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Social Care Market and Forecasts, April 2014

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Social Care Market (social care, social service)

  • Industry report
  • November 2012
  • 15 pages

... In employment Focus is on provision of social care support for the person cared-for as a means of supporting cas Research has Dual focus On ca & cared-for (twigg 1996) Emphasis ...

Social Care Business Brief

  • Industry report
  • January 2012
  • 8 pages

... Of these issues can improve workforce planning by helping employers support the development of social care cas, and the workforce as a whole, both locally and nationally. For local authorities responsible ...

Social Care Sector Brief

  • Industry report
  • February 2014
  • 32 pages

... And analysis of relevant data. Section 3 discusses the factors that could lead to increased demand for social care over the coming decades and evaluates past growth projections for the future care workforce ...

The Irish Social Care Industry (social care, social service)

  • Industry report
  • March 2012
  • 26 pages

... The department of health, social services and public safety, as part of its strategic intent to increase the opportunities for personal and public involvement within the health and social care system, advised ...

The British Social Care Industry Brief (social care, home care)

  • Industry report
  • April 2013
  • 14 pages

... Outlook social care market- key drivers private fee/top- ups vs market pressure ageing popultation, health & social care bill proposals changing dynamics of care rationing of care to the most ...

Social Care : Innovation and Technology Trends (social care, home care)

  • Industry report
  • January 2012
  • 31 pages
  • by Governmental Agency

... Chi steering group Health and/or social care service users Data sharing agreements any questions so far Linking social care, housing & health data - pilot project Once all approvals ...

Social Care Industry Brief (social care, social service, home care)

  • Industry report
  • April 2012
  • 18 pages

... Analyses activity and costs for adult social care in order to identify trends or relationships that will inform future planning and budget setting. It is set in the context of national trends ...

The British Social Care Market : Market Trends

  • Industry report
  • September 2012
  • 24 pages

... All uk nations. Reduction in public spending is likely to result in significant cost pressures for the health and social care sector. Research has demonstrated that management skills are correlated ...

Social Care Sector (social care, home care, day care) in The United States

  • Industry report
  • September 2013
  • 10 pages
  • by Governmental Agency

... A council has not provided data, that council is not represented in the chart. Copyright circlecopyrt 2013, health and social care information centre. All rights reserved.4 Expenditure report 2012 ...

Social Care in China, Guatemala and India : Innovation and Technology Trends

  • Industry report
  • September 2012
  • 22 pages
  • by Corporation

... And social care postgraduate and cpd the faculty offers a wide range of research-rich degrees as part of its post-graduate provision. These include: - mphil /- phd - professional doctorate ...

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3 reports for Social Care
Child Day-Care Centres Market in the UK

Child Day-Care Centres Market in the UK

  • $ 910
  • Industry report
  • February 2014
  • by Ibisworld

Coupon caring: A voucher scheme is driving growth for this generally volatile service Child Day-Care Centres in the UK Companies in this market provide childcare. These services are principally provided ...

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