Lebanon : economy statistics and industry reports

  • Updated on : 27 August 2012  Source : The World Factbook


$19.89 billion (2011 est.)
$17.72 billion (2010 est.)


$5.482 billion (2011 est.)
$5.467 billion (2010 est.)

Inflation rate (consumer prices)

5.1% (2011 est.)
4% (2010 est.)

Unemployment rate


GDP - per capita (PPP)

$15,700 (2011 est.)
$15,700 (2010 est.)
$14,900 (2009 est.)
note: data are in 2011 US dollars

National product real growth rate

7.2% (2010 est.)
6.9% (2009 est.)
9.3% (2008 est.)

Internet users

1 million (2009)

Telephones - mobile cellular

2.875 million (2009)

Population growth rate

-0.38% (2012 est.)


4,140,289 (July 2012 est.)

Historical background

Following World War I, France acquired a mandate over the northern portion of the former Ottoman Empire province of Syria.

The French separated out the region of Lebanon in 1920, and granted this area independence in 1943.

A lengthy civil war (1975-90) devastated the country, but Lebanon has since made progress toward rebuilding its political institutions.

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Economic overview

Lebanon has a free-market economy and a strong laissez-faire commercial tradition.

The government does not restrict foreign investment; however, the investment climate suffers from red tape, corruption, arbitrary licensing decisions, high taxes, tariffs, and fees, archaic legislation, and weak intellectual property rights.

The Lebanese economy is service-oriented; main growth sectors include banking and tourism.

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