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Saunas, Hammams & Spas: Latest Market Trends and Statistics

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Global Sauna, Hammam & Spa Industry

The global health spa market (segment of the beauty services market) is expected to exceed $77 billion by 2015, according to research from Global Industry Analysts. Factors fuelling market growth include nutrition and health trends, and advances in science and medicine. The increasingly fast pace of consumer lifestyles is leading to rising demand for relaxation services, including saunas, hammams and spas. 

The industry is keeping up with newer marketing strategies to incorporate social networking sites and web-based marketing channels, reaching an ever-expanding consumer base. Promotional efforts are also taking into account other trends in the industry such as the growing number of men frequenting spas.

Key Segments

The world spa industry adapts to changing consumers trends to offer popular therapies including facials, stress relief treatments, weight loss programs and massages, reports Global Industry Analysts. Over the coming years, anti-aging therapies and non-surgical procedures to treat excess body fat are both expected to boost industry revenue. Spas focus on personalizing their treatment range and attracting new customers, while encouraging return visits with promotional discounts. Spas are shaping their offers to match consumer demand with services that bring together body, mind and spirit for optimal relaxation rather than just focusing on the purely physical aspect of treatments. In this same vein, hospital and spas are combining services to form Medi-spas, which offer preventative healthcare and specialized treatments such as pain management therapy.

The therapeutic benefits of saunas are gaining in recognition and attracting an increasing numbers of consumers. Saunas are popular not only for relaxation purposes but also as part of pain management treatments. Saunas in the US and Australia are a popular feature in hotels and health clubs, while Asian customers visit sports centers and public bathhouses to use saunas. Single-gender saunas are popular in EU countries and are often places to socialize. Customers may also choose to have a sauna incorporated into their homes in the same way as hot tubs.

While saunas use dry heat, hammams are very humid and work through use of steam. Hammams, like saunas, are used to encourage the body to eliminate toxins, boost circulation, sooth joint pain and bolster the immune system. Hammams generally operate at a lower temperature than saunas, around 110 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity. They are also popular to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Regional Market Share

The EU represents the most lucrative regional market in the global spa industry. North America is the second most profitable regional market, followed by the Asia-Pacific region. The latter continues to pick up the pace in terms of growth, and China is recognized as a region with vast potential.

The International Spa Association estimates there were close to 20,000 spas in operation in the US in 2010, representing more than a 3% decline year-on-year. In the same year, the US spa industry counted 150 million spa visits, up 5% on 2009. The US spa industry employed almost 340,000 people in 2011, representing a 2% rise in employment compared with 2010.

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