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  • Updated on : 27 August 2012  Source : The World Factbook


$69.49 billion (2011 est.)
$53.46 billion (2010 est.)


$103.9 billion (2011 est.)
$73.7 billion (2010 est.)

Inflation rate (consumer prices)

10.8% (2011 est.)
13.7% (2010 est.)

Unemployment rate

21% (2011 est.)
4.9% (2011 est.)

GDP - per capita (PPP)

$2,600 (2011 est.)
$2,500 (2010 est.)
$2,400 (2009 est.)
note: data are in 2011 US dollars

National product real growth rate

6.8% (2010 est.)
5.6% (2009 est.)
6% (2008 est.)

Internet users

43.989 million (2009)

Telephones - mobile cellular

87.298 million (2009)

Population growth rate

2.553% (2012 est.)


170,123,740 (July 2012 est.)
note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, higher death rates, lower population growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected

Historical background

British influence and control over what would become Nigeria and Africa's most populous country grew through the 19th century.

A series of constitutions after World War II granted Nigeria greater autonomy; independence came in 1960.

Following nearly 16 years of military rule, a new constitution was adopted in 1999, and a peaceful transition to civilian government was completed.

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Economic overview

Oil-rich Nigeria has been hobbled by political instability, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and poor macroeconomic management but in 2008 began pursuing economic reforms.

Nigeria's former military rulers failed to diversify the economy away from its overdependence on the capital-intensive oil sector, which provides 95% of foreign exchange earnings and about 80% of budgetary revenues.

Following the signing of an IMF stand-by agreement in August 2000, Nigeria received a debt-restructuring deal from the Paris Club and a $1 billion credit from the IMF, both contingent on economic reforms.

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Country Forecast Nigeria December 2014 Updater

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Country Forecasts (Subscription, two issues per year, April & October)

Country Forecasts (Subscription, two issues per year, April & October)

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D&B Country Insight Report: Nigeria

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Nigeria - ISA Country Report

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Country Economic Forecasts > Nigeria

Country Economic Forecasts > Nigeria

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With crude oil output continuing to fall, GDP growth slowed to 6.2% in Q3 2014 from 6.5% in Q2, giving average growth of 6.3% in the first nine months of the year. Following the Q3 result, we have nudged ...

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