South Africa) 323
Vodacom (Tanzania) 324
Vodafone (Australia) 325
Vodafone (Czech Republic) 326
Vodafone (Egypt) 327
Vodafone (Germany) 328
Vodafone (Ghana) 329
Vodafone (Greece) 330
Vodafone (Hungary) 331
Vodafone (India) 332
Vodafone (Ireland) 333
Vodafone (Italy) 334
Vodafone (Netherlands) 335
Vodafone (New Zealand) 336
Vodafone (Portugal) 337
Vodafone (Qatar) 338
Vodafone (Romania) 339
Vodafone (Spain) 340
Vodafone (Turkey) 341
Vodafone (UK) 342
WIND (Canada) 343
Wind (Italy) 344
WIND Hellas (Greece) 345
XL Axiata (Indonesia) 346
Y!Mobile (Japan) 347
Yoigo (Spain) 348
yuMobile (Kenya) 349
Zain (Kuwait) 350
Zain (Saudi Arabia) 351
Zain (Sudan) 352
Zantel (Tanzania) 353

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